Why Can’t a PC Run Without a CPU Cooler?

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By Linda | Follow | Last Updated September 7, 2023

What is simply a CPU cooler? Can a PC tally without a CPU cooler? How to instal a CPU cooler to nan motherboard? This station from MiniTool Partition Wizard will springiness you nan answer.

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What Is a CPU Cooler?

When you tally a computer, nan CPU is operating and producing a batch of heat. The CPU cooler is nan instrumentality that helps nan CPU cool down and move power retired of nan computer. CPU coolers are chiefly classified into nan pursuing 3 types.

#1. Air Cooler

It uses aerial to region power from your PC. They employment a heatsink typically made of copper aliases aluminum to nan CPU pinch heat-conductive thermal paste. The power from nan CPU transfers to nan cooler heatsink via somesthesia differential, allowing nan processor to cool. Fans past disperse nan absorbed heat.

#2. Liquid Cooler

It uses thermally conductive fluid, distilled water, and different chemicals that forestall nan maturation of microorganisms to cool down nan CPU. The h2o artifact pinch a pump is connected to nan CPU to sorb power efficiently. The warmed fluid past flows to nan radiator, wherever 2 aliases much fans rustle cool aerial to dissipate nan thermal power into nan atmosphere.

#3. Immersion Cooling

It submerges nan machine straight into nan coolant for illustration mineral lipid aliases different typical fluids. This is nan astir businesslike measurement to cool your PC but besides nan astir expensive. In addition, since your machine is submerged, it is messy and difficult to service. Some information centers whitethorn usage this way.

Can a PC Run Without a CPU Cooler?

In astir cases, nan reply is NO. If a machine pinch a CPU cooler gets overheated, it will unopen down automatically to protect nan components. However, if you tally a PC without a CPU cooler, nan motherboard and CPU will beryllium burned together successful nan vicinity of 1-2 seconds.

The CPU would spell poof earlier nan PC tin moreover POST. You whitethorn moreover spot nan magic smoke.

How to Install a CPU Cooler

Air coolers are nan mainstream. If you want to cognize really to instal a CPU cooler, you tin mention to nan pursuing steps:

Step 1: Take retired nan motherboard and make judge you person installed nan CPU connected nan motherboard.

Step 2: Take retired nan CPU cooler. You will spot a achromatic gasket. It is simply a buckle instrumentality that helps to fasten nan CPU cooler to nan motherboard. Install nan gasket to nan motherboard.

Step 3: Coat nan CPU pinch thermal grease. Don’t use excessively overmuch thermal grease. Otherwise, it whitethorn spill retired and participate nan socket. This will harm nan CPU and socket.

Step 4: Peel disconnected nan sticker connected nan guidelines of nan CPU cooler. Place nan CPU radiator connected nan CPU and past fasten it connected nan buckle. Now, you person installed nan CPU cooler.

The supra steps are very brief. The buckle devices person 2 types and each has different installation ways. If you want to cognize nan elaborate steps, you tin mention to this post: How to Install/Replace Motherboard [With Pictures].

Do laptops person a CPU cooler? The reply is YES. But successful laptops, nan CPU cooler is not installed supra nan CPU. It is usually adjacent to nan CPU. This creation is chiefly to trim nan thickness of nan laptop. In addition, laptop CPUs person debased powerfulness and do not require a ample CPU cooler.

Bottom Line

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