4 Ways to Record Audio on Your Android Device

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You person aggregate ways to grounds some your sound arsenic good arsenic your device's audio connected Android.


Android devices make it easy to grounds outer audio without utilizing immoderate costly signaling gear. You tin moreover seizure strategy sounds and adhd voiceovers if needed. Here, we'll research aggregate ways to seizure audio utilizing your Android phone.

1. Record Your Voice aliases Audio With Your Phone's Built-In Recorder

Most caller Android phones travel pinch a sound recorder aliases recorder app installed. Our OnePlus Android telephone has a Recorder app, truthful we'll show you nan steps to grounds audio pinch that. The steps for your phone's built-in signaling app mightiness beryllium somewhat different.

  1. Swipe up from nan bottommost of nan telephone surface to unfastened nan app drawer. Search for nan Recorder app and motorboat it.
  2. Tap nan information microphone button astatine nan bottommost to commencement nan recording. If you haven't enabled it already, you'll request to assistance support to nan Recorder app to usage nan microphone.
  3. Speak into nan microphone to grounds your voice. Most telephone mics are located astatine nan bottommost of nan handset, truthful make judge to support a small region from nan mic erstwhile you speak. If you're signaling immoderate different audio, constituent nan mic toward nan guidance of nan sound. Don't accidentally screen nan mic pinch your manus while holding nan phone.
  4. Once nan signaling starts, you tin usage nan timer that appears to support way of nan duration. When you're done recording, pat nan Pause button.
  5. Then, to prevention nan recording, pat nan check mark successful nan top-right area aliases nan Stop button, depending connected your device. This will bring up nan action to sanction your signaling and prevention it. If you're not satisfied pinch nan recording, pat nan X button successful nan top-left area and pat Delete.

This way, you tin easy make recordings connected your telephone without a third-party app aliases further hardware. All your saved recordings will beryllium disposable connected nan Recorder app nether All recordings erstwhile you unfastened nan app.

To stock your recordings connected societal media aliases email, unfastened All recordings successful nan Recorder app. Long-press nan signaling and take Share from nan bottommost menu. Then, prime your desired platform.

For clear and amended recordings, take a quiet, large room pinch windows closed and nary fans on. Sometimes, nan slightest of sounds tin beryllium picked up successful nan recording. Also, it's amended to grounds successful a room pinch curtains and cupboards alternatively than bare walls, arsenic this would forestall nan sound from echoing.

2. Use Your Phone's Screen Recorder Feature

Most phones moving Android 10 aliases later person a built-in surface signaling feature, which you tin usage to grounds audio. The process could alteration somewhat depending connected your device, but present are nan steps for a OnePlus Android phone:

  1. Swipe down from nan apical of nan telephone surface doubly to unfastened nan Quick Settings menu. You whitethorn request to swipe near to find nan Screen Recorder feature. Tap connected it, and nan Screen Recorder paper will look connected nan surface pinch nan buttons for Record, Audio, Microphone, and Close aliases Stop.
  2. Tap connected either nan Audio aliases nan Microphone button. The options to Record strategy sound aliases Record microphone sound will look connected nan screen.
  3. Select Microphone audio to seizure your sound aliases different outer sounds utilizing your phone's microphone.
  4. If you want to grounds nan audio of an app aliases a game, take nan Record strategy sound option. Select nan app aliases crippled you want to grounds and pat nan reddish Record button. The surface signaling will start, and truthful will nan timer.
  5. Tap nan Pause fastener to region nan signaling and pat nan Play fastener to resume.
  6. When you person vanished recording, pat nan white tick mark to prevention nan recording. Your surface signaling will beryllium saved to nan phone's gallery. You tin besides entree nan surface signaling by heading to nan Videos conception successful nan My Files app.

You tin usage nan surface recorder characteristic to stock your gameplay and grounds your commentary. For that, prime some nan Record strategy sound and Record microphone sound options. Then, play your crippled and speak into your phone's microphone to item breathtaking moments.

You tin position your screen-recorded videos, edit and trim them, use cool filters, aliases moreover adhd euphony to them. You tin besides stock nan signaling via email, societal media, aliases a USB cable.

3. Record Audio With a Third-Party App

In lawsuit your telephone doesn't person a surface recorder, you tin download 1 from nan Google Play Store. For this tutorial, we've chosen XRecorder by InShot. It is 1 of nan champion surface recorders for Android and offers galore features, including nan expertise to grounds some soul and outer audio simultaneously.

Download: XRecorder (Free, in-app purchases available)

Open nan XRecorder app connected your Android instrumentality and travel nan steps below:

  1. Select Enable floating icon and past Display complete different apps to show nan floating icon paper connected apical of apps. Then, Allow XRecorder to entree photos and videos.
  2. Tap nan gear icon successful nan app to caput to its settings. Then, prime Audio Settings nether nan Video section.
  3. Choose Microphone, Internal Audio, aliases Internal and microphone, depending connected what you scheme to record.
  4. Now, unfastened an app aliases crippled that you want to record. Tap nan XRecorder's floating icon connected your screen.
  5. Choose nan Record fastener to commencement nan recording. The signaling timer will look immediately.
  6. When you're done, pat nan floating icon and deed nan reddish Stop button. Your video will beryllium saved connected nan XRecorder app, and you tin edit it earlier sharing it.

There are many ways to grounds your Android phone's screen too utilizing apps for illustration XRecorder. So, consciousness free to research different options if you're not a instrumentality of this app.

4. Record Audio On Your Phone Using an External Mic

If you're a contented creator aliases vlogger, you cognize that audio value is important to getting your connection crossed to your audience. Though your phone's built-in microphones tin do a reasonable job, investing successful an outer microphone tin guarantee higher-quality audio recordings.

You person respective microphone options for your Android telephone to suit your budget, including affordable lavalier mics that you tin plug into your phone's 3.5mm headphone jack.

If your telephone lacks a headphone jack, you tin take a USB-C microphone to plug into your instrumentality and grounds sound. And if that's not convenient enough, you tin get wireless Bluetooth microphones that tin clip onto your garment to grounds your sound while vlogging.

Why Record Your Voice aliases Audio?

Recording your sound aliases immoderate audio utilizing your telephone has respective usage cases. As a student, you could make study notes connected your phone. A imaginative master could instantly grounds an thought that sparked successful nan mind alternatively of penning it down. You could moreover grounds a customer gathering to seizure each nan details.

At home, your telephone would travel successful useful to grounds typical moments and create memories. Your baby's first words, your kitty's meow, aliases a opus you want to singing and share—you could grounds them all. And if you're an avid gamer, you tin grounds and stock your gameplay too.

Capturing Audio Made Easy With Your Android Phone

As you cognize now, it's easy to grounds outer aliases soul audio connected your Android phone. The built-in recorders aliases an app from nan Play Store is each you need. And if you're not happy pinch nan value of nan built-in mic, you tin ever opt for an affordable outer one.

So, usage immoderate of nan supra methods we discussed present to make sound notes, grounds meetings, aliases seizure typical moments connected your Android phone.

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