How to Recover a Deleted Photo on Your iPhone or iPad

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Losing a bully photo can beryllium beautiful traumatic, and accidentally deleting photos is easier to do than you mightiness think

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Key Takeaways

  • Check "Recently Deleted" successful your iPhone's Photos app to spot if your deleted photograph is still there. If it is, prime it and past pat "Recover."
  • You tin reconstruct your iPhone from an iTunes aliases iCloud backup. Keep successful mind that you will suffer immoderate information created aliases changed since nan backup was created.
  • Use third-party devices for illustration iBackup Extractor aliases iMazing to retrieve photos from your iTunes backups.

If you've accidentally deleted a photograph connected your iPhone, location are respective ways you mightiness beryllium capable to retrieve it. We're going to tally done a fewer of nan ways you mightiness beryllium capable to retrieve a deleted photo, and while they whitethorn not each beryllium circumstantial to your situation, hopefully astatine slightest 1 will get your photograph backmost wherever it belongs — successful your photograph library.

Recover a Photo From Recently Deleted

The first and easiest spot to look is connected your iPhone. Open nan Photos app and past pat "Albums" astatine nan bottommost of nan screen.

The bottommost of nan iPhone surface pinch nan

Next, scroll to nan very bottommost of nan surface and pat "Recently Deleted." Here, you'll spot each of nan photos and videos that you deleted little than astir 40 days ago. Anything older than that will person been removed, but this is perfectly nan first spot to check.


If your photograph is there, prime it, pat "Recover" astatine nan bottommost of nan screen, past pat "Recover Photo" again.

Recover Photos from a Backup

If you plug your iPhone into a machine to backmost it up via iTunes, immoderate devices tin dip into those backups and let you to extract individual files from them.

One specified instrumentality is iBackup Extractor, and it's disposable for some PC and Mac. There are akin apps retired there, each doing what amounts to nan aforesaid point — opening iOS backups that person been created by iTunes and allowing group to interact pinch them. If you cognize that nan photograph you request to retrieve is included successful an aged iTunes backup, this could beryllium a awesome action to take. Especially if nan photograph was deleted much than a period ago.

iMazing is different instrumentality that is beautiful popular, and has a fewer different useful features too managing backups.

As always, beryllium observant utilizing third-party apps to grip your telephone backups. Phone backups almost ever incorporate delicate information, and a malicious, clone app could discuss your data.

Restore your iPhone from an iTunes Backup

If you'd alternatively not usage a third-party app to retrieve your photo, you could besides wholly reconstruct your iPhone utilizing an aged backup. It should beryllium noted that if you do spell this route, you will suffer immoderate information that was created aliases changed since that backup was created. We would heartily propose creating a caller backup earlier restoring anything, conscionable to beryllium sure.

Assuming you do want to spell this route, link your iPhone to a machine and unfastened iTunes if it doesn't unfastened automatically. Next, click nan instrumentality icon associated pinch your iPhone.

The iTunes main screen. Click nan telephone icon adjacent nan precocious near side.

To commencement nan reconstruct process, click nan "Restore Backup" button. You will now beryllium prompted to prime nan backup that you wish to restore. Select it, and past click "Restore Backup."


Your iPhone will now use nan erstwhile backup and past restart. Once complete, iTunes will reconnect, and you tin past cheque that your missing photograph is coming and correct.

Restore Your iPhone From an iCloud backup

If you don't backmost your iPhone up via iTunes but usage iCloud instead, you tin reconstruct from 1 of those erstwhile backups, too. All of nan aforesaid caveats use here, truthful we again propose making a afloat iTunes backup earlier attempting to reconstruct anything, conscionable successful case.

With a caller backup made, unfastened nan Settings app and past pat "General."

The Settings app connected an iPhone.

Next, scroll each nan measurement down to nan bottommost and pat "Transfer aliases Reset iPhone."


Finally, pat "Erase each contented and settings."


You'll beryllium prompted to authenticate earlier thing happens, but erstwhile you person done truthful nan reset process will return place. Afterward, your iPhone will restart, and you tin group it up arsenic if it was a caller iPhone. When doing so, prime nan action to "Restore from iCloud Backup" and beryllium judge to prime 1 from a clip earlier erstwhile you judge nan photograph was deleted.

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