Details About the Apple Vision Pro App Store Announced

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A caller App Store will motorboat alongside nan Apple Vision Pro, which will see apps built specifically for nan headset, arsenic good arsenic iPhone and iPad apps.

According to an announcement connected Apple’s developer website, nan caller shop will debut successful nan visionOS betas this fall, allowing developers to cheque really their apps tally connected nan Vision Pro via nan visionOS simulator. According to nan announcement:

By default, your iPad and/or iPhone apps will beryllium published automatically connected nan App Store connected Apple Vision Pro. Most frameworks disposable successful iPadOS and iOS are besides included successful visionOS, which intends astir each iPad and iPhone apps tin tally connected visionOS, unmodified. Customers will beryllium capable to usage your apps connected visionOS early adjacent twelvemonth erstwhile Apple Vision Pro becomes available.

However, if updates are needed, developers will beryllium alerted via App Store Connect. Apple has aggregate ways for developers to cheque really their apps activity connected nan Apple Vision Pro too:

To spot your app successful action, usage nan visionOS simulator successful Xcode 15 beta. The simulator lets you interact pinch and easy trial astir of your app’s halfway functionality. To tally and trial your app connected an Apple Vision Pro device, you tin taxable your app for a compatibility evaluation aliases motion up for a developer lab.

It will beryllium absorbing to spot really nan Apple Vision Pro App Store acquisition differs from different platforms.

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