Why You Should Avoid Instagram Wrapped

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Just because an app has gone viral that doesn't mean you should download it.

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Wrapped for Instagram claims to springiness you insights connected really galore group person blocked you connected Instagram, on pinch different thigs. However, users person raised superior information concerns astir nan app. Let’s look into why it’s astir apt not a bully thought to download Wrapped for Instagram.

What Is Instagram Wrapped?

Heard of Spotify Wrapped? Similar to really Spotify Wrapped dives into your listening habits, Wrapped for Instagram claims to uncover statistic astir your Instagram usage passim nan year.

Interestingly, Wrapped for Instagram reveals statistic for illustration who your concealed admirers are, your apical friends, nan group who’ve blocked you, really galore group took screenshots of your posts, and your top-performing stories.

Why You Should Avoid Wrapped for Instagram

Although galore societal media platforms for illustration TikTok and YouTube person hopped connected nan bandwagon of displaying statistic astir their integer usage astatine nan extremity of each year, Instagram Wrapped is somewhat different. While Spotify Wrapped, TikTok’s Year connected TikTok, and YouTube Recaps are features rolled retired by their respective apps, Wrapped for Instagram is not owned by Instagram. In fact, it's not moreover associated pinch Instagram’s genitor company, Meta, and is alternatively owned by Wrapped Labs LLC.

Oddly enough, alternatively of a dedicated website for nan app, nan developers person created a Notion page, which documents nan app’s privateness policy. The developers of nan app authorities successful nan privateness argumentation that Wrapped for Instagram uses third-party services that mightiness cod accusation to place you. They besides authorities that while they effort their utmost to protect your individual information, they do not guarantee its security.

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Since nan app is not affiliated pinch Instagram and is owned by a third-party company, it yet intends that you’re apt risking your Instagram relationship by giving your credentials to an unauthorized app.

A fewer users person reported that they were incapable to entree their Instagram accounts and were logged retired soon aft downloading Wrapped and entering their credentials.Some moreover declare to person received phishing emails and received notifications that personification was attempting to reset their societal media passwords.

While there’s nary measurement to cognize for judge really your information is utilized by Wrapped, concerns person besides been raised astir nan accuracy of nan information nan app provides.

For instance, nan app claims to show users really overmuch clip they’ve spent connected Instagram since nan opening of nan year. However, Instagram users each complete Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) noticed that nan estimated clip that they’ve spent connected Instagram according to nan app is not moreover adjacent to nan information connected their device’s surface clip settings. The statistic will besides alteration each clip you log in, which suggests nan app isn't very accurate.

These are nan aforesaid reasons why you should enactment distant from Instagram follower-tracking apps.

Our Advice? Stay Away From Wrapped for Instagram

From what we’ve seen, it seems for illustration nan statistic nan app provides are randomly generated. We powerfully urge staying distant from third-party apps that are not affiliated pinch Instagram aliases Meta, since your login credentials could perchance beryllium compromised. While nan app has managed to get thousands of downloads, it’s not worthy nan consequence of compromising your account.

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