You Can Safely Disable or Uninstall These Pre-Installed Apps on Samsung Phones

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Samsung Galaxy phones travel pinch a batch of apps pre-installed. But which ones are okay to disable aliases uninstall? Here's what you request to know.

Removing apps you cognize you are not going to usage is 1 of nan first things you should do erstwhile mounting up a caller Android phone. This is particularly existent for Galaxy devices since they travel pinch truthful galore pre-installed Samsung apps.

In this article, we're listing down nan communal Samsung and Google apps that you tin safely uninstall aliases disable connected your Galaxy telephone to prevention storage, artillery life, and processing power. You tin easy find these apps successful nan App paper successful your instrumentality settings.

Samsung Apps That Can Be Uninstalled

One of nan worst things astir Samsung phones is nan number of bloatware apps that travel pre-installed connected your device. While immoderate of them are rather useful, a batch of them don't really supply overmuch worth and you're amended disconnected uninstalling them.

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Here are nan Samsung apps that you tin uninstall from your Galaxy device:

  • Samsung Internet
  • Samsung Members
  • Samsung Music
  • Samsung Kids
  • Bixby Dictation
  • Game Booster Plus
  • Health Platform
  • Samsung Health
  • Samsung Notes Add-ons
  • Smart Switch
  • Samsung Translator
  • Voice Recorder

Uninstalling these apps won't wreck your phone, but location are immoderate useful pre-installed Samsung apps that you mightiness want to see keeping.

Samsung Apps That Can Be Disabled

Some Samsung apps are built into nan strategy itself and can't beryllium uninstalled, but you tin still disable them. This way, they don't tally successful nan inheritance wasting your artillery life, RAM, and processing power. In addition, you tin hide apps you don't use from nan Home surface aliases app drawer.

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Here are nan Samsung apps that you tin disable connected your Galaxy device:

  • AR Doodle
  • AR Emoji
  • AR Emoji Stickers
  • AR Emoji Editor
  • Bixby Voice
  • Calendar
  • Game Launcher
  • Link to Windows
  • My Galaxy
  • OneDrive
  • Samsung Checkout
  • Samsung Max
  • Samsung Shop
  • Samsung Visit In

Google Apps That Can Be Removed

Alongside nan Samsung apps, you tin besides region immoderate Google apps without worrying whether doing truthful will harm your phone. Since Google controls Android, galore Google apps are tied very intimately to nan Android strategy astatine ample and should hence not beryllium tampered with.

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For instance, you should astir apt not region important apps specified arsenic Google, Maps, Gmail, Photos, Chrome, Drive, and Google Play Services. But you tin easy uninstall aliases disable nan pursuing apps if they are of nary usage to you:

  • Google Play Games
  • Google News
  • Google Play Services for AR
  • Google Translate
  • Speech Services by Google

Get Rid of Apps You Don't Use

While Android phones from different manufacturers specified arsenic Google, Asus, aliases Motorola travel pinch mostly cleanable software, Samsung's One UI is filled pinch each kinds of apps that you whitethorn not find useful and should hence uninstall aliases disable.

And remember, speech from pre-installed bloatware, you nary uncertainty person a batch of different apps that you should uninstall from your telephone to make it activity much smoothly and prevention storage.

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