What to Do if Your MacBook’s Battery Health Shows "Service Recommended"

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Looking aft your MacBook artillery is basal if you want to usage your machine properly.

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Like immoderate different rechargeable battery, your MacBook's artillery is prone to deterioration aft respective complaint cycles. This is why Apple provides artillery wellness accusation to thief users understand their battery's wide condition.

If you regularly cheque your MacBook’s artillery wellness and you announcement nan “Service Recommended” alert, don’t fret; publication connected to understand what this intends for your MacBook’s artillery and what you should do next.

When your artillery wellness falls beneath 80%, you whitethorn person a "Service Recommended" message. This tin mean your MacBook's artillery nary longer performs optimally and needs urgent attention.

To cheque your MacBook’s artillery health, click nan Apple logo astatine nan apical near of your screen. Select System Settings > Battery. On nan Battery tab, click nan (i) adjacent to Battery Health. This will show your existent artillery health.

Mac Battery Health

What You Can Do if Your MacBook's Battery Needs Service

If you spot nan "Service Recommended" alert aft checking your MacBook's artillery health, it intends your artillery will request to beryllium replaced. You tin either interaction Apple Support aliases sojourn nan nearest Apple-authorized work halfway for a artillery change.

Can Software Bugs Cause Inaccurate Battery Health Reporting?

It's worthy noting that not each "Service Recommended" alerts needfully mean your artillery needs replacement.

Although it seldom occurs, package bugs tin sometimes lead to inaccurate artillery wellness reporting. Luckily, Apple’s regular package updates besides incorporate bug fixes.

To update your MacBook, caput to System Settings > General > Software Update. If location is an disposable update, download and instal it.

Mac Software Update

A "Service Recommended" connection regarding your MacBook's artillery wellness should beryllium instantly addressed. This alert tin beryllium a motion that your artillery is nearing its end, and it’s why it astir apt doesn’t past arsenic agelong arsenic erstwhile you first sewage it.

As mentioned earlier, nan champion people of action is to interaction Apple Support aliases sojourn an Apple-authorized work halfway to get it fixed.

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