Your iPhone 15 Pro can now capture spatial video for the Vision Pro

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When Apple unveiled nan Vision Pro headset, it explained that you’d beryllium capable to seizure alleged spatial videos for nan instrumentality utilizing an iPhone 15 Pro aliases iPhone 15 Pro Max. Yet you’ve not been capable to do that pinch either of nan best iPhones presently disposable – until now.

That’s because Apple has conscionable launched iOS 17.2 beta 2, and pinch it comes nan expertise to grounds 3D spatial videos. That intends you tin commencement prepping videos for nan headset utilizing conscionable your iPhone and its main and ultra wide cameras; nary fancy instrumentality necessary.

Of course, you can’t really spot these videos successful their intended 3D situation yet, because nan Vision Pro hasn’t launched – it’s not expected until immoderate clip successful early 2024.

But what you tin do is commencement filming videos fresh to beryllium utilized successful 3D apps built utilizing Apple’s frameworks, for illustration RealityKit. So, if you’ve sewage your bosom group connected building a Vision Pro app that integrates 3D video, you tin get started much aliases little correct away.

A sensation of things to come

Apple Vision Pro spatial video

(Image credit: Apple)

To alteration spatial video seizure connected an iPhone, you’ll evidently request to beryllium moving iOS 17.2 beta 2. Once you are, unfastened nan Settings app and prime Camera, past alteration nan Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro toggle.

Now, nan adjacent clip you unfastened nan Camera app, location will beryllium a Spatial action for video recording. Just commencement filming and your iPhone will do each nan basal legwork to make nan video 3D-enabled.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple says video captured successful this measurement will beryllium recorded astatine 1080p and 30fps, and that a infinitesimal of spatial footage filmed this measurement will return up astir 130MB of space. Better make judge you person plentifulness of free retention earlier you start.

When nan Vision Pro yet makes it onto shelves, you’ll besides beryllium capable to seizure videos utilizing nan headset itself, too. For now, though, you’re constricted to a caller high-end iPhone, but it seems to beryllium a sensation of thing greater.

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