What Is TikTok LIVE Subscription and How Does It Work?

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You tin now get a monthly subscription to your favourite TikTok creators, allowing you to unlock perks, badges, exclusive access, and more.

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If you're progressive connected TikTok, you mightiness person noticed creators promoting thing called a TikTok LIVE Subscription and wondered what that's about.

Part of what makes TikTok typical is that it allows creators to showcase their personalities, making it easy to link pinch them. The video-sharing level is helping creators and their fans foster much meaningful connections.

TikTok's LIVE Subscription allows fans to support creators done monthly payments. So, really does TikTok's LIVE Subscription work?

What Is a TikTok LIVE Subscription?

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A LIVE Subscription is simply a TikTok characteristic that helps creators monetize their unrecorded content. It was announced successful a TikTok blog post successful May 2022. Subscriptions are an opportunity for fans to put their money wherever their rima is by buying a monthly subscription to show support for their favourite creators.

A LIVE Subscription is 1 of respective features offered by TikTok that are geared toward helping creators monetize their platforms.

Social media apps are known to rotation retired features inspired by TikTok. In this case, TikTok takes a page retired of Twitch's book pinch nan LIVE Subscription feature, which sets itself up arsenic a Twitch competitor.

How TikTok's LIVE Subscription Works

TikTok's LIVE Subscription characteristic is for illustration a mobile-focused type of Twitch. It allows creators and TikTok subscribers to prosecute much authentically. The characteristic benefits some creators and subscribers alike. Creators get subscribers connected TikTok and gain a accordant income, while subscribers bask perks that springiness them exclusivity and much visibility during a unrecorded stream.

For instance, erstwhile you subscribe to a creator's LIVE Subscription, you get a badge, which is displayed adjacent to your TikTok grip successful nan creator's unrecorded stream. TikTok upgrades your badge arsenic you scope definite milestones successful your subscription.

Creators tin move connected subscriber-only chats truthful that only their subscribers tin remark during a unrecorded stream. This makes conversations betwixt creators and subscribers little cluttered. The entreaty of exclusive chats tin promote fans to salary for a creator's subscription.

Subscribers besides get entree to exclusive emotes, which are stickers that are chosen and customized by creators for them to usage successful unrecorded chats. Additionally, they get entree to subscriber-only videos and lives.

When mounting up their subscriptions, creators tin see a bio to present themselves to their subscribers and a statement to invited them.

Who Can Get TikTok's LIVE Subscription Feature?

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In bid to beryllium eligible for a LIVE Subscription arsenic a creator, you must beryllium 18 aliases older, pinch a minimum of 1,000 followers. Your contented should besides not break TikTok's organization guidelines. You should besides person unrecorded entree and person gone unrecorded for astatine slightest 30 minutes successful nan past 28 days.

How to Subscribe connected TikTok

If you want to subscribe to a creator connected TikTok, travel these steps:

  1. You tin subscribe straight from a creator's floor plan by tapping LIVE Subscription. This will return you to nan creator's subscription page.
  2. Scroll down to nan bottommost of nan surface and deed nan Subscribe button.
  3. Complete nan process by pursuing nan on-screen prompts. You tin take betwixt a one-month subscription and an auto-renewal plan.

You tin besides subscribe from wrong a creator's unrecorded video:

  1. Look for a star icon successful nan bottom-left area of nan creator's unrecorded and pat it. This is an denotation that they've group up subscriptions.
  2. Tap nan Subscribe button connected nan pop-up window. Follow nan on-screen prompts to complete nan process.

TikTok Is Giving Its Creators and Subscribers More Value

TikTok continues to adhd features that springiness its organization much worth beyond nan expertise to create and devour engaging videos. A LIVE Subscription is 1 specified feature, allowing creators to build a beardown organization of supporters.

More importantly, it gives them a dependable income watercourse isolated from campaigns. And it gives subscribers an opportunity to consciousness person to their favourite creators and lend to their maturation and occurrence connected TikTok.

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