8 Ways to Fix Big Picture Mode Not Working or Crashing in Steam for Windows

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Big Picture mode connected Steam is easy and intuitive to use, but sometimes it tin not activity properly. Here's really to hole it.

Steam logo connected a metallic monitor

Steam's Big Picture mode connected Windows enhances your gaming acquisition by providing a console-like interface that is elemental to navigate pinch a controller. However, if Steam's Big Picture mode stops moving aliases crashes often connected your Windows PC, you whitethorn beryllium wondering what to do.

Don't worry, you don't person to usage Steam successful its modular mode. Here are a fewer tips to get Steam's Big Picture mode moving connected Windows.

1. Close Steam and Run It arsenic an Administrator

This whitethorn sound excessively simple, but impermanent app glitches tin often origin Steam's Big Picture mode to clang aliases extremity moving connected Windows. Hence, it is simply a bully thought to terminate each Steam processes and reopen nan app.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open nan Task Manager. In nan Processes tab, right-click connected Steam and prime nan End task option.

Close Steam Using Task Manager connected Windows

Right-click connected nan Steam app shortcut and prime Run arsenic administrator. After that, effort to use nan Big Picture mode again.

2. Modify Steam's EXE File

Another point you tin do is unfastened Steam straight successful Big Picture mode. Several users connected nan Steam organization reported fixing nan rumor pinch this trick.

To unfastened Steam straight successful Big Picture mode, right-click connected its app shortcut and prime Properties. In nan Target field, participate " -tenfoot" to nan extremity of this path, without nan quotation marks. Then, deed Apply and click OK.

Configure Steam to Open successful Big Picture Mode

Double-click nan Steam shortcut to unfastened it successful Big Picture mode and cheque if nan rumor is still there.

3. Disconnect External Devices

At times, outer devices connected to your computer, specified arsenic a faulty aliases misconfigured gaming controller, tin interfere pinch Steam and origin problems. To cheque for this possibility, temporarily disconnect immoderate outer devices and spot if that resolves nan issue.

4. Clear Steam Cache

Overwhelming aliases corrupted cache files tin besides origin nan Steam app to misbehave connected Windows. When this happens, definite features, specified arsenic Big Picture mode, whitethorn not activity arsenic expected. You tin effort clearing nan Steam app cache to spot if that restores normalcy. Here are nan steps for nan same.

  1. Press Win + R to unfastened nan Run dialog box.
  2. Type C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam successful nan matter section and deed Enter.
  3. Select nan appcache files and click nan trash icon astatine nan apical to delete it.
    Clear Steam Cache connected Windows

5. Update Graphics Drivers

Another logic why nan Big Picture mode whitethorn not activity aliases clang while loading is if nan graphics drivers connected your PC are outdated aliases buggy. If that’s nan case, updating nan graphics drivers should help.

6. Leave Steam Beta

Are you utilizing nan beta type of nan Steam client? If so, you whitethorn brushwood issues pinch Steam, arsenic beta versions of nan app are not ever reliable. You should see switching to nan unchangeable type of Steam to steer clear of specified issues.

To opt retired of nan Steam beta:

  1. Open nan Steam customer connected your PC.
  2. Select Steam > Settings.
  3. In nan Interface tab, usage nan drop-down paper adjacent to Client Beta Participation to prime No beta chosen.
  4. Click Restart Now to confirm.
    Leave Steam Beta

Wait for Steam to use nan basal updates and move to nan modular version. After that, you should beryllium capable to usage nan Big Picture mode successful Steam.

7. Reset Steam Configurations

Resetting nan configuration settings of Steam is an effective measurement to resoluteness various issues pinch it. If this circumstantial rumor is caused by misconfigured Steam settings, resetting them should help. Here are nan steps:

  1. Close nan Steam customer utilizing nan Task Manager.
  2. Press Win + R to unfastened nan Run dialog box.
  3. Type steam://flushconfig successful nan container and property Enter.
  4. Click OK to confirm.
    Flush Steam Configurations

8. Uninstall and Reinstall Steam

Finally, if each other fails, you tin see uninstalling Steam wholly and reinstalling it. Refer to our guideline connected different ways to uninstall package connected Windows and usage your preferred method to region Steam. After that, download and install nan Steam app again.

Start Using Steam’s Big Picture Mode Again

If you are personification who uses a controller while gaming connected your PC, Steam's Big Picture mode tin bring a batch of convenience. Hopefully, 1 aliases much of nan supra tips person helped hole issues pinch Steam’s Big Picture mode connected Windows, and you are astatine peace.

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