4 Reasons Why Podcasters Should Choose Video Podcasting 

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Video podcasts outshine audio podcasts owed to amended assemblage engagement and discoverability. Here's why you should see jumping connected this trend.

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Key Takeaways

  • Video podcasting allows for a stronger relationship pinch listeners, arsenic they tin spot your demeanor, assemblage language, and facial expressions, improving authenticity and relatability.
  • Video podcasts pinch subtitles are much accessible than audio podcasts, allowing you to scope a larger audience, including those pinch proceeding nonaccomplishment and connection barriers.
  • Video podcasts are much shareable connected societal media platforms, arsenic societal media is optimized for visuals. Subtitled clips from your video podcast person nan imaginable to spell viral, expanding engagement and listenership.

Thanks to platforms for illustration Spotify and Apple Podcasts, podcasting is taking nan world by storm. There are an estimated 4.7 cardinal podcasts and hundreds of millions of listeners connected nan erstwhile alone.

With moreover much group entering nan space, you should cognize what’s trendy to enactment competitive. Video podcasting has seen a surge successful fame and seems to beryllium a inclination that will stay. Here are immoderate reasons why you should jump connected it.

1. A Better Podcaster-Listener Connection

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One of nan awesome challenges audio podcasters look is nan trouble successful building a beardown relationship pinch their audiences. Over time, this problem tin consequence successful a monolithic nonaccomplishment of listeners arsenic astir group only prosecute pinch podcasters they tin subordinate to.

Video podcasting goes a agelong measurement successful solving this problem. Your listeners tin spot you and your co-host/guest interact and talk a assortment of topics. They get to spot your demeanor, assemblage language, and facial expressions.

It gets moreover amended erstwhile you’re discussing a taxable you’re passionate astir arsenic they get to spot you move retired your emotions. This tin make your assemblage consciousness for illustration they’re portion of nan conversation, frankincense improving your authenticity and relatability.

2. Video Podcasts (With Subtitles) Are More Accessible

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Simply put, video podcasts pinch subtitles tin beryllium accessed by virtually anyone, dissimilar audio podcasts pinch important limitations.

According to nan World Health Organization (WHO), complete 1.5 cardinal group (20% of nan world population) are affected by proceeding loss. So, it’s not a bully stake to person your podcast only successful audio format. Audio podcasts forestall you from expanding your listener guidelines arsenic they alienate a important demographic of nan globe.

Video podcasting allows you to adhd subtitles to your videos, making them accessible to group pinch partial aliases complete proceeding loss. Additionally, audio podcasts whitethorn alienate galore imaginable listeners connected nan ground of connection barriers. However, you tin subtitle your video podcasts successful different languages truthful that group from different parts of nan world tin devour your content.

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Something to support successful mind: societal media is overmuch much optimized for visuals than it is for aural content. For example, Instagram’s audio is muted by default. This gives you an thought of really disadvantaged audio-only podcasts are erstwhile it comes to sharing them connected societal media.

Short, bite-sized clips from your video podcasts are awesome for societal media shareability, particularly erstwhile they’re subtitled. You tin station these clips connected galore platforms to summation your engagement and discoverability.

Even better, a peculiar clip tin spell viral each complete societal media, resulting successful a monolithic surge successful your listenership. See our article connected how to turn your podcast connected Instagram for more.

4. Video Podcasts Can Be Repurposed to Boost Discoverability

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There are hundreds of millions of podcast consumers, pinch galore of them looking for ways to observe caller podcasts. Video podcasts tin beryllium repurposed, which makes them much discoverable than accepted audio podcasts.

Typically, audio podcasts are constricted to distribution platforms for illustration Spotify and Apple Podcasts. These platforms person a monolithic personification base, but you tin get moreover much vulnerability from video podcasts by repurposing them crossed aggregate platforms.

Perhaps nan champion measurement to repurpose your video podcast for discoverability is by creating clips and mashups from your show. After that, you tin station them connected various platforms for illustration YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube, successful particular, is simply a awesome spot for posting short clips. In fact, it has a dedicated mean for that: YouTube Shorts. With complete 2 cardinal monthly progressive users, it is easier for your podcast to get discovered connected this level than anyplace else.

You tin create a YouTube channel for your podcast and upload clips and teaser contented to it. A 30-second clip, for example, from your podcast highlighting an important talking constituent tin create important engagement.

Also, you tin repurpose your video podcast by creating memes showing an absorbing guidance from you aliases your guest. Everybody loves memes arsenic they’re nosy and relatable; creating a fewer of them from your podcast tin thief amended discoverability. Memes are very easy to create, each you request is simply a meme-generating programme aliases package for illustration Photoshop aliases Canva, and you’re bully to go.

Boost Engagement With Video Podcasting

For astir people, listening to a podcast has gone beyond conscionable audio. There’s now a desire to watch group person real-time aliases recorded conversations. That’s why you should jump connected nan video podcasting bandwagon.

From nan points we’ve listed successful nan article, it is rather clear that video podcasting boosts your engagement. People want to consciousness a consciousness of relationship pinch you, and video podcasting provides that, astatine slightest much than accepted audio podcasts.

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