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Ever since Apple updated its OSes, I’ve been trying a agelong database of widgets. We’ve written astir a batch of them, but location are ever more, truthful I gathered up immoderate further favorites that are worthy trying if you haven’t yet. Let’s person a look.

It should travel arsenic nary astonishment that euphony widgets are 1 of my favourite categories, and I’ve sewage 3 to stock today:


Doppler by Ed Wellbrook is an iPhone and Mac app for group who ain their music. The app tin grip MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, ALAC, and WAV record formats natively and includes extended features for enjoying and managing your euphony collection.

With iOS 17, Doppler has added 2 interactive playback widgets that characteristic medium art, a inheritance that pulls nan ascendant colour from nan album’s artwork, and play/pause and skip guardant and backmost buttons. The iOS app besides includes a StandBy widget. Doppler’s Mac app doesn’t see widgets of its own, but you tin besides power nan iOS app from your Mac’s desktop by utilizing its widget location arsenic agelong arsenic your iPhone is nearby.


Longplay is an album-oriented return connected euphony for nan iPhone and iPad by Adrian Schoenig that I reviewed successful August. One of nan app’s caller features is nan expertise to disagreement your albums into collections. I’ve sewage complete 1,000 albums successful my Apple Music library, truthful collections person go my favourite measurement to adhd a small statement to my library, allowing maine to create groups of albums by genre, mood, aliases existent favorites.

With nan app’s extended group of interactive widgets, you tin show albums successful a grid that’s akin to nan app’s main interface, utilizing small, medium, aliases ample widgets. Then, you tin customize nan widget by picking your full room aliases a collection, whether you want nan bid of albums to alteration from time to day, and whether you want nan widget to show nan sanction of nan postulation they travel from. Tapping connected 1 of nan albums toggles playback. With abstraction for 25 albums connected nan ample type of nan medium grid widget, I’ve recovered it to beryllium cleanable for maintaining a ‘heavy rotation’ postulation of albums that I revisit often. The app besides includes a ‘now playing’ widget that has a fastener pinch a dice connected it for starting a random album.


The top spot of WidgetPod by Aditya Rajveer is nan customizability of its widgets. The app includes small, medium, and ample interactive widgets connected nan iPhone and adds an extra-large type connected nan iPad. In nan main app, you tin creation aggregate versions of each widget size, sticking pinch nan app’s good-looking defaults aliases tweaking things for illustration accent colors, artwork, what happens erstwhile you pat nan widget, and nan accusation listed astir an album. I’m partial to nan default widget style, but location are besides versions that hide artwork altogether, zoom successful connected it, and superimpose nan medium creation connected a slow spinning vinyl record. With playback basics and nan action to show and toggle a song’s liked status, WidgetPod has quickly go my favourite measurement to way and power my euphony listening from my Home Screen.


Soundboards are nosy whether you’re idly tapping retired of boredom aliases request a measurement to inhabit a mini kid for a while. The restitution is contiguous and entertaining. The 2 soundboards I’ve recovered that I for illustration nan champion are Thwip and Klang, some of which connection a assortment of interactive Home Screen and StandBy widgets for playing short sounds.

Thwip, by Rafael Conde, is an iPhone and Apple Watch app that comes pinch 9 built-in sounds. There’s an aerial horn, sad trombone, bell, crickets, and moreover a web shooter. You tin adhd caller sounds from nan Files app, adding a name, color, and icon truthful it fits successful nicely pinch nan different choices. The widgets travel successful small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, but you’ll request to adhd immoderate of your ain sounds to capable retired nan ample and extra-large widgets, which clasp 16 and 32 sound buttons, respectively. Also worthy noting is that Thwip is nan only app I’ve travel crossed that doesn’t connection an iPad type of its app but does connection an extra-large iPad-only widget, which you’ll spot erstwhile nan app is moving successful compatibility mode connected an iPad.

Klang is an iPhone and iPad app that takes a somewhat different approach, utilizing emoji to connection soundboards of animals, instruments, vehicles, and nosy sounds. Like Thwip, you tin adhd your ain sounds, but you tin besides create your ain boards, adding your sounds aliases immoderate of nan built-in ones to them. In all, location are 65 built-in sounds pinch ample categories for illustration animals and vehicles that should support kids engaged and entertained for rather a while.

Greg Pierce’s Tally, nan iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch app for counting things, is simply a earthy fresh for interactive widgets. The app is for counting anything, from keeping people during a crippled to search your reps astatine nan gym. With interactive widgets, nan app now offers small, medium, large, and extra-large widgets that tin increment 1 aliases a group of 2 counts. The counts connected nan widget update immediately, and tapping anyplace other connected nan widget opens nan afloat app to set nan settings of your tally aliases to group up a caller one.

LookUp, nan dictionary app from Vidit Bhargava, is different MacStories favorite that’s made awesome usage of widgets for a while. With interactivity, users tin adhd a ‘Word of nan Day Shuffle’ widget to their Home Screen to rhythm done aggregate words astatine a time, learning arsenic they go. The aforesaid widget besides has a fastener to person nan connection spoken aloud, a bosom fastener to people it arsenic a favorite, and a shuffle fastener for advancing to nan adjacent word, which besides happens if you people a connection arsenic a favourite aliases person it spoken to you. The ‘Word of nan Day’ widget includes buttons to speak a connection and favourite it, but it only changes erstwhile per day. In summation to StandBy widgets, Bhargava besides updated nan Watch type of nan app to lucifer watchOS 10’s creation changes.

One of WaterMinder’s hallmarks is really easy nan app makes it to log what you drink. That’s important because moreover a flimsy magnitude of friction, and you’ll astir apt extremity tracking. With interactive widgets, that search is moreover simpler than before.

There are capable WaterMinder widgets that it’s intolerable to fresh each 1 of them connected moreover a 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s screen, but location are immoderate communal interactivity themes. Several of nan widgets see a information fastener pinch 4 smaller circles wrong of it. Tapping that fastener acts arsenic a toggle, changing a position that tracks your h2o intake to a group of buttons for logging your saved favourite drinks. On immoderate ample and extra-large widgets, there’s room successful nan widget to see those saved drinks without toggling views, but I’m a large instrumentality of nan space-saving action disposable connected nan smaller widgets.

This fall, Funn Media, nan makers of WaterMinder and respective different apps, besides added a brand-new app to their catalog called Widgetive. The app, which useful pinch nan iPhone and iPad, is free pinch ads, aliases you tin subscribe to destruct nan ads, personalize your widgets, and unlock immoderate much precocious widgets.

In a akin vein to Widgetsmith, Widgetive offers a agelong database of what are efficaciously mini apps divided into nan pursuing categories:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Countdowns
  • Games
  • Time Zones
  • Tools
  • Quotes and Jokes

The creation of nan widgets is excellent. Most person a clean, black-and-white look by default but tin beryllium customized pinch a assortment of colors and typefaces for their various elements. So, while galore of nan widgets recovered successful Widgetive tin beryllium recovered successful different apps, I’m gladsome there’s an action that offers a wide assortment of choices successful a azygous app pinch heavy customization.

That’s it for our first sum of iOS 17 widgets – for now. Of course, we’re ever connected nan lookout for caller and absorbing widget implementations and will beryllium backmost pinch moreover much arsenic portion of our accustomed sum of caller and updated apps.

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