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Given that nan connection "critic" is simply a shortened type of "critical," it’s nary astonishment that very fewer movies person 100% connected Rotten Tomatoes. Of course, erstwhile you peep astatine that coveted 100% list, it’s moreover rarer to find films from nan 21st Century. The classics are classical for a reason, and they dress up a bully chunk of nan highest-rated movies successful cinematic history. 

Sure, we each emotion a bully blockbuster deed and genre movie. But sometimes, it’s nosy to beryllium down and rewatch (or watch for nan first time) immoderate of Hollywood’s astir highly regarded films. Luckily for Max subscribers, nan streaming work has plentifulness of classical movies. Between movies for illustration Singin’ successful nan Rain and The Gold Rush, present are 5 of nan champion classical movies connected Max pinch 100% ratings connected Rotten Tomatoes.

Singin’ successful nan Rain

Gene Kelly successful Singin' successful nan Rain

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It’s nan movie that made nan world autumn successful emotion pinch Debbie Reynolds: Singin’ successful nan Rain. Now, if you can't publication nan title without proceeding Gene Kelly’s vocals successful your head, it’s clip to watch nan classical movie-musical. Kelly plays Don Lockwood — a silent movie prima who falls for Reynolds’ chorus girl, Kathy Selden. 

While Reynolds was still a comparatively caller look successful Hollywood, Kelly had starred successful nan deed An American successful Paris a twelvemonth earlier nan merchandise of Singin’ successful nan Rain. Kelly besides co-directed nan movie alongside Stanley Donen. Meanwhile, Betty Comden and Adolph Green brought nan communicative to life. Not everyone is simply a philharmonic fan, but if there’s conscionable 1 to watch, galore movie buffs would reason that this is it.

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The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger successful Terminator

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll beryllium back” is 1 of nan astir iconic and parroted lines successful movie history — his domiciled arsenic nan Terminator successful nan self-titled 1984 movie made judge of it. The James Cameron-directed masterpiece seamlessly blends clip recreation pinch robots successful this sci-fi classic. Cameron wrote nan movie alongside Gale Anne Hurd. 

For anyone who needs a clip daze to nan system, we’re inching up to 2029: nan twelvemonth that nan Terminator and his worker nemesis Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) recreation from to get to nan '80s. Kyle’s mission? To extremity nan Terminator from sidesplitting a female named Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) earlier she gives commencement to nan early leader of nan rebellion against sentient AI. 

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The Gold Rush

Charlie Chaplin successful Gold Rush (1925)

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Charlie Chaplin is arguably 1 of nan astir notable names successful early Hollywood. Most group who haven’t really seen a afloat Chaplin image tin still mention him arsenic a silent movie star. And though he pushed backmost against talking pictures agelong aft spoken speech became commonplace, moreover Chaplin’s first spoken characteristic film, The Great Dictator, is certified caller connected Rotten Tomatoes. 

Yet 15 years earlier that, successful 1925, Chaplin released 1 of his astir beloved silent pictures: The Gold Rush. As nan title mightiness suggest, nan movie takes spot successful nan 1890s during nan Klondike Gold Rush. Chaplin plays The Lone Prospector, who seeks a luck successful golden (like everyone other during this clip period). As was nan lawsuit for astir of his projects, he wrote, starred in, and produced nan feature. 

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John Wayne and formed successful Stagecoach (1939)

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Before a group of teens were thrown together for detention successful The Breakfast Club, John Wayne’s 1939 movie Stagecoach helped move nan Western genre into nan creation shape that it is today. Alongside Wayne’s character, Ringo Kid, are a group of chiefly bad boy characters from each walks of life — including a gambler and a achromatic dove. 

Naturally, nan group finds commonality successful nan quality information moreover though they ne'er would person associated pinch 1 different nether different circumstances. In betwixt nan bonding is simply a patient dose of gunslinging fresh for a Western.

Given nan clip play of nan film’s mounting and its release, galore aspects, (particularly nan Native American components), haven’t aged very well. However, it's worthy reflecting connected and analyzing those issues. John Ford directed Stagecoach, which was adapted from Ernest Haycox’s book Stage to Lordsburg by Dudley Nichols.

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Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher mug for nan cameras astatine a gala successful Beverly HIlls, CA

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Mother-daughter duo Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were agleam lights successful Hollywood that dimmed excessively soon. Losing some actresses conscionable a time isolated sent family, friends, and fans into a corporate greeting that’s still palpable today. 

While Fisher is champion known for her domiciled arsenic Leia Organa successful nan Star Wars franchise, she was a beacon for nan intelligence wellness organization by measurement of her candid discussions astir Bipolar upset during interviews and her 3 memoirs. Meanwhile, Reynolds has been onstage and connected nan surface since nan ‘40s. To opportunity that they some changed nan people of Hollywood would beryllium a monolithic understatement. 

It was bully to spot Fisher’s joke honored erstwhile her family placed her ashes successful a elephantine Prozac urn, but fans were itching for a tribute. They didn’t person to hold long. A small complete a period aft Reynolds and Fisher took their last bows, HBO released a documentary to grant nan pair. Luckily, filming for Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds began successful 2014. 

Not only is nan documentary afloat of lively footage of mother and daughter, but some women consented to and seemed to bask sharing their lives and emotion for each other. In different words, this wasn’t a tasteless rate drawback thrown together aft a tragedy, but a labour of emotion they partook successful while some women were still alive.

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