The 5 Best Android Chatbots That'll Keep You Entertained

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If you're looking to entertain yourself pinch a chatbot connected Android, effort retired these AI companions and assistants.

AI Robot connected an Android telephone screen

The surge successful publically disposable chatbots intends that there's nary shortage of AI bots to take from. In fact, it's much astir choosing nan astir absorbing and useful bots.

Here's a look astatine nan champion Android chatbots that will support you engaged pinch their AI capabilities.

1. ChatGPT

OpenAI launched its ChatGPT Android app successful July 2023, making it easy accessible to Android smartphone users who don't want to usage nan browser version.

To usage nan chatbot, you will request to motion successful pinch your Google, Apple, aliases email account. This enables nan app to sync your history crossed nan different devices wherever you're signed in.

The app features a minimalistic interface which opens nan chatbot arsenic soon arsenic you're signed in. Here you tin nonstop it prompts aliases inquire it questions. You tin besides unfastened caller chats, reappraisal your settings and information controls, and reappraisal your history.

If you're looking for an precocious chatbot that tin make matter content, ChatGPT is simply a awesome option. However, erstwhile it comes to playing games, it's a spot much limited.

Download: ChatGPT (Free, subscription available)

2. Bing AI

You tin entree Bing's AI chatbot pinch nan modular Bing hunt app. Simply unfastened nan Bing app and prime nan Chat tab.

You tin usage nan chatbot without signing successful to your Microsoft account, but nan number of searches disposable is limited. Signing successful to your Microsoft relationship allows you to execute much searches and prompts.

Bing AI is specifically customized for hunt and adds useful citations to its answers. This helps you fact-check its responses.

It besides gives you entree to newer AI models compared to immoderate different bots. When starting a chat, you tin opt to usage GPT-4 by tapping connected nan toggle. However, this whitethorn slow down responses.

You tin way your chat history crossed devices if you usage Bing AI connected your desktop arsenic well.

By integrating much than 1 model, Bing AI is 1 of nan astir versatile chatbots you tin find connected Android. It uses DALL-E to create images, ChatGPT to make matter content, and Microsoft's Prometheus exemplary to tailor results.

Download: Bing (Free)

3. Replika

The Replika AI chatbot is simply a much socially-oriented chatbot, aimed astatine users who want to create a integer friend.

Through conversations and sessions wherever you grounds your regular experiences, nan bot learns astir you. It tin past callback what it has learned successful early conversations.

Replika useful by gaining acquisition and levels, pinch badges awarded according to really your Replika views your personality. With regular input, it grows smarter and gives much realistic responses successful conversations. It will moreover nonstop you an occasional connection unprompted to replicate nan acquisition of a friend messaging you retired of nan blue.

While you tin usage nan chatbot for free, it besides has a subscription available. This unlocks much chat modes, games, and customization.

Download: Replika (Free, subscription and in-app purchases available)

4. Anima: Your AI Friend

The Anima app is akin to Replika, but you're capable to group your chatbot's characteristic astatine nan start, helping customize nan AI to your needs and wants. You tin besides show Anima 5 of your apical hobbies aliases likes and it'll steer speech towards those if you commencement to tally retired of things to talk about.

In summation to changing your Anima's personality, you tin besides alteration its look, gender, and moreover narration status. To alteration nan narration position from Friends to Romantic Partners, you person to upgrade to a premium subscription.

The conversational prowess of Anima is well-developed. Anima asks you questions and wants to get to cognize you (and thief nan AI get smarter) alternatively of conscionable answering erstwhile spoken to.

The app lets you unfastened a regular chat, aliases participate mini-games specified arsenic trivia.

Download: Anima (Free, subscription available)

5. Snapchat My AI

Customise action successful My AI profile

Snapchat has an AI chatbot built into nan app. While My AI was first launched arsenic a Snapchat+ feature, it is now disposable to free users of nan app.

Powered by ChatGPT, nan chatbot besides useful pinch Snapchat features to present a unsocial experience. If you person shared your location pinch Snapchat, for example, it tin propose places adjacent to cheque out.

There are a bunch of useful things Snapchat My AI tin do, including solving mathematics problems. You tin besides customize nan My AI chatbot connected Snapchat to meet your individual preferences.

But nan chatbot is besides very overmuch a work-in-progress, occasionally overestimating its capabilities aliases getting facts wrong.

However, if you already usage Snapchat, it's a convenient measurement to leverage nan powerfulness of ample connection models without needing to download a caller app.

Download: Snapchat (Free, subscription available)

Chatbots Can Be an Entertaining Distraction

With nan expanding fame of chatbots, nan manufacture is not apt to slow down their development.

It besides seems location are a assortment of flavors retired there, from useful devices to AI aimed astatine providing a virtual companion. As AI becomes much advanced, these chatbots are judge to go much convincing and entertaining complete time.

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