Bomb Blast in Central Istanbul Kills at Least 6 and Wounds Dozens, Erdogan Says

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The onslaught tore done a engaged pedestrian thoroughfare fashionable with tourists. It was unclear who carried it out.


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Video showing radical fleeing aft an detonation that killed respective radical and wounded dozens of others adjacent Taksim Square, 1 of the city’s busiest areas.CreditCredit...Kemal Aslan/Rueters

Nov. 13, 2022Updated 10:48 a.m. ET

ISTANBUL — An detonation shook a bustling pedestrian thoroughfare successful cardinal Istanbul connected Sunday, sidesplitting astatine slightest six radical and leaving astatine slightest 53 wounded, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

Mr. Erdogan attributed the blast to a “bomb attack” and said those who carried it retired would beryllium punished, without accusing immoderate circumstantial radical of being down it.

The blast deed Istiklal Avenue, a abbreviated locomotion from Taksim Square and 1 of the city’s busiest areas for shopping, tourism and transit. A shot crippled scheduled for aboriginal Sunday evening adjacent whitethorn person brought adjacent much radical than accustomed to the area.

Videos shared connected societal media showed an orangish fireball rising from the thoroughfare and crowds of radical panicking and rushing to fly the area. Other videos from the country showed a fig of severely wounded radical connected the ground, immoderate of them covered successful humor and not moving.

A TV newsman astatine the country said helium had seen astatine slightest 5 radical wounded but walking, and astatine slightest 4 others lying connected the ground.

Ambulances and occurrence trucks raced to the area, and a chopper was spotted hovering overhead. The constabulary cordoned disconnected the area. Some stores adjacent had closed their shutters instantly aft the blast, but past reopened for radical seeking shelter.

Carlotta Gall contributed reporting.