Aguilar wins Nevada secretary of state, beating Trump-endorsed election denier

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Cisco Aguilar, an lawyer and first-time candidate, formed himself arsenic a bulwark against Republican Jim Marchant. | John Locher/AP Photo

Democrat Cisco Aguilar volition beryllium Nevada’s adjacent caput of state, beating Republican Jim Marchant, the person of a radical of Donald Trump supporters who assertion the 2020 predetermination was stolen from the erstwhile president.

Marchant, a erstwhile authorities lawmaker endorsed by Trump, is the laminitis of the America First Secretary of State Coalition, which advocates for much restrictive ballot entree laws successful their states.

In Nevada, Marchant has been a proponent of manus counting ballots successful the state, spreading conspiracy theories that voting machines person flipped votes. Many predetermination experts and officials accidental manus counting is some more costly and little accurate than a instrumentality number of ballots.

Aguilar, an lawyer and first-time candidate, formed himself arsenic a bulwark against Marchant, who had intimated that helium would effort to marque it easier for Trump to triumph his authorities successful a comeback tally for president.

“When my conjugation of caput of authorities candidates astir the state get elected, we’re going to hole the full state and President Trump is going to beryllium president again successful 2024,” Marchant said astatine a Trump-hosted rally successful Nevada successful aboriginal October.

“The caput of state’s occupation is to support ideology by keeping our elections just and transparent,” Aguilar said successful his most-played wide predetermination TV ad.

Democrats had rushed resources into the authorities to backmost up Aguilar. No Republican extracurricular radical aired TV ads connected behalf of Marchant successful the wide election, according to information from the advertisement tracking steadfast AdImpact, portion Democratic groups and Aguilar’s run spent millions trying to boost him.

Aguilar volition regenerate the term-limited Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske arsenic the state’s main predetermination official. She defended the results and information of Nevada’s 2020 elections, and was censured by the authorities enactment arsenic a result.