8 Traits Your WhatsApp Being Bugged and How to Fix It

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5 November 2022 22:53 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - It is important to know the characteristics of a bugged WhatsApp, as tapping or hijacking a Whatsapp account is a dangerous act. All private data such as family contact and important files can be misused for illegal acts. What are the characteristics of when a WhatsApp account is being tapped?

Whatsapp hackers could at least monitor the victims massaging activity via other devices. They could also take over the account for personal use such as frauding or to damage the reputation of the real account owner.

Sign of Your Whatsapp Being Bugged

Here are several signs you must know when a WhatsApp account has been tapped.

1. WhatsApp account logged out suddenly

One WhatsApp account cannot be used on two different smartphones at the same time. If hackers try to break into the victim's account, the original account will usually automatically log out. Then the victim will get a notification that the mobile number is no longer registered.

2. Online even when not in use

Do you feel like you don't happen to open your WhatsApp, but somehow your status is online? It's possible that the WhatsApp account is being accessed by someone else. Unfortunately, these indications do not apply if the user turns off the 'last seen' feature.

3. Get a Message with OTP Code

Another feature of WA being tapped is that there is a message containing the One Time Password (OTP) code. To be able to log in to an account, the application usually asks for an OTP code for verification. If the user has no attempt to open WhatsApp on other devices, then it is better to ignore the message.

4. Messages sent without you noticing

If you find a message sent from your account without you noticing, or someone told you that they received a strange message from you. Then it could indicate that your WhatsApp has been hijacked. However, if the perpetrator immediately deletes the sent message, this becomes a problem.

5. Chat marked as 'read'

The two blue check marks are made as a sign that the WhatsApp message has been read by the recipient. In this case, your account may be copied by hackers via a QR code that is usually used when connected to a PC or laptop. However, this condition does not apply if the user disables the 'read receipts' feature.

6. WhatsApp's continuous error 

The application starts to run slower. When one account is opened on several different gadgets, the application will likely start crashing.

7. Phone battery drained

When a lot of notifications appear in your WhatsApp account, it makes the phone starts lagging. When a WhatsApp account is hijacked, usually the perpetrators also download files, this causes the battery to be more wasteful and heat up easily.

8. Active WhatsApp account on an unknown device

When the user is irresponsible and forgets to log out of their account on WhatsApp Web, the possibility of being tapped becomes greater. To find out, try accessing the 'Linked devices' menu.

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