What Is YourPhone.exe (Phone Link) in Windows 11/10? Should You Disable It?

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Sometimes, you whitethorn request to disable aliases delete this morganatic Microsoft app.

Windows 11 Tablet connected Surface pinch nan Task Manager App Open

Key Takeaways

  • Phone Link (formerly Your Phone) is simply a morganatic app that connects your Android telephone aliases iPhone to your Windows computer, providing various features for illustration notifications, calls, and surface recording.
  • The "yourphone.exe" process runs successful nan inheritance pinch minimal effect connected strategy performance, but you tin safely disable it if it becomes resource-intensive.
  • To disable nan yourphone.exe process, usage Task Manager to extremity nan process and disable it from autostarting during a restart. You tin besides negociate nan app's inheritance permissions aliases uninstall it utilizing PowerShell.

Microsoft Phone Link (formerly Your Phone) is simply a Windows app that connects your Android telephone aliases iPhone to your computer. As nan app runs successful nan background, you whitethorn announcement nan yourphone.exe process look successful Task Manager.

Phone Link is simply a morganatic inferior and has minimal effect connected your system's performance. However, if you find it resource-intensive, you tin safely disable it from moving successful nan background. This guideline explains nan specifications of nan yourphone.exe process and really to safely disable and region nan app successful Windows 10 and 11.

What Is nan YourPhone.exe (PhoneExperienceHost.exe) Process?

The Phone Link (YourPhone.exe) is simply a morganatic process related to nan Phone Link (formerly Your Phone) app. It is simply a useful inferior that lets you connect your iPhone and Android instrumentality to your Windows computer, person notifications, make calls, grounds screens, etc.

Even erstwhile you are not actively utilizing it, nan process runs successful nan inheritance pinch minimal effect connected strategy performance. It besides needs to link to your web to activity pinch your telephone and sync notifications.

However, if nan Phone Link process is causing strategy capacity issues, you tin safely terminate nan process from Task Manager. If you still spot Your Phone alternatively of Phone Link, unfastened nan Microsoft Store and update nan app to nan latest version.

How to End nan Your Phone.exe Process Using Task Manager

Phone Link Process End Task successful Windows 10 Task Manager

You tin extremity nan Phone Link process from Task Manager. Here’s really to do it:

  1. Right-click connected your Taskbar and prime Task Manager to unfastened it. If not, property Win + X and take Task Manager from the Power Windows-X menu.
  2. If you usage Windows 11, type Phone Link successful nan Task Manager hunt barroom to find nan process. On Windows 10, you tin place nan process nether nan Background Processes section.
  3. Next, prime nan process and click End Task.

The Phone Link app is group to auto-start during a restart. So you’ll request to disable it from nan Startup Apps tab to guarantee nan process doesn’t restart nan adjacent clip you reboot your computer.

Disable Auto Startup Phone Link Windows 11
  1. In Task Manager, unfastened nan Startup apps tab.
  2. Locate and prime nan Phone Link (Your Phone) app successful nan correct pane.
  3. Click nan Disable button successful nan top-right corner.

How to Stop Your Phone from Running successful nan Background

If sidesplitting nan process didn’t help, you tin disable nan Phone Link app from moving successful nan background. After nan caller updates, preinstalled apps successful Windows 11 request to beryllium managed from nan caller System Components section. Here’s really to do it.

To extremity Phone Link from moving successful nan inheritance connected Windows 11:

  1. Press Win + I to unfastened Settings.
  2. Next, unfastened nan System tab successful nan near pane.
  3. Scroll down and click connected System Components.
    Windows 11 Settings App Showing System Components Section
  4. Next, click nan three-dots menu beside nan Phone Link app.
  5. Select Advanced options.
    Phone Link Advanced Options successful Windows 11 Settings
  6. Click nan Power optimized (recommended) drop-down nether Background component permissions.
    Phone Link Background Permissions Set to Never successful Windows 11 Settings
  7. Select Never. This will extremity nan Phone Link app from moving successful nan background.

To extremity Phone Link from moving successful nan inheritance connected Windows 10:

  1. Press Win + I to unfastened Settings.
    Windows 10 Settings App
  2. Next, spell to Apps and hunt for Phone Link.
    Windows 10 Settings App Showing Phone Link Advanced Options
  3. Select Phone Link and past click Advanced options.
    Windows 10 Disable Background Permission for Phone Link
  4. Next, toggle nan Background apps move nether Apps permission to extremity Phone Link from moving successful nan background.
PowerShell Console pinch Command to Uninstall Phone Link App successful Windows 10

If you don’t usage nan Phone Link app aliases if nan yourphone.exe process continues to look moreover aft disabling inheritance app permissions, you tin uninstall nan app wholly from your Windows computer.

Like galore built-in apps, Windows doesn't connection nan accepted uninstall action to region Phone Link. Instead, you'll request to usage Windows PowerShell to region nan app.

To uninstall nan Phone Link app:

  1. Press nan Win key and type PowerShell.
  2. Next, right-click connected PowerShell from nan hunt results and prime Run arsenic administrator.
  3. In nan PowerShell window, type nan pursuing bid and property Enter: Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage
  4. Once nan bid is executed, it’ll region nan Phone Link app from your computer.

You tin re-install nan Phone Link app from nan Microsoft Store if you want to springiness nan app different shot.

Is YourPhone.exe a Virus aliases Trojan?

Yourphone.exe aliases Phone Link is not a malicious process aliases microorganism but portion of nan Phone Link app connected Windows. Don’t beryllium alarmed if you announcement nan process successful Task Manager. If you request to region it, you tin do truthful by limiting nan inheritance support for nan app aliases by uninstalling it from your computer.

The Phone Link (yourphone.exe) process is not a information risk; allowing it to tally successful nan inheritance is basal for nan app to render its services. Limiting its inheritance support whitethorn forestall it from connecting to your telephone and showing up-to-date information. That said, if you don’t person a usage for nan app, you tin delete it utilizing PowerShell and prevention immoderate retention abstraction connected your difficult drive.

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