You Can Still Post Carousels to LinkedIn With This Workaround

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While LinkedIn has retired its carousels feature, you tin still get this effect connected your posts pinch a workaround.

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Carousels are descent decks that incorporate contented connected circumstantial aliases wide topics. On LinkedIn, they person go 1 of nan champion ways to stock contented pinch your audience.

Although LinkedIn has discontinued this feature, there's a workaround for posting carousels connected LinkedIn. Here's how...

1. Design a Slide Deck

To get started, you’ll request a third-party creation instrumentality to create a descent deck. A cleanable illustration is Canva, but you tin besides research AI-based devices for illustration If you determine to usage Canva, you’ll person entree to free carousel templates to simplify nan creation process. You tin besides study how to usage nan Canva app to make this measurement smoother.

Canva LinkedIn Templates

Next, you’ll request to break down your contented according to nan number of slides you want. Fill your contented into each descent and guarantee it looks good. You tin besides research other creation features if you want much flare successful nan slides.

Designing A Carousel On Canva

When you decorativeness creating contented for each descent and are satisfied pinch nan outlook, prevention nan document. To prevention your descent platform arsenic a PDF, click connected nan Download icon successful nan apical correct area and prime Download. Click connected nan record type section and prime PDF Standard. Before you yet download, you tin prevention nan download settings by checking nan Save Download Settings checkbox.

2. Create a LinkedIn Post

Now that you person your PDF record saved to your device, you tin spell connected LinkedIn and create a caller post. To create one, click connected nan Post icon successful nan taskbar below. After, click connected nan three-dot icon you find below, past prime Document.

3. Upload nan Document Containing nan Slide Deck

After clicking Document, you'll find nan descent platform PDF connected your caller files. If you don't, you tin participate a hunt to find nan document.

When you upload nan document, LinkedIn will automatically person it into a carousel format. You tin skim done nan slides to make judge they are arranged properly.

4. Write a Title and Caption

Before you station a carousel, LinkedIn requires you to adhd a title that concisely describes your document. You'll find a Title conception supra nan carousel. Write a short clause aliases condemnation that covers nan station idea. When you finish, click Next.

After giving your carousel a title, you person nan action to constitute a caption connected nan carousel. It's usually champion believe to create a short write-up that introduces nan carousel to readers.

5. Publish It aliases Schedule It for Later

You're now group to stock your carousel pinch your audience. You tin either station it instantly aliases schedule nan station for erstwhile you want it to spell live. To schedule, click connected nan icon beside nan station conception and group nan clip you want.

Carousel Post connected LinkedIn

You tin besides enable creator mode connected LinkedIn to alteration much features to scope a wider audience.

There are respective usage cases which a carousel is champion suited for. For example, you should usage a carousel to item manufacture trends, stock thought leadership, aliases thatch your users to do something. Using a graphical attack to talk topics makes reference and engaging pinch your station easier for your audience.

Similarly, you tin usage carousels to compile customer stories, lawsuit studies, and marque ideas. It’s a awesome trading instrumentality to showcase a caller product, repurpose blog content, aliases beforehand an offer. So, create yours today!


Q: Do Carousel Posts Do Better connected LinkedIn?

Carousel posts thin to do amended than regular posts, arsenic these posts thief you guidelines retired successful your audience's provender and seizure their attention. These posts fto users observe much accusation by swiping connected your post.

Q: How Do I Post Multiple Pictures connected LinkedIn?

You tin station aggregate pictures connected LinkedIn by composing a caller post, selecting nan "Add Media" option, and choosing aggregate images from your computer. After you've added your photos, people your station truthful your assemblage tin spot it.

Q: How Do I Maximize My LinkedIn Post Views?

Some of nan ways to maximize your LinkedIn station views are creating engaging and authentic content, publishing your contented regularly, utilizing due hashtags, adding applicable group to your network, and utilizing nan carousel station format.

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