Windows 11 Is Removing Another System App

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Spring cleaning, but successful November.

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Microsoft has been doing immoderate heavy cleaning successful Windows complete nan past fewer months. The institution has deprecated aliases removed respective applications that came pinch Windows 11, because they're not utilized by astir group aliases they're being replaced for thing else. Two notable casualties see WordPad and nan Tips app, and now nan institution is deprecating yet different Windows 11 app.

You mightiness not beryllium acquainted pinch Steps Recorder. It's a very aged inferior (our article explaining really to usage it was published successful 2009, 14 years ago) that's really a surface recorder of sorts. It's useful for signaling your surface while you recreate a problem pinch your PC, explaining nan basal steps to reproduce nan issue. From there, Steps Recorder will create an MHTML record pinch a rundown of nan steps to reproduce nan issue, arsenic good arsenic embedded screenshots and a video. This makes it easy to stock pinch others, truthful they tin look complete nan full point and usage it arsenic reference, arsenic good arsenic letting them reproduce nan rumor themselves. It's a very niche tool, but 1 that could beryllium useful for bug fixing and troubleshooting.

Steps Recorder screenshot

The instrumentality has been laying debased complete nan past respective years. It's not accessible from nan Start paper — successful bid to unfastened it, you request to either type "psr.exe" connected your hunt bar, aliases execute it from nan "Run" inferior (Windows + R). Even then, nan app itself looks abandoned, hardly pursuing Windows 10's creation language. Starting successful nan latest Windows 11 Insider build, Steps Recorder now shows a banner guiding users to other, much modern alternatives, specified arsenic nan Snipping Tool, nan Xbox Game Bar, and Microsoft Clipchamp. At immoderate constituent aft that, Microsoft whitethorn region it entirely, but there's nary nationalist timeline for that.

None of nan recommended devices are nonstop replacements for Steps Recorder, but signaling your surface pinch Snipping Tool and describing nan steps will springiness you almost nan aforesaid result. Given really hidden Steps Recorder already was successful Windows, it's improbable galore group were still utilizing it, truthful it will soon meet the aforesaid destiny arsenic Internet Explorer.

Source: Microsoft

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