How to Change and Hide Your Birthday on Snapchat

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If you don't want your day to show connected Snapchat, you tin edit it aliases hide it.

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Snapchat is simply a nosy level whose superior attraction is impermanent content. Snapchat stories vanish aft 24 hours, arsenic do messages unless you prevention them.

One point connected Snapchat that doesn’t disappear, however, is your birthday. Anyone you’re friends pinch connected nan level tin position it connected your profile.

If you entered your day incorrect erstwhile you joined Snapchat, you tin alteration it. And if you want to hide your day connected your profile, you can.

How to Change Your Birthday connected Snapchat

Your day is portion of nan data that Snapchat collects astir you erstwhile you subordinate nan platform. You mightiness person entered your day wrong, but you tin quickly rectify this successful a fewer steps.

Here’s how:

  1. Launch Snapchat connected your phone.
  2. Tap your profile successful nan apical right.
  3. Tap nan gear icon successful nan top-right.
  4. Select Birthday and pat nan date.
  5. A instrumentality will look below, truthful you tin participate your caller birthday.
  6. After changing your birthday, pat Continue, past Okay to confirm. Snapchat only allows you to alteration your day a constricted number of times, truthful beryllium judge to get it correct erstwhile you alteration it.

How to Hide Your Birthday connected Snapchat

You tin view your friends’ birthdays connected Snapchat, and they tin spot yours arsenic well. For immoderate reason, you mightiness not want nan second to happen.

If so, you tin hide your day connected Snapchat by doing nan following:

  1. Follow steps 1 done 3 arsenic outlined successful nan erstwhile section.
  2. Select Birthday.
  3. Toggle disconnected Birthday Party.

And that’s it. It mightiness return a fewer minutes aliases hours for nan alteration to reflect. When it does, you’ll nary longer person a barroom icon beside your sanction connected your birthday. Also, your Snapchat Birthday Charm won’t beryllium visible to your friends.

You’ll still beryllium capable to spot your friends’ birthdays, though, unless they besides hide their birthdays.

Hide Your Birthday connected Snapchat to Protect Your Privacy

Protect your privateness connected Snapchat by hiding your birthday. That way, you tin guarantee that only adjacent friends and family cognize erstwhile your day is, and you tin bask your typical time without being spammed pinch day wishes from acquaintances and strangers.

You tin look guardant to your day without worrying astir receiving countless happy birthdays and good wishes connected Snapchat.

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