What Xbox’s “Unauthorized” Third-Party Controller Ban Means for Players

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With unofficial third-party devices banned connected Xbox, you'll request to cognize really you are affected and whether you tin usage your third-party accessories.

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Key Takeaways

  • Xbox bans "unauthorized" third-party controllers to guarantee information and value power connected its platform.
  • If you link an "unauthorized" controller to your Xbox, you will person an correction codification and person 2 weeks to interaction nan shaper aliases activity a refund.
  • You tin still usage a mostly of third-party controllers that are progressive successful nan Designed for Xbox programme aliases characteristic an charismatic Xbox logo.

Third-party accessories tin beryllium a versatile and cheaper replacement to charismatic console controllers. But pinch Xbox's prohibition connected unofficial controllers and accessories, you'll apt want to cognize really you're affected arsenic an Xbox owner. Let's return a look.

Why Has Xbox Banned “Unauthorized” Third-Party Controllers?

If you utilize third-party Xbox controllers, you'll want to cognize why Xbox restricts your accessory choices. However, Xbox's prohibition only affects "unauthorized" third-party controllers, arsenic evidenced by the charismatic Xbox website. All third-party accessories progressive successful nan Designed for Xbox programme are unaffected.

As for why Xbox felt nan request to prohibition "unauthorized" third-party accessories and controllers, location are a fewer main factors:

  • Banning "unauthorized" third-party devices allows Xbox to guarantee each controllers and accessories connected its level are portion of nan Designed for Xbox programme and safe to use.
  • Third-party providers of unofficial Xbox accessories tin see devices for illustration Cronus Zen that let for aliases make cheating easier.
A screenshot of nan homepage of nan advertisement tract for Cronus Zen gaming accessoriesImage Credit: Cronus ZEN
  • By banning unofficial third-party devices, Xbox ensures you tin only acquisition charismatic aliases Designed for Xbox accessories and controllers, which encourages Xbox sales.

So, while location are income incentives for Xbox, nan prohibition itself acts to value power nan third-party controllers and accessories you tin usage connected Xbox One aliases Xbox Series X|S.

However, if you connect an Xbox controller to your PC, you tin still usage unofficial controllers for PC gaming, conscionable not via an Xbox One aliases Series X|S.

What Happens if You Use an “Unauthorized” Third-Party Controller

While Xbox whitethorn person had bully logic to prohibition unofficial third-party devices, you will still want to cognize really your devices are affected by nan ban.

Luckily, really Xbox bans "unauthorized" third-party devices provides you clip to return your instrumentality aliases interaction nan manufacturer. So, regarding what happens if you link an "unauthorized" third-party instrumentality to your Xbox, nan process is arsenic follows:

  • If you link an unauthorized controller aliases accessory to your Xbox console, you will person nan correction code: 0x82d60002.
  • From nan constituent of receiving correction codification 0x82d60002, you person 2 weeks earlier your instrumentality is banned from being utilized pinch your Xbox.
  • Xbox advises that wrong nan 2 weeks time-frame, you interaction nan shaper of nan instrumentality aliases return it to activity a refund.
A screenshot of nan correction codification that appears erstwhile utilizing an unauthorized controller connected XboxImage Credit: NBA 2K24 Intel/Twitter

If you are unsure if your third-party instrumentality is "unauthorized", you tin link it to your Xbox. As agelong arsenic you don't person correction codification 0x82d60002, you cognize you tin transportation connected utilizing your instrumentality arsenic normal.

What Third-Party Controllers Can You Still Use With Your Xbox?

Even if your third-party devices person correction codification 0x82d60002, you don't person to wantonness third-party Xbox controllers altogether. In fact, contempt nan ban, you tin utilize a immense mostly of third-party Xbox devices.

Xbox still supports third-party devices progressive successful nan Designed for Xbox program. But Xbox besides highlights that immoderate third-party controllers that characteristic an charismatic Xbox logo betwixt nan near and correct triggers should beryllium useable connected each Xbox consoles.

A promotional image depicting nan charismatic Designed for Xbox logoImage Credit: Xbox Support

As for identifying whether third-party devices are Designed for Xbox, you should look for nan charismatic Designed for Xbox logo erstwhile buying caller devices. Alternatively, you tin registry your third-party devices via the charismatic Microsoft website to find if your instrumentality is official.

And you tin still utilize the champion Xbox Wireless Controller tips and tricks for usage pinch astir Designed for Xbox gamepads, maintaining functionality.

Utilize Third-Party Devices connected Xbox Without Compromising Your Console

While Xbox's prohibition connected unofficial third-party controllers and accessories restricts nan devices you tin usage connected Xbox, it does guarantee nan information and information of your Xbox console and gaming experience.

And pinch plentifulness of third-party devices being a portion of nan Designed for Xbox initiative, you tin still utilize third-party devices, conscionable truthful agelong arsenic they are officially approved by Xbox.

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