How to Flip and Mirror Your Canvas in Procreate

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How to Flip and Mirror Your Canvas in Procreate - Flipping your canvas in Procreate allows you to view your artwork from a fresh perspective. Getting a reversed view can help you spot proportional errors, awkward angles, and other issues that need fixing. In this article, we’ll explain how to flip horizontally and vertically in Procreate using the canvas manipulation tools.

How to Flip and Mirror Your Canvas in Procreate

Accessing the Flip Tools

To flip your Procreate canvas, first open your project and locate the flip icons:

  • Tap the wrench icon to open the Actions menu.
  • Select the "Canvas" tab. This houses all the canvas manipulation settings.
  • On the middle row you'll see the Flip Horizontally and Flip Vertically icons.
  • These let you mirror your canvas along the x and y axes to check proportions.

Flipping Horizontally

The horizontal flip will reverse your canvas from left to right. Here's how to use it:

  • With your artwork open, tap the Flip Horizontally icon in the Actions menu.
  • Your entire canvas will now be mirrored along the vertical axis in the center.
  • Look for any perspective or angle issues that look off when flipped.
  • Tap the icon again to flip it back to the original orientation.
  • Use Undo or redo the flip if you don't like the changes.

Flipping Vertically

The vertical flip mirrors your canvas up and down:

  • Tap the Flip Vertically icon in the Canvas tab.
  • Your artwork will flip upside down, reversed along the horizontal center axis.
  • Assess the balance and composition from this new vantage point.
  • Tap the icon again to flip it back right-side up when you're done.
  • Remember to save versions along the way in case you want to revert back.

Tips for Flipping Your Canvas

Here are some tips for checking your work through flipping:

  • Focus on examining proportions and angles of faces and objects. Flipping often reveals warping.
  • Assess the composition balance. Does the weight distribution look off when flipped?
  • Look for elements that cease to make sense when flipped, like text or part of an object.
  • View your work in reverse periodically through the painting process, not just at the end.
  • Step back and assess the overall values and colors when the image is flipped.
  • Don't over-scrutinize tiny details when flipped. Focus only on major issues.
  • Be methodical. Divide the image into sections and scan them one at a time while flipped.
  • Use other tools like rotoscoping overlays or guidelines to check proportions.

Flipping the canvas is an invaluable tool for spotting errors your eye can miss when staring at the image upright. Make flipping a regular habit in your Procreate workflow. A few taps gives you an instant new perspective to improve and perfect your work!

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