Bug Out with LEGO's New Insect Collection Set

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It includes 3 ample insects, positive 2 smaller bugs.

The LEGO Insect Collection, which includes a bluish butterfly, Hercules beetle, and mantis.LEGO


The Insect Collection is now disposable to purchase straight from LEGO. It should besides look astatine different retailers soon.

Looking for thing to brace pinch your LEGO Botanicals? The latest LEGO Ideas set, called The Insect Collection, contains 3 life-sized models of beautiful bugs—a bluish morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle, and a Chinese mantis. It's 1 of nan astir absorbing LEGO sets to merchandise this year, and it launches connected September 7th for a reasonable $80 (Early Access for LEGO VIPs originates September 4th).

LEGO's Insect Collection is made up of 1,111 individual pieces. The 3 ample insects each person unique, abstracted platforms, which are adored by flowers, moss, mushrooms, and different foliage. These insects are besides afloat poseable; you tin dispersed nan Hercules beetle's agleam orangish wings, spot nan mantis successful a battle-ready position, aliases fold nan morpho butterfly to a lifelike angle. Because each insect has its ain platform, you're free to spot them together aliases dispersed them crossed a room, which is simply a spot of a rarity for LEGO sets.

Two smaller insects are besides included—a honeybee and a ladybug. These insects are really standalone LEGO bricks, and they're astir nan size of your modular LEGO stud. Judging by a speedy Bricklink search, nan ladybug and honeybee look to beryllium wholly unsocial to this set, though LEGO has made akin bricks successful nan past.

Like each LEGO Ideas sets, The Insect Collection was primitively dreamed up by a fan. José María Pérez Suero (@hachiroku24), who says that The Insect Collection was inspired by photography and nature, really submitted nan thought back successful 2021. It was approved by LEGO successful October of 2022, which conscionable goes to show really agelong this worldly tin take. Though to beryllium fair, LEGO intelligibly put successful a batch of activity here. It moreover hired Sanaa Kelley, a Foley artist, to create a "Green Noise" quality playlist that customers tin usage while assembling The Insect Collection.

Again, LEGO's The Insect Collection goes connected waste September 7th for $80. It ain't cheap, but it's a reasonable value for specified a unsocial LEGO Ideas set. If you want to bargain The Insect Collection 3 days early, register arsenic a LEGO VIP for free.

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