My Expectations for the iPhone 15 Pro After a Year With the iPhone 14 Pro

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How did nan iPhone 14 Pro execute complete 12 months? And what does that intends for nan adjacent iPhone coming soon?

iPhone 14 Pro laying look downTyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • The iPhone 14 Pro has proven itself to beryllium reliable and tin pinch its Dynamic Island and 48MP main camera, though app integrations for Live Activities took time.
  • Battery life connected nan iPhone 14 Pro has been satisfactory while outer connectivity and eSim-only cellular connectivity person been inconspicuous.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to characteristic a USB-C larboard and Action button, but dull colors and either a awesome aliases insignificant camera update.

Apple seldom makes a misstep pinch its iPhone merchandise line. To that point, nan iPhone 14 Pro has proved to beryllium reliable and tin complete nan past year. As Apple prepares to debut its caller iPhone 15 bid connected September 12, 2023, it’s worthy looking backmost astatine really nan premium telephone performed complete nan past 12 months and what it intends for nan upcoming mobile phones.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

From nan Dynamic Island to nan caller 48-megapixel superior shooter, nan 14 Pro offers nan champion of Apple's iPhone technology.

Brand Apple


Display 6.1‑INCH OLED DISPLAY (2556 X 1179)

Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB



Operating System IOS 16 (SHIPPED WITH)

Front camera 12MP CAMERA


Micro SD paper support NO


Main Camera 48MP: 24 MM, Ƒ/1.78 APERTURE


Telephoto 12MP 2X TELEPHOTO: 48 MM, Ƒ/1.78 APERTURE

iPhone 14 Pro: Pluses and Minuses

iPhone 14 Pro showing nan move land expandedTyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Probably nan biggest uncover of nan iPhone 14 Pro was its Dynamic Island. It promised to beryllium capable to support updated accusation beforehand and halfway utilizing Live Activities. As a whole, this has been true. It showed erstwhile euphony was playing and offered speedy entree to those controls retired of nan gate, but different items took overmuch longer to travel to nan phone.

Unfortunately, iPhone developers did not adopt Live Activities arsenic quickly arsenic I would person hoped, truthful it took half a twelvemonth to get much coagulated app integrations. MLB and Flighty are immoderate of nan champion app uses I’ve recovered truthful far.

The always-on show has been a spot arguable successful general, but personally, it now seems unusual that my phone’s surface wasn’t ever on. Of course, it did return respective months to afloat get acquainted pinch seeing my phone’s wallpaper constantly, but it has felt for illustration nan use I hoped it would be.

The iPhone 14 Pro sewage an upgrade to a caller 48MP main camera pinch a quad-pixel sensor. In hindsight, much megapixels haven't had rather nan effect I expected. Sure, nan iPhone has still been awesome for shooting pictures. I proceed to usage nan iPhone arsenic my only camera for taking pictures of reviewed products. But location haven’t been galore times I've thought nan results were importantly amended than successful nan past. Access to each of those earthy pixels is trapped successful nan settings and done third-party camera apps.

One quirk I person noticed is nan further focal magnitude of nan main camera. It’s caused maine to return pictures a fewer inches farther distant than previously. Mostly, it’s been annoying alternatively than a problem aliases important issue. On nan flip side, nan added 2x fastener successful nan camera app has mostly made up for region versatility. Overall, nan cameras person been a win.

Back of nan iPhone 14 Pro showing nan camerasTyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Battery life connected nan iPhone 14 Pro has been arsenic expected. Some days it performs amended than others, but connected nan whole, I person been satisfied pinch its duration—while besides keeping nan surface connected constantly.

During nan phone's announcement, Apple spent a agelong clip talking astir outer connectivity successful its bid 14 iPhones. As I suspected, however, I ne'er recovered myself successful a business wherever I needed it, truthful I still can’t remark connected its functionality. For immoderate people, however, it has literally saved their lives.

Similarly, nan eSim-only cellular connectivity has been invisible. Once my telephone sewage connected to my account, it has conscionable worked since.

iPhone 15 Pro Expectations

If nan Dynamic Island expands to each iPhone 15 models, as rumors suggest, past hopefully moreover much apps will adopt Live Activities for nan pill-shaped cutout astatine nan apical of nan display. A subtle but still meaningful use for nan 15 Pro.

The 15 Pro’s always-on show will salary disconnected moreover much for caller owners pinch nan debut of StandBy mode successful iOS 17. This will beryllium a immense roar for nightstands and ambient surviving room chargers.

Apple replacing its Lightning larboard pinch a much non-proprietary USB-C larboard will surely beryllium arguable successful immoderate way, but this should beryllium heralded arsenic a immense triumph for everyone. Although a caller larboard astir apt shouldn’t beryllium nan sole logic to upgrade a phone, it will make walking pinch less cables overmuch much convenient.

In fact, location mightiness beryllium a activity of refreshed accessories accompanying a caller iPhone, too. The MagSafe Duo is ripe for a USB-C larboard replacement.

Another sleeper summation mightiness beryllium nan quality of an Action button. Much for illustration nan Apple Watch Ultra, nan iPhone 15 Pro could get a user-customizable fastener that replaces nan shut up switch. It should still beryllium capable to grip muting duties, but nan anticipation of it extending speedy entree to nan camera aliases third-party apps is intriguing. Qi2, nan next-generation wireless charging technology, won't beryllium unsocial to Apple, but arsenic a bunch of caller Apple-related products launch, nan caller iPhones should support faster wireless charging from much manufacturers—upping nan antecedently constricted 7.5W speed.

Instead of steel, nan Pro phones look poised to get titanium frames, which should little nan wide weight. The worldly besides has nan expertise to look amended and defy casual harm better.

Less breathtaking are nan dull rumored colors of nan Pro phones. Apple, springiness america vibrant telephone colors! The latest rev of nan strategy connected a spot (SoC) mightiness beryllium arsenic as boring. Apple’s processors are truthful bully and person been for truthful agelong that they’re now boring. Improved Wi-Fi would beryllium welcomed, but thing to constitute location about.

Will nan iPhone 15 Pro beryllium Worth Buying?

With wherever things guidelines correct now, nan existent chaotic paper for nan iPhone 15 Pro is seeing what camera strategy it sports. The cameras connected iPhones get amended each year, but if it’s only a insignificant spec bump for nan Pro telephone this year, past nan different enhancements mightiness not beryllium capable to warrant upgrading from nan iPhone 14 Pro. On nan different hand, if nan iPhone 15 Pro does get a periscope-style camera, resulting successful large gains successful optical zoom capabilities, past nan impulse to make nan jump mightiness beryllium stronger.

Unfortunately, nan rumors astir nan camera strategy person been inconsistent, pinch immoderate saying only nan iPhone 15 Pro Max (or an iPhone Ultra) will get a important camera upgrade this year. Then again, nan imaginable of faster transportation speeds and only needing 1 cablegram for a MacBook and iPhone pinch a caller USB-C larboard mightiness beryllium each nan excuse personification needs to plunk down rate for nan caller phone.

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