Bank Indonesia Predicts 1.10 Percent Inflation for September 2022

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia predicted that inflation rate on September 2022 will reach 1.10 percent compared to the previous month (month-to-month/mtm) as a result of the recent fuel price increase.

Executive Director of Bank Indonesia Communication Department Erwin Haryono, said that the prediction was obtained based on Price Monitoring Survey conducted on the fifth week of September 2022.

"The main commodity contributing to September 2022 inflation, up to the fitfh week is fuel with 0.91 percent [mtm] and city public transportation with 0.06 percent [mtm]," Erwin said on Friday, September 30, 2022.

Erwin added that other commodities trigerring the inflation are inter-city public transport, cigarettes, and rice each with 0.02 percent [mtm], as well as fish, sand, cement, and household fuel each with 0.01 percent contribution to the inflation rate (mtm).

Meanwhile, Erwin metioned that several commodities have cotributed to deflation such as shallot with 0.06 percent of deflation (mtm), red chilli pepper with 0.04 percent of deflation (mtm), and cooking oil and chicken with 0.03 percent deflation (mtm).

Bank Indonesia will continue to coordinate with the government and respective authorities and continue to optimize economic policy strategy to maintain macroeconomic stability and financial system to support further economic recovery.


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