Windows 11 Can Now Open RAR Files Without Third-Party Software

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By Linda | Follow | Last Updated November 10, 2023

Windows 11 has added nan autochthonal RAR support. You tin get this characteristic erstwhile you instal nan Windows 11 KB5031455 update. This station from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to unfastened RAR files connected Windows 11.

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How to Open RAR Files connected Windows 11

At nan Microsoft Build developer’s convention successful May 2023, Microsoft announced that it would adhd autochthonal RAR support to Windows 11. After nan conference, Microsoft did adhd this characteristic to nan preview build for users to test.

Now, nan trial is yet over. Microsoft has rolled retired this characteristic to each Windows users successful nan KB5031455 update released connected October 31, 2023. You tin get this update from nan Windows Update characteristic aliases download and instal it manually from nan Windows Update Catalog website.

As agelong arsenic you person installed this update, you tin unfastened RAR files Windows 11 without immoderate third-party package anymore. How to do that? Here are 2 ways.

#1. Right-click nan RAR record and take Extract All.

#2. Open File Explorer, find nan RAR file, and click Extract all connected nan ribbon.

Then, you request to prime a spot to prevention nan extracted folder.

extract RAR Windows 11

Do You Need WinRAR Still?

WinRAR is simply a trialware record archiver inferior for Windows, developed by Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH. It tin create and position archives successful RAR aliases ZIP record formats, and unpack galore archive record formats.

Before nan KB5031455 update, you request to bargain this package to extract aliases unpack RAR files. Now that Windows 11 has autochthonal RAR support, do you request to bargain WinRAR still?

One point you request to cognize is that Windows 11’s support for nan RAR format is constricted to decompression. It cannot straight create RAR-compressed packages. Therefore, if you request to create RAR files aliases compress files to nan RAR format, you still request WinRAR Windows 11.

If Windows 11 autochthonal RAR support doesn’t activity suddenly, you tin besides usage different record compression devices for illustration WinRAR, 7 Zip, WinZip, and truthful connected to unfastened RAR files Windows 11.

How to unfastened RAR files connected Windows 11 utilizing these tools? The process is almost nan same.

  1. Download and instal a RAR record extractor of your choice.
  2. Open nan location of your RAR file, and right-click connected it.
  3. Look for a discourse paper that is associated pinch your RAR record extractor.
  4. Hover your rodent complete nan extractor option, and take “Open” aliases “Extract here.”
  5. If you take to extract nan file, you tin prime a way to extract nan files to. This whitethorn besides disagree depending connected nan extractor you are using.
  6. If nan RAR record has a password, you request to participate it. Some extractors besides springiness you other choices, for illustration choosing really overmuch compression aliases picking definite files.

Bottom Line

This station shows you really to extract RAR files connected Windows 11. If you person different methods, stock them pinch america successful nan pursuing comment. In addition, MiniTool Partition Wizard is simply a master disk and partition guidance tool. It’s worthy trying.

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