Microsoft Is Taking WordPad Out of Windows

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Microsoft WordPad is nan basal connection processor that ships pinch each type of Windows, intended for editing that matter documents pinch formatting that Notepad can't handle. However, aft years of neglect — moreover arsenic Notepad has received update aft update — Microsoft is officially done moving connected WordPad and will region it successful a early Windows update.

Microsoft has announced that arsenic of September 1st, 2023, WordPad is officially a deprecated app. From now onwards, nan institution is not readying to merchandise immoderate caller updates for nan software, and it will beryllium removed successful a early type of Windows. It's not clear erstwhile this will be, but don't beryllium amazed if it gets removed pinch nan adjacent awesome update to Windows, aliases nan 1 aft that. As of nan clip of writing, it has not yet been removed from Windows, truthful you tin spell up and occurrence it up to salary your respects.

WordPad is nary longer being updated and will beryllium removed successful a early merchandise of Windows. We urge Microsoft Word for rich | matter documents for illustration .doc and .rtf and Windows Notepad for plain matter documents for illustration .txt.

Microsoft WordPad exists successful a weird state. It was first added to Windows successful 1995, and was past updated astir nan clip Windows 8 was released. Since then, however, it hasn't really changed, isolated from that 1 clip Microsoft tried sneaking an advertisement successful there. It's a connection processor that is much tin and precocious than nan modular Notepad, but simpler successful position of features than Microsoft Word, and it really resembles a simplified type of Word. You tin take font, alteration font sizes, alteration matter alignment, but you can't do different things specified arsenic alteration paragraph settings and page margins. If you wanted to constitute a speedy and soiled document, this could astir apt do nan occupation — you could moreover prevention files arsenic Microsoft Word documents (.docx). Google Docs and Office Online are besides some free, but require your files to beryllium uploaded to unreality retention first.

Microsoft is pointing group to usage Notepad for plain matter files and Microsoft Word for rich | matter documents. WordPad was astir apt kept arsenic a "free" built-in replacement to Word for those who couldn't salary for Microsoft 365 aliases bargain a Microsoft Office license. Microsoft would evidently for illustration you salary up for Microsoft Word, but third-party alternatives do exist. LibreOffice is astir apt nan champion free replacement, arsenic it tin edit Office documents and different files, and it moreover has an action for a Ribbon toolbar that mirrors WordPad.

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