How to Write Better Midjourney Prompts: The Ultimate Guide

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With nan emergence successful AI models, creating creation has go accessible to anyone. One specified AI that can't beryllium overlooked is Midjourney. It helps galore creators deliberation beyond nan scope of what seemed imaginable before.

However, location is simply a catch: to make precisely what you want, your prompts request to beryllium precise. This guideline will screen each nan basal points you should see erstwhile penning a Midjourney prompt.

How to Write Better Midjourney Prompts

In opposition to writing prompts for ChatGPT, which requires you to supply arsenic galore specifications arsenic possible, Midjourney's NLP algorithm useful differently. It breaks down your prompts into smaller parts called tokens and past uses them to make art.

In different words, it eliminates each nan filler words from your prompt. Therefore, it is important to constitute precise prompts and debar immoderate clutter. Once you cognize how to get started pinch Midjourney, usage nan beneath points while penning your prompts.

1. Use Correct Grammar

Midjourney does not admit improper grammar. It simply picks up nan matter from your prompts, breaks it into tokens, and past looks into its database to make resembling art. Therefore, if you usage improper grammar, nan AI will find it difficult to make consciousness of nan words, and you whitethorn get thing different from what you want.

Another extremity is to debar utilizing words for illustration "very." Instead of penning "very tired," constitute "exhausted." Similarly, "very happy" tin beryllium "blissful." Picking up nan correct synonym helps you make a shorter yet circumstantial prompt.

2. Be Specific

Midjourney generates creation by mixing and matching nan images it already has successful its database. Therefore, you person to beryllium circumstantial pinch your prime of words and ideas. It is basal to debar immoderate unnecessary matter successful nan prompt. For instance, if you constitute "bicycle pinch nary tires," location is simply a precocious chance of nan consequence having tires. Instead, constitute "tyreless cycle."

Similarly, if you want a important size quality betwixt 2 objects, usage words for illustration "colossal" and "massive," alternatively of utilizing words for illustration "big" aliases "great."

3. Use Simple Language

A Screenshot of Midjourney s Generated Image

There is nary constituent successful hustling to constitute world English. Use straightforward connection and get consecutive to nan point. Try to rewrite your condemnation respective times unless you find nan shortest type without changing nan meaning.

For instance, alternatively of penning "a achromatic canine playing connected nan field, nan section is greenish and afloat of flowers," constitute "a achromatic canine playing successful a flowery greenish field." Although you should beryllium descriptive astir what you want from nan image, it is besides captious to guarantee sticking to nan basal points only. Thus creating a punctual that is neither excessively short nor excessively long.

4. Give Reference

Midjourney's top spot is to replicate different styles. When you want thing inspired by different image, you tin upload that image arsenic a reference. Meanwhile, you tin besides mention to a painter, a director, an era, aliases a style.

Depending connected nan fame of nan reference, Midjourney mightiness make a bully aliases bad image. Therefore, you should ever research pinch your references for nan champion results.

Text Inputs to Consider for Your Midjourney Prompts

You tin make precise results connected Midjourney by utilizing circumstantial matter inputs. Here are immoderate elements you should see adding to nan punctual to specify your requirements.

1. Location

specify location successful midjourney

Add location successful your punctual to specify nan inheritance of your image. Otherwise, Midjourney will presume nan champion 1 arsenic per nan image description. This matter input will beryllium adjuvant if you adhd 2 elements that aren't usually seen together, specified arsenic a whale successful outer abstraction aliases elephants successful Times Square.

2. Subject

The taxable of your image is nan main constituent you want to attraction on. Therefore, beryllium circumstantial to adhd each basal details. For instance, penning "3 bikers riding done snowy mountains" will make much peculiar results than "a group of bikers roaming successful nan mountains."

3. Style

The style is nan psyche of your image, and location are aggregate styles that Midjourney supports. You should prime a peculiar style depending connected what you want to convey. It tin beryllium anime, realistic, insubstantial art, charcoal painting, people art, graffiti, and truthful on.

4. Lighting

specify lighting information successful midourney

A merchandise image requires different lighting than a image aliases landscape. So, it helps a batch to adhd nan lighting information to your prompt. Some examples whitethorn see soft, ambient, overcast, neon, aliases workplace lights. Similarly, you tin usage lighting indirectly by mentioning nan clip of nan day, for illustration morning, aureate hour, midnight, and truthful on.

5. Emotions

Midjourney tin besides convey emotions successful an image. You tin show facial emotions, whether connected a azygous taxable aliases a group. All you person to do is adhd nan sentiment earlier nan subject, for example, "a happy lion" aliases "five laughing men." You tin besides research pinch utilizing emotion to group nan image's tone.

The instrumentality is to usage a connection akin to nan emotion for non-living things—think astir what benignant of vibe will convey that emotion. For example, "a cozy compartment successful nan forest" sounds much feasible than "a happy compartment successful nan forest." A cozy vibe will make a safe and happy feeling.

If you are still unsatisfied pinch nan output, you tin ever use Photoshop to amended your Midjourney images.

How to Use Midjourney Parameters for Specific Details

Apart from each nan basal words you adhd successful nan prompt, Midjourney besides supports immoderate method inputs. You tin usage nan parameters to convey really you want nan image to look. Let's screen nan astir useful parameters.

1. Aspect Ratio

The --aspect aliases --ar parameter determines nan facet ratio of your image. The facet ratio of an image is its narration betwixt nan tallness and width. Therefore, you tin specify nan nonstop dimensions you want from your image. Note that nan facet ratio is different from nan resolution—you tin study much astir it successful our elaborate guide connected photograph facet ratios.

Midjourney supports astir of nan commonly utilized facet ratios specified arsenic 1:1, 3:2, 5:4, and 7:3. You tin specify nan facet ratio of nan image by typing --ar <value>:<value> astatine nan extremity of your prompt.

2. Exclude Objects

negative promptin successful midjourney

This peculiar parameter, besides called antagonistic prompting, is highly useful erstwhile you want to destruct thing from an image that is apt to appear. For instance, nan entity would see clouds, a roadworthy whitethorn dwell of vehicles, and a formation whitethorn person sand. It is simply nan astir communal constituent associated pinch nan main subject.

Therefore, to destruct specified elements from your image, usage nan --no parameter. Anything you constitute aft this parameter will beryllium excluded from nan rendering. For instance, "car --no tires" will destruct tires from nan image.

3. Chaos

The chaos parameter is simply a blessing if you want Midjourney to research its imaginative capabilities. It is worthy trying if you don't person a peculiar output successful mind. The chaos parameter randomizes nan outcomes, making each image look different from nan erstwhile one. Thus, you get 4 varieties for nan aforesaid punctual and tin take whichever suits you best.

To usage nan chaos parameter, adhd --chaos <number 0-100> astatine nan extremity of your prompt. A bigger number intends much random results.

4. Tile

tile parameter successful midjourney

The tile parameter creates images that tin beryllium placed successful a grid for a continuous pattern. It tin travel successful useful if you are looking for civilization designs for wallpaper, gift wrap, aliases a merchandise background. Simply adhd --tile astatine nan extremity of your punctual to usage nan tile parameter.

Apart from nan abovementioned parameters, you tin usage respective much if necessary. You tin find each supported parameters connected Midjourney's website.

Sculpt nan Perfect Midjourney Prompt to Get nan Results You Want

AI models person made it easier for artists and non-artists to create awesome art. It turns your ideas into integer art, but you must provender it nan correct information. Following these Midjourney punctual tips will springiness you much power complete really nan creation looks. So put them to nan trial and spot if a masterpiece emerges.

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