8 Awesome iPhone Exclusive Apps That You Can't Get on Android

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When it comes to app development, astir developers purpose to cater to a wide personification base, processing applications that seamlessly usability connected some iOS and Android. However, location are definite iPhone-exclusive options that stay retired of scope for their Android counterparts.

Below, we'll research a curated action of immoderate of nan champion exclusive apps that adhd an other furniture of charm to nan iOS platform, leaving Android users intrigued and envious.

1. GarageBand

Virtual soft successful nan GarageBand app

GarageBand is simply a versatile euphony creation app that caters to knowledgeable musicians who want to play their favourite instrumentality virtually connected their phones. The offered virtual instruments see a soft keyboard, drums, guitar, orchestral strings, and bass strings.

Each instrumentality has a group of customizable settings, enabling you to fine-tune nan tempo, signature, metronome, and different instrument-specific parameters, ensuring a tailored philharmonic experience.

The 1 drawback worthy noting is that GarageBand tin beryllium resource-intensive connected older devices, perchance starring to capacity issues aliases lag. However, for those pinch modern iPhones aliases iPads, GarageBand is simply a powerful and versatile euphony accumulation tool.

Download: GarageBand (Free)

2. Bear

Bear is simply a smart note-taking app that enhances statement and productivity. The app simplifies various tasks specified arsenic jotting down speedy notes, readying your day, making lists, penning articles, aliases moreover sketching ideas. With its smart hunt functionality, you tin moreover hunt for matter wrong notes, including matter successful photos and PDFs.

The app's style keyboard, easy accessible via nan BIU button, has galore of nan formatting options of a emblematic Word processor, specified arsenic bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, lists, headings, tables, date, and more. You tin besides adhd links to your matter and import photos and PDFs into your notes.

Bear strikes a equilibrium betwixt simplicity and functionality, offering precocious formatting and organizing features without nan distraction of excessively galore buttons and gimmicks. This sets it isolated arsenic a elemental yet powerful statement app for iOS that moreover nan best note-taking apps for Android cannot compete with.

Download: Bear (Free, subscription available)

3. Halide

Halide Mark II is 1 of nan best camera apps for iPhones that offers master camera features and precocious photography devices while maintaining a user-friendly and uncomplicated interface. Although nan app requires a subscription aliases a one-time acquisition to beryllium used, you get a free seven-day proceedings astatine nan start.

Halide shines brightest connected modern iPhones, but it extends its master photography tools, specified arsenic vulnerability controls, waveform analysis, extent capture, and more, to older models arsenic well. One standout characteristic is nan macro capability, which allows you to seizure close-up shots, moreover connected iPhone models (except for nan iPhone 7 Plus and older) that deficiency a built-in macro mode.

Additionally, nan app offers nan elasticity of shooting successful RAW format pinch its smart automatic mode. This action is champion for little knowledgeable photographers who do not cognize really to activity astir master photography tools. For professionals, however, Halide besides offers manual shooting pinch powerful devices for illustration Focus Peaking and Focus Loupe.

Download: Halide Mark II (Subscription required, free proceedings available)

4. Overcast

Overcast is simply a modern podcast app that's a trim supra nan rest, offering respective cool streaming features wrong an elegantly elemental and user-friendly interface. Features specified arsenic Smart Speed, which trims down podcast long without sacrificing audio quality, and Voice Boost, which ensures each podcast has accordant measurement levels, thief Overcast put immoderate of nan best podcast apps for Android to shame.

The app lets you download podcasts for offline listening, and its powerful hunt and proposal motor helps you observe caller podcasts. Custom playlists pinch intelligent filters, notifications for caller episodes, and a elastic slumber timer heighten your podcast experience.

Overcast besides offers Apple Watch compatibility and seamless CarPlay support. The only downside is nan ads that interrupt your podcast-listening experience. However, you tin upgrade to nan premium type for $9.99/year if you want an ad-free experience.

Download: Overcast (Free, subscription available)

5. iMovie

iMovie is an exceptional video editing app made for Apple devices. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive motion controls make it accessible moreover for those pinch nary anterior video editing skills.

One characteristic that helps iMove guidelines retired from other video editing apps is its Magic Movie feature, which transforms photos and videos into civilization movies pinch titles, transitions, and music. All you person to do is prime media from nan Photos app connected your iPhone and hold for nan magic to happen.

There's besides a Storyboard characteristic that provides respective templates that you tin usage to create videos. Additionally, nan app lets you make a movie from scratch utilizing media from your instrumentality and offers precocious editing options for much imaginative power complete your projects.

Download: iMovie (Free)

6. Spectre Camera

Developed by nan makers of Halide, Spectre Camera is simply a photography app that leverages artificial intelligence to heighten long-exposure photography. With this app, you tin seizure stunning ray trails, for illustration those formed by moving vehicles successful traffic, aliases create dreamy, silky-smooth waterfall shots by extending vulnerability times.

Spectre's elemental acheronian interface is beautiful user-friendly—even for one-handed operation—and perfect for nighttime shooting. The camera has controls for adjusting vulnerability and a stabilizer icon that turns greenish erstwhile your instrumentality is unchangeable for nan cleanable shot.

If you don't wish to shape ray trails during your agelong vulnerability photography, you tin move disconnected nan mounting for Light Trails. Additionally, you tin set nan long for agelong exposure, up to 30 seconds, depending connected really soft you want your changeable to be.

Download: Spectre Camera (Free, premium type available)

7. Agenda

Agenda is simply a useful app that makes it easy to harvester your notes and almanac events, helping you enactment organized. It is marketed arsenic a instrumentality for business professionals but tin beryllium utilized by anyone looking to shape their regular life.

The app allows you to connect dates to individual notes and nexus them to your almanac events, providing a holistic position of your schedule. Notes "On nan Agenda" person typical position and are easy accessible successful nan sidebar overview.

Agenda besides allows you to adhd record attachments and images to your notes, enhancing productivity. Images tin beryllium displayed arsenic thumbnails aliases full-sized, making it convenient to activity pinch multimedia content. The app's compatibility and synchronization pinch iPadOS and macOS guarantee your information is accessible from immoderate Apple device.

Download: Agenda (Free, subscription available)

8. Lake

Lake is simply a coloring app featuring a wide action of coloring books by indie artists worldwide. The app boasts a elemental and playful creation and offers galore high-quality curated illustrations for coloring. Lake supports artists by sharing portion of nan subscription fees straight pinch them.

The app provides various imaginative tools, including acrylic and watercolor brushes, a colour picker, and a tap-to-fill option. It besides offers haptic feedback and soothing brushwood sounds for ASMR. The expertise to prevention your favourite coloring books and entree a history palette of antecedently utilized colors enhances your wide experience.

Furthermore, Lake combines coloring and journaling by letting you create temper boards wherever you prime really you're feeling, colour a picture, and past adhd your thoughts nether it.

Download: Lake (Free, subscription available)

Make Android Users Jealous With These iOS-Only Apps

The apps highlighted successful this station each person unsocial features and functions, mounting them isolated from 1 another. Yet, there's 1 unifying factor—they are exclusively disposable connected nan iOS platform.

While Android does connection alternatives for galore of these apps, it's difficult to place nan unsocial blend of functionality, design, and personification acquisition recovered successful these iOS exclusives.

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