XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster Review: Clean With the Click of a Button

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Key Takeaways

  • The XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is simply a well-designed and all-purpose cleaning tool, featuring a metallic building and a assortment of attachments.
  • It offers powerful aerial compression and tin efficaciously region dust, hair, and packaging debris pinch its precocious RPM.
  • Though it is simply a spot noisy and whitethorn beryllium difficult to transport, nan XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is simply a sustainable replacement to cans of compressed aerial and is highly recommended for photography purposes and predominant cleaning needs.

I return a batch of pictures for reviews, and particulate is nan bane of my existence. I look astatine what would beryllium nan cleanable shot, but nan merchandise is surrounded by loose hairs, specs of dust, and packaging debris. You could usage a can of compressed air, aliases you could usage nan XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster.

I'm nary alien to nan cans of compressed aerial you tin get astatine Walmart for astir $8 a canister, but location are a fewer unfortunate realities to this solution. XPOWER's A-2 Electric Air Duster solves problems successful price, sustainability, performance, and powerfulness erstwhile it comes to showing particulate nan measurement out.

XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster

Weight 2.3lbs (1.04kg)

Battery Type Wired

Cord length 10ft (3.05m)

Volts/Cycle 120V/60Hz

Airflow 90CFM

RPM 35,000 (mode 1), 40,000 (mode 2)


  • Premium in-hand feel
  • Powerful aerial compression
  • Variety of nozzles for different scenarios
  • Sustainable solution


  • Loud
  • Can beryllium reliable to transport
  • Nozzle attachment process could usage polish
The XPOWER Electric Air Duster pinch utilizing an adapter and nan precision brushwood tipHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

The XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is simply a small-to-medium-sized metallic appliance that reminds maine of a beverage kettle; it has a nozzle connected 1 broadside and a grip connected nan other. Looking nan electrical duster over, you travel to spot that nary constituent is location by mistake, and nary portion is simply a discarded of space. Everything connected nan A-2 Electric Air Duster serves a intent successful creating a tin cleaning machine.

The grip features a thumb-sized divot adjacent nan top, giving you an easy measurement to position your manus and helping to offset immoderate of nan XPOWER A-2 duster's 2.3lbs (1.04kg) weight. Small feet connected nan bottommost of nan instrumentality let nan washable select to artifact debris from getting sucked in, and they besides make it easy to shop nan duster opinionated up.

A fewer inches supra and down nan feet is nan 10ft (~3m) powerfulness cord, which makes maneuvering nan duster a breeze. Not to mention, you tin ever connect it to an hold cord if you request much length.

The XPOWER A-2 duster's nozzle is location to a number of attachments that make cleaning successful different situations for illustration hard-to-reach corners aliases wide areas overmuch easier, different positive complete accepted canned air. My only gripe present is nan method for attaching nan nozzles to nan duster itself; each you person to do is push consecutive in, which is bully for simplicity, but not reassuring for structural security's sake. Perhaps a twist-to-lock system would activity good successful a caller version.

Nozzles and Attachments

XPOWER Electric Air Duster surrounded by attachments and nozzlesHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Included Nozzles and Attachments:

  • 1x Standard Nozzle
  • 1x Air Blade Nozzle
  • 1x Focusing Nozzle
  • 1x Standard Brush Attachment
  • 1x Detail Brush Attachment
  • 1x Straw Adapter
  • 1x Tampered Flow Nozzle
  • 1x Air Pump Adapter Set (Wide Valve Adapter, Boston Valve Adapter, Stem Valve Adapter)

Opening up nan included carrying pouch, you'll find 4 nozzles and a assortment of attachments successful different shapes and sizes. The modular cone nozzle is simply a catchall and tin beryllium utilized successful astir situations. This is what I utilized nan mostly of nan time.

The Air Blade nozzle, connected nan different hand, is amended for wide sweeping motions (I utilized it to clear nan loose twigs and leaves disconnected of nan area extracurricular my doorstep).

That's nan beauty of prime and disposable selection: erstwhile you request nan nozzle aliases attachment, popular it connected and get to work.

Effectiveness and Uses: Eat My Dust!

Using nan XPOWER Electric Air Duster to particulate a Creality 3D printerHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Who cares really it's designed if it doesn't do what it's expected to? Thankfully, I tin attest to nan XPOWER Electric Air Duster's valiant dust-displacing abilities.

I'm besides pleased to study a multitude of usage cases---you tin move nan XPOWER duster connected for nan evident home-surface dusting, but it's besides a useful instrumentality for cleaning betwixt your keyboard's keys, freshening up nan level of your car, aliases blowing up an aerial mattress for starlit camping nights (if you person a powerfulness position for illustration nan Anker 767 pinch you).

The powerfulness move connected nan XPOWER Electric Air DusterHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Pop nan correct nozzle for your business connected nan end, plug it in, and flip nan XPOWER Electric Air Duster on. Starting pinch nan first powerfulness level, you'll announcement immoderate astonishing aerial pressure. This mode is useful for dusting surfaces for illustration desks and countertops.

Upping to nan 2nd powerfulness level, you'll perceive and consciousness rather a spot much unit than connected nan level below. This is awesome for high-pressure tasks for illustration inflating mattresses aliases cleaning car and structure aliases pavilion floors.

There is 1 downside to this powerfulness that you conscionable can't get around, though: noise. Turning nan XPOWER duster connected for nan first time, my first guidance was to flip it disconnected instantly because "whoa, that's loud." Once you're expecting it, nan sound settles into "understandable annoyance" levels.

I utilized nan XPOWER Electric Air Duster for a number of nan usage cases discussed above, and speech from having excessively overmuch nosy while cleaning, I ne'er thought, "I wish I had a tin of compressed aerial alternatively correct now." No dust, hair, aliases packaging worldly stood a chance against nan 35,000+ RPM nan XPOWER duster is tin of.

At conscionable complete $50, nan A-2 isn't nan azygous astir affordable electrical duster connected nan market, but it doesn't consciousness for illustration nan cheapest merchandise available, either. And, considering a azygous tin of compressed aerial astatine Walmart and Office Depot costs astir $8, nan XPOWER Electric Air Duster will salary for itself without creating metallic and integrative discarded successful nan process.

Should You Buy nan XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster?

The XPOWER Electric Air Duster successful beforehand of compressed aerial cansHannah Stryker / How-To Geek

If you return a batch of pictures you wish didn't characteristic particulate aliases loose hairs, aliases if you're spending dollars connected dollars connected compressed aerial cans, I highly urge nan XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster. It's powerful, sustainable, and comes pinch a number of attachments for conscionable astir immoderate cleaning aliases inflating business you whitethorn encounter.

Keep successful mind nan sound level; it's not a quiet machine. However, it's understandable erstwhile you see nan benignant of unit output you get. It tin besides beryllium reliable to carrier successful a wearable container owed to its weight and shape, but it's decidedly not intolerable to return pinch you successful a car.

Overall, I deliberation nan XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster is an fantabulous instrumentality if you request it, and unnecessary if you don't (after all, you could conscionable usage a standard feather duster for play location cleaning). However, if you request it, you tin ditch compressed aerial cans and prime an XPOWER A-2 up coming successful a myriad of colour options for $54. And for $117, you tin get a battery-operated XPOWER duster that ditches nan powerfulness cord.

XPOWER A-2 Electric Air Duster
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