Why You Need to Create More Landing Pages [Data + Tips]

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"I've already sewage immoderate landing pages, truthful why should you make more?" That sounds almost arsenic crazy arsenic saying nan question, “Well I've already sewage immoderate leads, why should I get more?”

create much landing pages

Landing pages are an indispensable portion of marketing. And for each you marketers retired location who person been going inbound for a while, you understand really businesslike they are astatine converting. But are you creating enough of them to really standard your lead procreation efforts? Let‘s find retired why — astatine slightest successful nan lawsuit of landing pages — much is better. And if you’re successful a pinch, jump to nan accusation you need:

  • Why do you request much landing pages?
  • How galore landing pages should you have?
  • Why Do More Landing Pages Get More Leads
  • How to Add More Landing Pages

 How to Build & Optimize Landing Pages

Why You Need More Landing Pages

Landing pages person by being focused and distraction-free, offering circumstantial accusation astir an offer. Limited navigation keeps visitors engaged and focused connected nan goal, avoiding distractions from aggregate links.

To further beryllium that you should adhd much to your website, we surveyed 101 trading and advertizing professionals to study which landing page elements and strategies were astir effective.

how galore landing pages do you person connected your websites?

91% of our surveyed trading and advertizing professionals consciousness affirmative astir conversion shifts aft adding their landing page(s). And nan apical 3 reasons why they judge those conversions happened were because of their team:

  • Marketing (17%)
  • People (11%)
  • Landing Page (9%)

Getting conversions intends your trading squad is combining these 3 parts of their strategy to get results. And while there's nary nonstop fig we tin show you to make, location is capable grounds to backmost up why you should person much landing pages.

How galore landing pages should I have?

According to research, business websites pinch 10-15 landing pages thin to summation conversions by 55% complete business websites pinch little than 10 landing pages.

But it's nary nonstop subject really galore landing pages your business has, that is often reliant connected nan scale, product, aliases work of a business to determine. But aft assessing study and Marketing study data, we tin reason that aggregate landing pages tin beryllium a nett use for your business.

And don‘t deliberation that there’s a ceiling to nan number of landing pages you tin include, successful fact, those pinch more than 40 landing pages summation conversions by complete 500%.

impact of number of landing pages connected lead generation

While astir companies don't spot an increase successful leads erstwhile expanding their full number of landing pages from 1-5 to 6-10, companies do spot a 55% summation successful leads erstwhile expanding their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. And look really that leads scale number spikes moreover much erstwhile a institution has 40 aliases much landing pages connected their website. And here's really it breaks down for B2B and B2C businesses:

number of landing pages connected lead procreation for b2b and b2c companies

While some B2B and B2C companies look to use from having much landing pages, it seems to beryllium moreover much advantageous for B2Bs to deed that 40 landing page threshold.

As you tin see, it‘s difficult to contradict there’s a beautiful beardown relationship betwixt nan number of landing pages you person connected your website and lead generation. But why is this so? Here are 4 bully explanations why nan much landing pages, nan amended nan number of your leads.

Why More Landing Pages Get More Leads

1. More landing pages mean much conversion opportunities.

Quite simply, nan much landing pages you person connected your website, nan much opportunities you person to person tract visitors into leads. There's besides a huge SEO benefit to having much landing pages, which tin person an effect moreover earlier visitors onshore connected your website.

Think astir it: The much landing pages you have, nan much landing pages will beryllium indexed successful search. And if a searcher stumbles upon a hunt consequence that directs them consecutive to 1 of your landing pages, you'll person fundamentally trim retired nan other measurement of a visitant perusing your tract and needing to click connected a call-to-action to get to that aforesaid landing page.

In different words, nan pathway from find to conversion has overmuch little friction. And do you know what happens erstwhile there's little friction? You make more leads.

2. More landing pages mean much variety.

You've each heard that saying, “variety is nan herb of life,” right? Yep — it applies to marketing, too.

Consider it from your visitors‘ perspective. Say you’re visiting a business‘ website, and you surf connected complete to its "Resources" conception (you know, wherever a business mightiness shape each its offers and their respective landing pages). Now let’s besides opportunity that “Resources” page only features 5 — aliases moreover 10, according to nan investigation cited supra — offers because, well, those are nan only offers this peculiar business has available. And possibly nary of those offers really entreaty to you, because good ... there's conscionable not capable variety. So you spell connected your web browsing way, abandoning nan tract without converting connected anything.

The aforesaid point will hap if that business only has CTAs for a fewer offers placed passim your website aliases promoted via their different trading channels. If nary of them tickle your fancy arsenic a visitor, you're astir apt not going to convert.

In a nutshell, don‘t fto this hap to you. Creating much landing pages intends you’ll person a wider assortment of offers for your visitors to person connected and for you to promote.

3. More landing pages intends much trading collateral.

The much landing pages you have, nan much offers you'll person to substance nan remainder of your inbound trading efforts.

Remember, contented is nan bosom and psyche of immoderate successful inbound trading strategy. Without it, you'd person thing to email your contacts, thing to stock pinch your societal media fans and followers, thing to beforehand done your website calls-to-action, thing by which to get recovered and rank for your keywords successful search.

The much offers — and landing pages to location those offers — you have, nan much inbound trading you tin do. And if you‘re wondering really to capable those pages pinch contented fast, cheque retired HubSpot’s run assistant.

hubspot run adjunct for much trading collateral

Get started pinch HubSpot's Free Campaign Assistant

4. More landing pages intends much targeting opportunities.

Segmentation matters — and not conscionable erstwhile it comes to email marketing. When you identify various different purchaser personas and segments wrong your audience, you person nan opportunity to amended entreaty to those different audiences' interests and needs pinch much targeted and applicable offers.

And to leverage this savvy thinking, look it: You request much landing pages. So what people ends up happening for marketers who build up a large arsenal of 40+ landing pages, is they commencement to create much segment-specific contented that, because it's highly applicable to different parts of their audience, is overmuch amended capable to person visitors into leads.

How to Add More Landing Pages

“I get it, I get it: More landing pages is better. But really tin I spell astir cranking retired much of those bad boys?” So gladsome you asked!

1. Invest successful a landing page creation tool.

A large logic why businesses don‘t usage landing pages is because their trading section doesn’t cognize really to group them up, aliases they are excessively overloaded. And if you agree, you request to put successful a instrumentality that enables you to quickly and easy create optimized landing pages.

This involves taking power of your website. Inbound trading requires agility, and immoderate agile marketer would return this first measurement to innovate and improve. Plus, I perceive HubSpot has a beautiful saccharine and easy-to-use Landing Page tool.

 usage hubspot landing page tool

2. Create much offers.

You can‘t conscionable spell astir slapping together a ton of caller landing pages, nary matter really motivated you are to reap those "more is better" results. You’re going to request offers (and good ones, astatine that) to spell on pinch them.

Keep successful mind that landing pages are simply nan gateways for your trading offers, truthful successful bid to summation your site's number of landing pages, you request to summation connection creation, too.

Before you commencement creating caller offers, return a look astatine nan offers you already have, and place wherever you mightiness person immoderate holes. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you person offers to suit prospects astatine each different stage successful your trading and income funnel?
  • Do you person offers successful a assortment of different formats (e.g. webinars vs. ebooks vs. templates vs. videos, etc.)?
  • Do they screen various different topics your target assemblage cares about?

Once you've identified what your holes are, past you tin commencement filling successful nan gaps. To study much astir connection creation, cheque retired this blog station astir really to create trading offers that don't autumn flat.

3. Tweak nan offers you already person to cater to individual personas.

Okay — truthful you‘re going to person to create a bunch much offers to leverage nan lead-gen powerfulness of an summation successful landing pages. But here’s a small redeeming grace: not each of these offers request to beryllium created from scratch. In fact, if you already person a fewer wide offers connected your hands but besides cognize that you person a fewer different purchaser personas that you marketplace to, 1 awesome measurement to summation your number of offers is to tweak your existing offers to cater to each of your different personas.

As you‘re doing this, reposition nan contented and create a landing page that caters to that persona’s individual needs, problems, and interests; set nan offer's formatting, depth, and length; modify connection and tone; and incorporated industry/persona-specific examples.

And erstwhile you person a assortment of persona-specific trading offers, past you tin conception your prospects by persona and nurture them pinch nan correct offers done devices for illustration email marketing, or dynamic CTAs connected your various web pages.

4. Repurpose contented you already have.

While we‘re connected nan taxable of tweaking existing content, don’t place nan truth that location are a batch of different ways to create new offers utilizing contented you already have, redeeming you nan clip and effort of building a brand-new connection from nan crushed up.

More Landing Pages Can Benefit Your Brand

At nan extremity of nan day, you want to supply your customers much ways than 1 to find what they're looking for. By having much offers and landing pages connected your website, you supply much places for customers to onshore and prosecute with.

Editor's note: This article was primitively published successful October 2012 and has since been updated for comprehensiveness.

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