Why Don't Electric Cars Have a Spare Tire?

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Your caller EV astir apt didn't travel pinch a spare tire.

Front trunk unfastened connected a Tesla Model 3.Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Many electrical vehicles, particularly smaller ones for illustration cars and crossover SUVs, don't travel pinch a spare tyre owed to abstraction constraints and concerns astir added weight impacting range.
  • EV tires are designed otherwise from regular gas-powered car tires to grip nan other weight from artillery packs and connection little rolling resistance. This intends that accepted spare tires whitethorn not beryllium suitable for EVs.
  • While spare tires whitethorn not beryllium arsenic basal owed to precocious information features and roadside assistance services offered by galore EVs, it's still a bully thought to beryllium prepared by carrying a tyre repair kit successful your trunk.
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