Xbox Series X vs. Gaming PC: How Do They Compare?

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Xbox vs. PC is simply a chat that sparks each clip a caller procreation Xbox comes to nan light. With nan Xbox Series X starring this procreation of Microsoft's gaming consoles, it is yet again thing to deliberation about.

This is particularly existent considering that you whitethorn not beryllium capable to get your hands connected 1 easily. If you are reference this later, you whitethorn not person a problem pinch that.

Here, we shall comparison nan Xbox Series X to a gaming PC based connected important factors to thief you make nan eventual determination of which 1 to get.

Things to Keep successful Mind When Comparing Xbox to PC

While this article intends to supply you pinch basal pointers, you will person to support a fewer things successful mind:

  • The pricing for Xbox Series X console and PC components tin alteration pinch clip and country.
  • The readiness of nan console and graphics paper for a gaming PC is different deciding factor.

Now, pinch that successful mind, fto america locomotion done immoderate important points comparing nan Xbox Series X and a gaming PC.

Xbox Series X vs. Gaming PC: Which Is Better?

Both nan Xbox and a gaming PC person a batch to offer, but which 1 comes retired connected apical erstwhile comparing nan two? Let's look astatine nan cardinal factors you should see erstwhile deciding whether to bargain an Xbox aliases a gaming PC.

The Xbox and PC Game Ecosystem

It is not conscionable nan hardware that you interact with, you should besides see nan readiness of games and nan pricing of titles.

While Xbox Game Pass offers sizeable worth for some PC and console, nan guidelines subscription for PC includes an other EA Play subscription. To entree EA titles connected your Xbox console, you will person to opt for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

A promotional image featuring nan Xbox Game Pass logoImage Credit: Xbox

Xbox Game Pass offers plentifulness of games and discounts connected some platforms. So, if you trust connected Xbox Game Pass alone, some offers are of a akin value, pinch a flimsy separator to PC subscribers.

However, you are restricted to nan Microsoft shop aliases nan shelves of your section crippled shop erstwhile purchasing games for nan Xbox Series X.

With a gaming PC, you tin entree a assortment of different crippled stores, for illustration Steam and Epic Games, that characteristic monolithic collections of games pinch regular deals and moreover free games. Furthermore, location are endless possibilities for caller subscriptions and services successful nan adjacent future, considering you do not trust connected a azygous company, dissimilar nan Xbox Series X.

Xbox and PC Hardware Capabilities

The Xbox Series X is simply a tin console that features an 8-core Zen 2-based AMD processor pinch AMD's RDNA 2 architecture-powered GPU, providing 52 compute units.

Xbox Series X specs are almost balanced to a Ryzen 7 3700X desktop processor paired pinch Radeon RX 6800 aliases Nvidia RTX 3070. So, nan Xbox Series X graphics prowess is awesome capable for 4K gaming and 120 FPS acquisition connected paper.


Of course, nan capacity depends connected nan type of crippled you play. So, you should not expect a fully-fledged 4K gaming acquisition pinch 120 frames for each games.

A gaming PC pinch that specification whitethorn not beryllium capable for fully-fledged 4K gaming either, but you get nan action to utilize DLSS to springiness fund PCs top-end graphics aliases use AMD's Fidelity FX Super Resolution to amended nan performance. But, you whitethorn beryllium capable to acquisition amended connected nan console for its optimization.

However, if you see a high-end gaming PC, you tin easy get to acquisition more.

Xbox and PC Price

Building a high-end gaming PC is surely an costly endeavor. If you want each constituent of your strategy to beryllium top-notch, nan sky's nan limit. You tin moreover extremity up purchasing a ~$700 PC furniture conscionable for its aesthetics.

It is important erstwhile building a PC, however, to make judge you're not overpaying for nan components.

It takes a important magnitude of investigation to group up a bully gaming rig. You tin take to acquisition a pre-built gaming strategy from NZXT and others for convenience, but nan Xbox Series X is importantly cheaper for its gaming capabilities and hassle-free one-unit purchase.

Xbox Series X and Gaming PC Upgrade Options

It is important to understand whether you want to upgrade your strategy aft a fewer years aliases conscionable acquisition a caller one.


If you see getting a PC, you tin easy upgrade it. In fact, you tin prime to upgrade immoderate constituent separately, which is simply a monolithic advantage for longevity. For instance, if your gaming PC capacity is not satisfactory aft a fewer years, you tin simply take to upgrade nan graphics paper while keeping nan remainder intact.

However, you get constricted upgrade choices pinch Xbox Series X. You tin only upgrade nan retention abstraction and not nan spot aliases graphics card. So, successful nan lawsuit of a console, you will request to acquisition a caller Xbox (next-gen) to upgrade. But, a PC upgrade whitethorn prevention you much money complete nan years.

Not to forget, if you already person a mid-range PC that runs decently well, you tin get a fewer caller upgrades (like a caller graphics card) to measurement up your gaming acquisition wrong a budget. Ultimately, it depends connected your requirements, but for nan astir part, you should beryllium capable to prevention a fewer bucks and respire life into your aged PC.

Xbox Series X and Gaming PC Portability

When it comes to portability, a gaming PC whitethorn not beryllium arsenic convenient arsenic nan Xbox Series X.

Technically, you tin build a mini-ITX gaming strategy that is likewise portable. But, it is simply a challenging task to do it nan correct way.

When it comes to a gaming desktop, you will person to return attraction of nan cooling and nan shape facet for nan components you use. It could extremity up being a disaster if you do not cognize what you are doing.

liquid cooled gaming PC build pinch RGB lighting

Of course, if you want nan eventual portability, a high-end laptop tin beryllium to beryllium amended than nan Xbox Series X, but you whitethorn suffer retired connected nan capacity pinch nan money you spend. Furthermore, a laptop has constricted options for upgrade.

Overall, erstwhile considering a PC, you get choices for portability, but a console is already a portable instrumentality from nan get-go.

Xbox Series X and Gaming PC Warranty and After-Sales

With Xbox Series X, you get a constricted warranty of 1 twelvemonth for nan machine. You tin see extending nan warranty for up to 3 years, but it whitethorn not beryllium disposable astatine each retailers.

In nan lawsuit of a PC, you get a warranty issued for each constituent you purchase. Most of them connection a three-year warranty play and immoderate moreover connection 5 to 10 years of warranty. This is simply a monolithic quality successful position of assurance and longevity.

Of course, nan Xbox Series X whitethorn not neglect for years (in astir cases), but you person nan assurance of getting parts replaced for years to travel successful nan lawsuit of PC components.

Which Should You Go For: An Xbox Series X aliases a Gaming PC?

If you want to attraction connected playing games pinch 4K support and want nan convenience of a console, nan Xbox Series X should beryllium a awesome choice.

But if you want nan expertise to upgrade, entree to much games, and a multi-purpose system, a PC should beryllium your pick.

Both person their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, you will person to measurement up your priorities and prime what is much important for you.

Enjoy Upgrading Your Gaming Experience

There are truthful galore gaming platforms retired there, and they each person a peculiar niche that they fill.

But whether you opt for nan convenience of nan Xbox Series X aliases nan powerfulness and customization opportunities that a gaming PC tin springiness you, remainder assured that you will person an unthinkable clip gaming connected either of these astonishing platforms.

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