Windows Web Experience Pack: What It Is and How to Update It

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Do you support stumbling upon an introduction called “Windows Web Experience Pack” while browsing nan Microsoft Store Library successful Windows 11? It’s not an app (you can’t unfastened it), and nan shop page—surprisingly—doesn’t supply specifications astir its intent isolated from listing Microsoft arsenic nan publisher. Although that mightiness easiness your concerns astir its authenticity, it besides raises an important question:

What is nan Windows Web Experience Pack, and why is it connected your PC? We’ll explicate what it is, what it does, and why you should return nan clip to support it up-to-date.

What Is nan Windows Web Experience Pack?

If you’ve utilized Windows 11, moreover briefly, you whitethorn person noticed that it displays upwind accusation to nan near of nan taskbar. What’s not evident is that it besides doubles arsenic nan Widgets button. When you click connected it, a committee consisting of aggregate widgets pops up.

Along pinch moreover much weather-related details, you get a bunch of different widgets for illustration Stocks and Photos, including trending news articles that unfastened via Microsoft Edge. The widgets committee successful Windows 11 is customizable—you tin grow it to capable nan full screen, region and rearrange widgets, and personalize nan news.

The driving unit down nan widgets committee is—you guessed it—the Windows Web Experience Pack. Microsoft has chosen a modular way alternatively than straight integrating widgets into nan Windows OS, arsenic was done pinch nan News and Interests widget successful Windows 10.

This attack enables Microsoft to reside issues and present improvements without pushing retired awesome updates to nan operating strategy via Windows Update. Instead, newer versions are delivered done nan Microsoft Store, allowing faster and much reliable releases.

Should You Update nan Windows Web Experience Pack?

Right now, nan superior intent of nan Windows Web Experience Pack is to heighten your widgets acquisition successful Windows 11. Although Microsoft hasn’t divulged details, it astir apt plans to usage it to powerfulness further web-based components wrong nan personification interface.

If you want to usage nan widgets aliases get your hands connected immoderate caller features that trust connected nan exertion arsenic soon arsenic they go available, it’s basal to support nan Windows Web Experience Pack up-to-date. You must besides cheque for updates if Windows’ widget features spell missing, neglect to function, aliases consequence successful precocious representation and CPU usage.

Even if you aren’t keen connected Windows 11’s widgets, updating nan Windows Web Experience Pack is still a bully idea. Although it’s not portion of nan operating strategy successful nan accepted sense, it’s a important constituent that could lead to problems if near obsolete.

How to Update nan Windows Web Experience Pack

By default, nan Microsoft Store automatically updates nan Windows Web Experience Pack whenever Microsoft releases newer versions. However, if auto-updates are disabled, you tin update it manually. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Start menu, type Microsoft Store, and prime Open.
  1. Select Library successful nan lower-left area of nan window.
  1. Select Get updates. If there’s an update for Windows Web Experience Pack, prime nan Update fastener adjacent to it.

You tin besides re-enable automatic updates via nan Microsoft Store app settings to guarantee Windows 11 runs nan latest type of nan Windows Web Experience Pack astatine each times. To do that:

  1. Select your Microsoft Account’s floor plan image connected nan apical correct of nan Microsoft Store model and take App Settings.
  1. Enable nan move adjacent to App updates.

How to Remove and Reinstall nan Windows Web Experience Pack

Suppose you brushwood issues pinch web components wrong nan Windows 11 personification interface (chiefly nan widgets board) contempt having nan Windows Web Experience Pack up to date. In that case, you must region and reinstall nan constituent to norm retired corruption issues.

The operating strategy does not let you to uninstall nan Windows Web Experience Pack via nan Apps & Features console, truthful you must trust connected an elevated Windows PowerShell console for its removal.

Here’s how:

  1. Right-click nan Start button, select Terminal (Admin), and take Yes connected nan User Account Control pop-up.
  1. Copy and paste nan pursuing bid and property Enter:

winget uninstall “windows web acquisition pack

Note: If prompted, property Y to corroborate you want to region nan Windows Web Experience Pack.

  1. Exit Windows PowerShell and restart your computer. Then, sojourn nan Microsoft Store, hunt for nan Windows Web Experience Pack, and prime Install.

Alternatively, re-open nan Windows Terminal and execute either of nan commands beneath to reinstall nan Windows Web Experience Pack:

  • winget instal “windows web acquisition pack
  • winget uninstall –id 9MSSGKG348SP

Note: If you take not to reinstall nan Windows Web Experience Pack, you’ll suffer entree to nan widgets board, including immoderate different linked features. We do not urge that since that could destabilize nan desktop personification interface.

  1. Copy and paste nan pursuing bid beneath into Windows PowerShell to re-register nan Windows Web Experience Pack pinch Windows 11:

Get-AppXPackage *WebExperience* -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  1. Restart your Windows PC again. To re-enable nan Widgets button, right-click a vacant area wrong nan taskbar, prime Taskbar settings, and alteration nan move adjacent to Widgets.

Keep nan Windows Web Experience Pack Up-to-Date successful Windows 11

The Windows Web Experience Pack is what allows Microsoft to quickly update web components for illustration Windows 11’s widgets committee without merging them pinch nan latest Windows characteristic updates. That’s bully since accepted updates often return excessively agelong to complete, create further problems, aliases neglect outright. Keeping it abstracted from nan larger operating strategy besides makes troubleshooting related issues easier.

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