What Is the Upside App and Can It Really Save You Money?

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Key Takeaways

  • Upside allows you to gain cashback rewards connected mundane purchases astatine complete 45,000 participating restaurants, convenience stores, market stores, and state stations crossed nan United States.
  • The main attraction of nan app is connected substance savings, but you tin prevention money connected different types of purchases arsenic well.
  • It is worthy utilizing if you want to gain cashback rewards pinch minimal effort and you tin besides double-dip pinch cashback in installments cards for further savings.

With truthful galore cashback apps retired there, it tin beryllium difficult to prime 1 that useful champion for you. But nan Upside app (formerly known arsenic GetUpside) intends to beryllium different by making earning cashback rewards speedy and effortless.

Let's return a person look astatine nan Upside app, explicate really it works, cheque retired its reviews, and spot if it really helps you prevention money.

What Is nan Upside App?

Upside is simply a cashback rewards app that allows you to declare offers and gain existent rate rewards connected mundane purchases crossed nan United States. You tin instal nan Upside app connected your iPhone aliases Android instrumentality and commencement redeeming money arsenic you shop astatine beingness stores.

You will find offers from complete 45,000 participating restaurants for illustration Arby's, Papa Johns, and Dunkin' Donuts, arsenic good arsenic convenience stores for illustration Casey's General Store. The Upside app is besides applicable astatine market stores successful prime cities for illustration Los Angeles and Chicago, and state position chains for illustration Shell, Valero, Exxon, Conoco, and more.

Claim an offer, acquisition nan offer, verify nan purchase, and you'll person your cashback rewards successful 10 days aliases less.

Although you tin prevention money connected different types of purchases, nan main attraction of nan app is connected substance savings. Featured gas savings successful your area will beryllium plopped astatine nan apical of nan screen. Nearly each clip we opened nan app, we recovered caller offers, whether we were successful a agrarian aliases populated area. Your results whitethorn vary, but nan Upside app seems to connection saccharine state deals successful astir regions crossed nan United States.

Download: Upside for iOS | Android (Free)

How Does Upside Work and How Do You Claim an Offer?

You gain cashback rewards connected nan Upside app by claiming a deal. Whether it's for gasoline, groceries, a repast astatine a restaurant, aliases that slushie pitstop astatine nan convenience store. As an example, presume you want to declare a state offer. Open nan Upside app, then:

  1. Tap Gasoline.
  2. Select Claim connected a state position successful your area.
  3. Use nan connection wrong nan allotted time.

To spot your existent offers, prime Claimed Offers successful nan precocious near area of nan app; prime Unclaim if you don't want to usage an offer. In astir cases, you person 4 hours to declare your offer. Depending connected nan offer, you whitethorn person much clip than that.

You don't person to adhd a costs method. But adding a debit card, in installments card, aliases mobile costs action for illustration PayPal makes verifying payments easier and faster. It's worthy it.

Don't interest if you're connected nan obstruction astir adding a costs option: Upside doesn't shop your afloat debit paper aliases in installments paper number.

How to Verify a Purchase successful nan Upside App

Once you bargain something, you'll beryllium asked to verify your purchase. If available, nan Check In action is nan fastest measurement to verify your purchase. To Check In, travel these steps:

  1. Claim an connection pinch a blue shield icon.
  2. Go to nan location of nan offer.
  3. Make your purchase.
  4. Tap Check In connected nan app; alternatively, pat I've paid if check-in is automatic.

If you physically time off nan location of nan connection without verifying via nan check-in action (or if nan check-in action doesn't verify you), aliases it isn't available, nan replacement is to upload a receipt to verify your purchase.

Go backmost to your offer, but alternatively of a Check In aliases I've Paid button, pat Upload Receipt. Snap a image of nan receipt, and if it has each nan accusation Upside needs (and if nan image isn't blurry), nan verification process will begin.

You will person an email erstwhile your cashback reward is confirmed and applied.

How to Cash Out successful nan Upside App

The Upside app gives you 3 ways to rate retired your earned cashback rewards:

  • PayPal
  • Digital gift paper
  • Bank relationship

Cashback rewards tin return up to 10 days to process. You tin past rate them retired via PayPal, slope account, aliases integer gift cards from places for illustration Amazon, Apple, and more.

Keep successful mind that if you rate retired your rewards beneath $10 to a slope relationship ($15 for PayPal accounts), a $1 interest is applied. For gift cards, nan minimum magnitude is group by nan gift paper retailer.

What's nan Catch With Upside?

There are respective catches. For starters, you tin only gain cashback rewards for up to 50 gallons of fuel. We besides noticed that immoderate offers were little than advertised—roughly 40 cents little successful 1 instance.

You besides can't gain cashback rewards if you declare a woody from a supermarket aliases edifice via a same-day transportation work for illustration Instacart aliases DoorDash, which makes sense, considering you person to make beingness purchases to gain cashback rewards.

Does nan Upside App Have Good Reviews?

The reviews are mostly affirmative crossed nan board. On nan App Store, Upside has a people of 4.8 retired of 5, whereas connected Google Play, it scores 4.7 retired of 5 crossed hundreds of thousands of ratings.

Upside has immoderate complaints connected its BBB page but nan mostly of them look resolved. This indicates that Upside listens to nan criticisms of its users, astatine slightest from this broadside of nan aisle.

Is Upside Actually Worth It?

The Upside app is perfectly worthy nan effort if you want to gain cashback rewards astatine nan businesses you usage each day. It's a passive cashback app that rewards you for shopping and only requires a fewer minutes of your clip for each offer.

You tin besides double-dip pinch nan Upside app. For example, you tin declare an connection utilizing a cashback in installments paper for moreover much savings.

Merchants will sometimes nonstop you customized offers and bonuses to your inbox. As we tested nan Upside app, caller offers appeared regularly. There ever seemed to beryllium a caller woody connected nan horizon.

Will Upside Save You Money?

Slowly but surely. Upside is simply a legit app that'll prevention you money arsenic agelong arsenic you proceed utilizing it. And if you thrust for a living, those cents connected nan dollar tin really adhd up. The truth that you tin person your cashback rewards truthful quickly is simply a immense plus.

Refer a Friend successful nan Upside App

If you want to gain cashback rewards arsenic quickly arsenic possible, nan easiest measurement is to mention a friend via your unsocial referral code. You'll get a $7 prize for each friend that signs up for nan Upside app, on pinch 1 cent per gallon of substance they purchase.

To stock it, pat Earn More > Share. If you want to stock it pinch your contacts, prime Choose from contacts. As agelong arsenic your unsocial referral codification is utilized during nan sign-up process, you get paid erstwhile they refuel utilizing nan Upside app!

The Upside App Has Legitimate Cashback Rewards

Earning successful mini increments is its ain reward. No, you won't gain a bucketload of cashback rewards quickly. But they do adhd up complete time, particularly if you usage nan app each clip you refuel aliases eat astatine a supported accelerated nutrient restaurant.

So, if you're looking for an easy-to-use cashback rewards app that doesn't require excessively overmuch of your attraction astatine a time, springiness nan Upside app a trial thrust and spot if it's correct for you.

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