The 7 Worst Things About Samsung Galaxy Phones (From a Samsung Fan)

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For galore people, Android and Samsung are synonymous, particularly if you unrecorded successful nan US. The South Korean elephantine makes immoderate of nan champion Android devices you tin get your hands on, nary matter your budget.

However, it's besides existent that Galaxy devices are not free from problems, ranging from mildly annoying ones to infuriating ones. In this article, we'll database down nan 7 worst things astir Galaxy phones, shared by a Samsung fan.

1. Too Much Bloatware

Galaxy devices travel filled pinch pre-installed Samsung apps, a batch of which are simply alternatives to nan Google apps that besides travel pre-installed connected each Android phones. If you don't for illustration utilizing nan Samsung alternatives, you person to manually delete these apps from your phone to get backmost each nan wasted retention space.

In addition, strategy apps specified arsenic nan Galaxy Store, Bixby, AR Zone, and much can't beryllium uninstalled aliases disabled, truthful your only action is to hide them from nan app drawer and Home screen.

A batch of Samsung users kick that their telephone automatically downloads apps without permission, and there's nary easy measurement to stop nan Galaxy Store from installing bloatware apps connected your phone. All nan other bloatware continues to tally successful nan background, hog processing power, and deplete your phone's artillery faster.

2. Photos Look Over-Processed

photo of a personification taking pictures connected their smartphone

Today, package is conscionable arsenic important arsenic hardware for smartphone photography arsenic image processing algorithms are becoming much powerful. But if you ain a Samsung phone, you must've noticed really it tends to overdo nan processing, making your images look fake.

What you spot successful nan viewfinder is truthful often truthful different from nan extremity consequence that you ne'er really cognize what to expect from your camera. This problem is much salient connected mid-range and fund Samsung phones than connected nan flagships which person amended image processing.

In comparison, photos from iPhones look much natural, consistent, and are ne'er over-processed. No matter which iPhone you buy, you tin trust connected its camera system.

3. One UI Annoyances

hand holding a samsung s21 ultraImage Credit: Lukmanazis/Shutterstock

While we do work together that One UI is 1 of nan best Android skins retired there, it's existent that immoderate parts of it are either poorly designed, don't make sense, aliases consciousness incomplete.

For instance, there's nary autochthonal action to alteration nan style of app icons. One UI utilized to person this option, but Samsung removed it later for nary evident reason. That intends you're stuck pinch squircle icons unless you download Samsung's Good Lock customization app.

Slow Fingerprint Scanning

We've besides noticed that it takes excessively agelong to registry fingerprints, particularly for group who person calluses aliases different tegument abnormalities connected their fingertips. Sometimes, nan telephone would conscionable garbage to registry your fingerprint altogether owed to said problem.

Even erstwhile registered, immoderate mid-range Galaxy phones return excessively agelong to publication your fingerprint and unlock nan fastener screen. This is very inconvenient since you'd person to struggle to unlock your telephone each azygous time.

Widgets and nan App Drawer

Samsung One UI widgetsImage Credit: Samsung

Another annoying characteristic of One UI is really it arranges nan app drawer. Pretty overmuch each Android telephone arranges it vertically truthful that you tin easy scroll it to find your desired apps. It's natural, fluid, and easy. But Samsung phones put it horizontally which intends you person to swipe your surface alternatively of scrolling, which is measurement little intuitive.

Furthermore, respective Samsung widgets aren't resizable specified arsenic Dual clock, Digital Wellbeing, Samsung Internet's Search, Bixby Routines, Calendar's Month and Today, and more. This makes it harder for you to decorate your Home surface nan measurement you want. Other Samsung widgets are resizable, but only slightly.

We besides don't for illustration really Samsung puts its ain services arsenic nan default action for galore actions successful nan UI. For instance, long-pressing nan powerfulness fastener launches Bixby by default, not nan power-off menu. And swiping near from nan Home surface pulls up Samsung Free alternatively of Google Discover.

But possibly our biggest title pinch One UI is really difficult it is to navigate astatine times. Just to beryllium clear, we emotion that One UI is packed pinch useful features, but we can't disregard nan unintended consequence it brings of having to find features buried heavy successful nan software. Because of this, a batch of bully features are near unused.

4. Samsung Pass Doesn't Work With Chrome

Samsung Pass is simply a biometric authentication work you tin usage to quickly motion successful to websites and apps utilizing your fingerprint. It's an autofill service, basically. The champion point astir it is that your biometric accusation is protected utilizing nan Samsung Knox information system.

Samsung Knox is by acold nan astir unafraid Android mobile information level which makes Samsung Pass much unafraid than third-party authentication services specified arsenic LastPass.

The catch? Samsung Pass is only disposable connected Samsung Internet, nan company's default mobile browser. If you usage Chrome aliases immoderate different browser arsenic your default, you'll not beryllium capable to return advantage of it and Knox security.

5. Slower Charging Than Android Rivals

A smartphone connected to a charger

Samsung is possibly nan slowest erstwhile it comes to expanding charging speeds connected its phones compared to its Android rivals. While different brands are pushing retired phones pinch 65W, 80W, 120W, aliases moreover higher charging speeds, nan highest that Samsung offers correct now is up to 45W pinch its flagship S23 Ultra model.

6. Samsung Messages Issues

Samsung Messages is nan default messages app connected galore Galaxy devices, and it's a nonstop competitor to Google Messages. The problem is, Samsung Messages is rather limiting.

For instance, Google Messages has Smart Reply, Nudges, Suggested actions, Google Assistant suggestions, and nan expertise to nonstop files successful conversations and automatically delete OTP messages aft 24 hours. Samsung Messages has nary of these things.

In addition, Google Messages is measurement easier to usage connected desktop acknowledgment to its Messages for web service; Samsung Messages requires you to jump hoops to execute nan aforesaid result. The second besides forces you to usage Samsung Keyboard if you want to nonstop stickers successful a conversation, and sends you a notification each clip you nonstop a caller connection that you person to swipe away.

7. Shutter Lag When Taking High-Res Photos

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra successful green

Samsung loves to boast astir its high-res cameras, truthful overmuch truthful that it added a whopping 200MP camera connected nan S23 Ultra. The problem is that nan not-so-tech-savvy among america often (wrongfully) construe nan beingness of much megapixels arsenic an denotation of amended image value and neglect to announcement really it contributes to accrued shutter lag.

Adding much megapixels simply increases nan maximum solution that your telephone is tin of shooting. The problem present is that nan higher nan solution of nan shot, nan much accusation your camera will request to seizure for it to beryllium a cleanable shot. Taking successful each this other accusation takes clip and hence slows down nan velocity of capture.

This is particularly bad if you're shooting a moving taxable specified arsenic a waterfall, a moving car, aliases your kids playing because you're astir apt not going to get a cleanable result.

In comparison, iPhones person virtually nary shutter lag, partially because they don't let taking ridiculously high-res photos successful nan first place, but besides because Apple Silicon chips person much CPU powerfulness and tin hence process information faster, minimizing shutter lag.

The Flaws successful Samsung Phones

On 1 hand, there's a batch to emotion astir Samsung phones, from nan plethora of features to nan accrued support for customization, to Knox security. On nan different hand, things for illustration bloatware apps, automatic app installs, over-processing of photos, and UI creation issues make nan acquisition worse.

Granted, immoderate problems pinch Samsung phones are not circumstantial to nan company; for instance, Xiaomi phones are filled pinch bloatware excessively and Nokia and Motorola aren't precisely known for accelerated charging. Still, it helps to return statement of these problems erstwhile you're successful nan marketplace to bargain your adjacent Galaxy phone.

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