AMD to Unveil 'Major' New Radeon Products Next Week at Gamescom

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Earlier this month, AMD said that it would refresh its lineup of Radeon RX graphics cards for gamers this quarter, and apparently, nan caller products are group to beryllium announced adjacent week astatine Gamescom successful Cologne, Germany.

"Please subordinate nan @AMDRadeon squad astatine Gamescom adjacent week for our adjacent awesome merchandise announcements," said Scott Herkelman, elder vice president and wide head graphics business portion astatine AMD, successful an X post. 

Frank Azor, main designer of gaming solutions and trading astatine AMD, linked Herkelman's station and reaffirmed that nan institution has 'some news coming adjacent week.'

Indeed, Gamescom is simply a bully spot to denote caller products. The waste and acquisition show traditionally attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, making it 1 of nan biggest gaming events successful nan world. The adjacent is aimed astatine nan wide nationalist and manufacture professionals. The arena is divided betwixt an Entertainment Area for nan public, wherever fans tin effort retired upcoming games, and a Business Area for waste and acquisition visitors to communicate and behaviour deals. AMD plans to clasp its AMD Gaming Festival 2023 connected Friday, August 25, astatine Hall 7, which starts astatine 12:00.

While AMD does not disclose what precisely it plans to denote astatine Gamescom, it is astir clip for AMD to capable a spread successful its Radeon RX 7000-series merchandise statement that spans from nan Radeon RX 7600 ($270) and goes each nan measurement to nan Radeon RX 7900 XT ($900). This void is presently being filled by nan older Radeon RX 6000-series and nan Radeon RX 7900 GRE ($650), which is difficult to get. Essentially, AMD does not person a nonstop reply to NVIDIA's reasonably celebrated GeForce RTX 4070 astatine nan moment.

It's speculated that AMD's adjacent move is to unveil nan Navi 32, a GPU from its RDNA 3-based lineup which would position itself betwixt nan existing Navi 31 and Navi 33 GPUs. AMD's Navi 32 is anticipated to beryllium nan instauration for nan Radeon RX 7700 and Radeon RX 7800 series, which will compete against Nvidia's capacity mainstream and higher-end GeForce RTX 40-series products.

Source: Scott Herkelman's Post connected Twitter

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