What You Need to Know About the iPhone 14's Battery Health Issues

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The iPhone 14's artillery wellness seems to beryllium deteriorating faster than erstwhile models.

iPhone 14 Pro connected a desk

Key Takeaways

  • iPhone 14 users person reported important artillery wellness deterioration aft conscionable 1 twelvemonth of normal usage, pinch immoderate experiencing drops arsenic debased arsenic 85 percent.
  • Potential causes see nan always-on show characteristic and wireless charging, which person been observed to effect artillery health.
  • To sphere artillery health, users tin move disconnected nan always-on display, usage Low Power Mode, debar overcharging, and alteration Optimized Battery Charging.

Did you announcement that your iPhone 14 aliases iPhone 14 Pro's artillery wellness deteriorated faster than accustomed aft semipermanent use? You're not alone, arsenic galore reports person surfaced online regarding this issue. Here's everything you request to cognize astir iPhone 14's artillery issues.

iPhone 14 Owners Report Battery Health Problems

Several months aft nan merchandise of nan iPhone 14, users started noticing really quickly their iPhone batteries had degraded. iPhone 14 users connected Reddit, X (formerly Twitter), and different societal media platforms shared screenshots showing that artillery wellness had dropped drastically wrong a twelvemonth of normal usage.

Reports varied, pinch immoderate users experiencing a diminution to 90 percent and much alarming cases suggesting drops to arsenic debased arsenic 85 percent. Surprisingly, immoderate users moreover claimed that iPhones purchased connected motorboat time did not person 100 percent artillery health.

Although nan iPhone 14 Pro is expected to person a amended artillery life than its predecessor owed to its somewhat larger battery, we observed that nan iPhone 13 Pro lasts somewhat longer nether real-world use. Even Apple enthusiasts who thin to upgrade their devices each twelvemonth noticed that nan iPhone 14's artillery life business differs greatly from their past experiences.

iPhones usage lithium-ion batteries, truthful nan magnitude of complaint they withhold diminishes arsenic they chemically age. According to an Apple Support document, a modular iPhone artillery is designed to support up to 80 percent of its original capacity aft astir 500 complete complaint cycles nether normal conditions. This typically translates to an mean lifespan of astir 2 years.

Why Is nan iPhone 14's Battery Health Draining So Fast?

Since Apple has not addressed these complaints directly, 1 tin ne'er beryllium judge of nan logic down nan accelerated drain of nan iPhone 14's artillery health. So, we tin only speculate.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max were nan first iPhone models to characteristic nan always-on display, which is enabled by default. The characteristic dims nan Lock Screen and reduces nan refresh complaint to arsenic debased arsenic 1 Hz erstwhile your iPhone is idle. While location are galore reasons to emotion nan always-on show connected nan iPhone 14 Pro models, it unluckily drains nan artillery rather a bit.

iPhone being charged pinch a MagSafe charger

We besides fishy that wireless charging whitethorn beryllium down nan iPhone 14's accelerated artillery degradation. This is because group who usage wireless chargers person reported that their iPhone's artillery wellness has dropped quicker compared to those who don't.

Ultimately, each device's artillery life depends connected various factors, for illustration your regular usage and really often you complaint it. However, since this is simply a wide rumor and is not constricted to a fewer people, it's apt a creation flaw.

How to Preserve Your iPhone 14's Battery Health

If nan harm has already been done, you're near pinch 2 options: opt for a artillery replacement aliases nonstop your efforts toward preserving your iPhone 14's artillery health. Apple states that devices pinch a artillery wellness capacity exceeding 80 percent are not eligible for in-warranty replacement and that a definite grade of artillery degradation is considered normal.

Even if you person an AppleCare+ plan, unless your iPhone 14's artillery wellness has dipped beneath 80 percent wrong your warranty period, you'll request to salary $99 to get nan artillery replaced.

Always-on show connected iPhone 14 ProImage Credit: Apple

Luckily, if you aren't consenting to salary an further interest to switch your iPhone's battery, location are numerous ways to support your iPhone's artillery health.

For instance, it's a bully thought to turn disconnected nan Always-On show connected nan iPhone 14 Pro. You tin besides sphere your iPhone's artillery wellness by utilizing Low Power Mode, avoiding charging your instrumentality for excessively long, and enabling Optimized Battery Charging to slow down charging past 80 percent.

Apple Needs to Address iPhone 14's Battery Issues

It's undeniably concerning that hundreds of iPhone 14 users are witnessing a important alteration of much than 10 percent successful their artillery wellness wrong months of regular usage. Given nan standard of nan problem, we dream that Apple rectifies this rumor pinch its newer devices and offers free artillery replacements for existing iPhone 14 owners.

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