What Is the Blackmagic Camera App? Why You Should Be Using It

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The Blackmagic Camera iPhone app brings Hollywood-grade filming to your pocket.

Screenshot of Blackmagic Camera connected iphone

Blackmagic Designs is known for creating astonishing video signaling products arsenic good arsenic nan video editor, DaVinci Resolve. If that’s not capable to get you connected committee pinch nan company, it has besides travel retired pinch a user-friendly camera app, Blackmagic Camera.

This app will revolutionize nan measurement to grounds video footage. You tin now transportation a professional-like camera successful your pocket, and nan champion portion of all, it’s perfectly free to download and use.

What Is nan Blackmagic Camera App?

Blackmagic Camera main screen

Blackmagic Design announced nan Blackmagic Camera app that allows you to create Hollywood-style, cinematic videos without having to transportation astir immoderate other bulky equipment. You tin manually alteration nan settings to accommodate nan surrounding environment. If you’d alternatively time off it connected car to set accordingly, you person that action arsenic well.

If you’re acquainted pinch Blackmagic products, you’ll beryllium happy to cognize that nan interface is nan aforesaid compared to nan different cameras that nan institution has produced—there’s nary request to person to study a caller system.

As of September 2023, nan app is only disposable for iPhone and iPad users. It needs to beryllium astatine slightest an iPhone XS aliases later and moving iOS 16 aliases later to use. Blackmagic has not yet stated if an app is successful nan making for Android users.

Why You Should Be Using Blackmagic Camera

First and foremost, Blackmagic Camera is remarkably user-friendly. Sometimes, location are cameras that require you to walk hours learning really to usage them. This camera has each nan specifications and tabs you request beforehand and center.

Once you unfastened nan app, you’ll instantly spot each nan astir important manual controls correct astatine your fingertips successful nan Camera tab. In seconds, you tin alteration nan frames per second, shutter speed, and ISO. You tin moreover alteration to a different lens—depending connected nan type of iPhone you have. There’s moreover an easy-to-find stabilization option, truthful you don’t person to fix shaky footage successful DaVinci Resolve.

Blackmagic Camera main surface pinch lens options

Have you ever wondered if you were talking excessively loudly aliases if nan vulnerability was excessively high? You tin prevention clip during nan editing process by simply watching nan histogram and audio meters correct connected nan main screen. Additionally, you tin set nan audio summation pinch 1 pat connected nan audio meter.

Blackmagic Camera audio levels options

Even more, if you’ve taken advantage of nan Blackmagic Cloud, you tin utilize it further successful nan app. All you person to do is log into Blackmagic Cloud done nan easy-to-assess Media tab and everything you sprout pinch nan camera will automatically download to nan Cloud to beryllium readily accessible later successful DaVinci Resolve.

What if you’re utilizing nan iPad Blackmagic Camera app? That’s perfect. You tin do everything connected 1 surface precisely for illustration pinch nan mobile app. If nan camera app is group to shop your footage successful nan Cloud, you tin easy move apps and use DaVinci Resolve connected your iPad to decorativeness editing your project.

iPad Screenshot of Blackmagic Camera

Are you a portion of a task pinch aggregate people, and they’re waiting connected footage backmost astatine nan studio? You tin easy pass pinch them done nan Chat tab and fto them cognize that video clips are being transferred successful real-time done Blackmagic Cloud.

Blackmagic Camera chat tab open-1

If you’re still not judge aliases request different logic why you should beryllium utilizing nan Blackmagic Camera app, it’s an easy-to-use integer film-quality camera wrong a instrumentality you already return everyplace pinch you. You ne'er person to interest astir missing retired connected nan cleanable changeable because you’ll ever beryllium prepared.

Download: Blackmagic Camera for iOS (Free)

Try nan Blackmagic Camera App for Free

Sure, nan iPhone camera is simply a awesome measurement to create content, but having continuous easy entree to cinematic-style videography will alteration nan measurement you grounds your footage. Download nan Blackmagic Camera app to spot for yourself.

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