Widgle’s Four Photo-Based Widget Games Deliver Simple, Fun Interactive Diversions

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Widgle is simply a postulation of 4 elemental puzzle games for nan iPhone and iPad that merge pinch your photos. As I mentioned successful relationship pinch Widgetsmith’s Tile game, interactive widgets’ system-imposed fastener and toggle limitation severely constrains nan kinds of games that tin beryllium built arsenic a widget, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still beryllium fun. Widgle’s 4 games, a tile sliding puzzle, a maze, a lights out-style game, and a matching crippled each travel successful mini and ample sizes.

The Tile Slide crippled uses a photograph of your choosing, scrambles nan tiles, and overlays numbers, which tin optionally beryllium turned disconnected successful nan widget’s settings. There’s 1 free space, and by tapping tiles, you tin effort to put them backmost successful nan correct order, reassembling your image. There are 4 grid options, too, a mates of which are only disposable successful nan ample type of nan widget.

Lights On originates pinch 1 of your photos divided into a grid pinch immoderate of nan squares missing. Tapping connected a quadrate inverts nan others astir it, and pinch immoderate observant poking, you tin reassemble your full photograph truthful it includes nary blanks. Like Tile Slide, location are 4 grid size options, pinch 2 exclusive to nan large-sized widget.

Maze Master overlays directional arrows astir nan edges of nan widget, truthful you tin guideline your characteristic done a maze backed by 1 of your photos. There are 3 trouble levels to take from and six different emoji characters available.

Finally, Match Up starts pinch a grid of squares pinch mobility marks successful their centers. Tap squares to uncover nan hidden emoji underneath. Find a matching brace of emoji, and nan squares uncover portion of 1 of your photos.

As I mentioned astatine nan top. Widgle’s games are very elemental classics, but I’ve still enjoyed idly playing pinch them erstwhile I request a break. The inclusion of photos, which tin beryllium picked successful nan main Widgle app, makes each crippled consciousness much personal.

Widgle is disposable connected nan App Store arsenic a free download pinch an In-App Purchase of $1.99 to customize nan puzzle pinch your photos.

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