You No Longer Need Prime for Amazon Grocery Deliveries

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Get accelerated market transportation from aggregate stores, moreover without a Prime membership.

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Amazon Fresh quickly delivers groceries, pet supplies, and much correct to your location from aggregate stores. Now, it's disposable to everyone, moreover if you don't person an Amazon Prime membership.

Earlier this year, Amazon started testing a aviator program offering its accelerated "under 2-hour" market transportation programme for those without Prime, but only successful prime cities. You still person to salary a transportation interest for illustration akin services, but nan truth that it's coming from Amazon Fresh market stores and a fewer different participating retailers, each successful nether 2 hours without a rank astatine all, makes this a beautiful large deal.

Now, Amazon tin amended compete pinch InstaCart, Walmart, and moreover DoorDash, arsenic nan work is opening up to anyone and everyone. According to nan property release, Amazon Fresh market transportation aliases in-store pickup is wholly subscription-free. The action is disposable successful much than 3,500 cities passim nan United States.

"We're ever looking for ways to make market shopping easy, fast, and affordable for each of our customers. Now, each customers tin bid groceries online for transportation aliases pickup from Amazon Fresh successful nan U.S., pinch Whole Foods Market coming soon – moreover if they don't person a Prime membership. This marks different measurement successful Amazon's travel to build a best-in-class market shopping acquisition offering unthinkable selection, value, and convenience," said Claire Peters, Vice President, Amazon Fresh.

More importantly, nan database of stores is expanding. You'll beryllium capable to get accelerated deliveries from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, Bristol Farms, Cardenas Market, Pet Food Express, Weis Market, and Save Mart, each wrong nan two-hour limit. Then, successful prime regions, you tin opt for a wider 6-hour transportation model astatine a reduced interest aliases expedited transportation for a fewer much dollars.

Depending connected your bid size, non-Prime members will salary anyplace from $7.95 to $13.95 successful transportation fees. Those pinch Amazon Prime will salary less, truthful it's still worthy a rank for nan different benefits, but this is an fantabulous action for those trying to trim spending. In closing, Amazon said it'll slow grow nan work to each Whole Foods locations. So, while it whitethorn not beryllium instantly disposable successful your area, cheque backmost successful a fewer weeks.

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