What Is Sweatcoin and Does It Give You Real Money?

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Key Takeaways

  • Sweatcoin is simply a free app that pays you to way your steps and gain Sweat Economy (SWEAT) tokens, a type of cryptocurrency.
  • The worth of Sweat Economy tokens is comparatively low, but they tin beryllium utilized to acquisition various products and services connected nan app's marketplace.
  • While you can't straight rate retired your SWEAT, you tin person them to USD aliases different currencies connected definite platforms aliases waste them connected cryptocurrency exchanges.

It's often difficult to get yourself extracurricular for a locomotion aliases a run. Tiredness, deficiency of motivation, weather, and galore different factors impact really often we activity out. Sometimes, these factors forestall america from exercising altogether.

But what if location was an app that paid you to get moving? This is what Sweatcoin claims to do, but does it work? Is Sweatcoin worthy it? To reply this question, let's talk really Sweatcoin useful and whether you tin make money from it.

What Is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is simply a free-to-install smartphone app disposable connected Android, Windows, and iOS. The app tracks nan steps you return successful a day, conscionable for illustration immoderate different track-stepping app you tin install.

Sweatcoin connects to your Google Fit, Apple Fit, aliases akin default fittingness app to log your regular steps. You tin usage nan app while stepping aliases moving extracurricular aliases utilizing a treadmill, truthful it's suitable for immoderate occasion. Each tracked measurement goes towards earning a Sweat Economy (SWEAT) cryptocurrency token.

But this changeless search of your steps does mean that your artillery tin drain quicker than it would without nan app. This tin beryllium a problem erstwhile you're distant from location and don't person a portable charger, truthful it's worthy keeping successful mind.

Before you instal nan app and get started, it's besides worthy noting that you won't beryllium making large bucks utilizing Sweatcoin. Of course, getting paid to locomotion aliases tally is awesome successful immoderate respect, but nan payout is beautiful minimal, nonetheless.

With each measurement you take, you gain a fraction of 1 SWEAT, a type of cryptocurrency asset disposable connected exchanges for illustration Coinbase and Binance.

It takes 1,000 steps to gain 1 Sweat Economy token. If you're peculiarly active, you could gain 10 aliases much SWEAT regular and a fewer 100 SWEAT tokens monthly. The app offers a marketplace and an auction section. It besides lets you donate your Sweat Economy tokens to a fixed database of charities, but we'll talk these successful much item a small later. Finally, you tin besides speech your SWEAT for Bitcoin.

On apical of this, you tin link to friends, travel users, and summation your followers connected nan app. If you induce a friend to nan Sweatcoin app, you tin gain 5 further Sweat Economy tokens and moreover participate a prize tie to triumph prizes.

Though nan modular app type is free, it besides has a Premium version, which costs $4.99 monthly aliases $24.99 annually. The Sweatcoin Premium type lets you gain doubly arsenic overmuch SWEAT per measurement and gives you entree to Premium features. But nan regular costs intends it's only really worthy it if you locomotion aliases tally a lot. Otherwise, you whitethorn walk much money each period than nan Sweat Economy tokens you earn.

Sandwiched betwixt nan free and premium versions of nan Sweatcoin app is nan Troublemaker version. The Sweatcoin Troublemaker type costs $1.49 monthly and allows you to multiply each measurement you return into two, fundamentally doubling your wide earnings. However, wherever Sweatcoin Premium has a regular limit of 100 Sweat Economy tokens, you tin only gain up to 25 Sweat Economy tokens regular while subscribed to nan Troublemaker plan.

Download: Sweatcoin for Android | iOS (Free, premium type available)

But what precisely is nan Sweat Economy? Is it simply a symbolic rate that represents ineligible tender aliases thing other entirely?

Is Sweat Economy (SWEAT) Worth Anything?

Sweatcoin launched a cryptocurrency known arsenic Sweat Economy (SWEAT) successful September 2022, pinch complete $1 cardinal successful SWEAT tokens being sold via nan MakerDAO level earlier hitting nan market.

The Sweatcoin app isn't a scam. What you gain does person value, arsenic SWEAT tokens value. But 1 Sweat Economy token is obscurity adjacent arsenic valuable arsenic 1 US dollar. At nan clip of writing, 1 SWEAT is worthy astir $0.0074, while SWEAT's all-time precocious is $0.091 (14 September 2022). We tin usage nan app's marketplace to understand what precisely you tin do pinch your Sweat Economy tokens.

The items aliases services you tin bargain pinch Sweat Economy will disagree based connected your location, but you should person a scope of different options to take from. For example, you tin get your hands connected beauty products, earphones, aliases snack subscription boxes. If you're looking for a value slash connected services, you tin get discounts connected fittingness memberships aliases online acquisition courses.

One personification hands complete a in installments paper to different supra a paper reference machine

Sweatcoin besides offers vouchers for Amazon, allowing you to bargain whichever merchandise you'd for illustration astatine a discounted price. Some deals springiness you ample discounts if you walk a definite magnitude of money connected a fixed site.

You tin usage SWEAT successful nan app's auction to bid connected large items, for illustration gift cards worthy hundreds of dollars, smartwatches, and gaming consoles. This useful for illustration a accepted auction, wherever you bid your Sweat Economy tokens until you triumph nan auction point aliases get your Sweat Economy backmost if you lose. But retrieve that these large prizes usually person very precocious bids connected them. You'll want to make judge you person a sizeable magnitude of SWEAT successful your wallet earlier entering.

The aforesaid goes for buying products utilizing your SWEAT. As discussed earlier, you request to locomotion 1,000 steps to gain 1 Sweat Economy, truthful you won't beryllium capable to get overmuch from 1 aliases 2 1000 steps. Offers usually statesman astatine 5 aliases truthful Sweat Economy, but these are often for discounts, not beingness products. So, get those steps successful if you want to grow your options connected nan app's marketplace.

When it comes to items aliases gift cards, bids tin scope tens of thousands of Sweat Economy aliases moreover more. So, if you want to beryllium successful pinch a chance of grabbing a large summons item, you'll request to get walking!

Sweatcoin besides has a scope of deals and coupons up for grabs, specified arsenic discounts connected unit products and nutrient ordering apps. You tin besides bargain various different kinds of gift cards connected apical of Amazon pinch your Sweat Economy funds.

In Sweatcoin's aid section, an wide extremity is set, and you tin lend to this pinch arsenic galore Sweat Economy tokens arsenic you like. After all, exercising to thief those successful request is genuinely a win-win situation!

But what if you're not willing successful Sweatcoin's marketplace aliases aid options and want to rate retired and person it into ineligible tender?

Initially, Sweatcoin did not connection a cash-out option, but things person since changed. While you cannot straight rate out, you tin person your Sweat Economy tokens to USD aliases different rate connected MoonPay and Gate.io.

You tin besides waste your SWEAT connected respective cryptocurrency exchanges if you want to make a nonstop profit. As antecedently mentioned, platforms for illustration Bitfinex let nan waste and acquisition of Sweat Economy. However, your prime is acold much constricted than it would beryllium for much celebrated and well-established cryptocurrencies for illustration Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

SWEAT is nan autochthonal coin of Sweat Economy, a Web3 task created by Sweatcoin. This level besides has a wallet for storing SWEAT, known arsenic Sweat Wallet. With SWEAT, Sweatcoin users tin entree much perks and prizes successful speech for their steps.

Sweat Wallet is disposable arsenic a free mobile app for Android and iOS.

You tin log into nan Sweat Wallet app by linking your Sweatcoin account. This useful app lets you support way of your SWEAT holdings and besides allows you to liking your SWEAT for a output of up to 15 percent annually. By staking SWEAT, you tin get entree to immoderate astonishing rewards done prize draws. These prize draws vary, but each connection immoderate awesome rewards, specified arsenic Disneyland tickets, a PlayStation 5, shopping vouchers, and moreover an iPhone 14.

If you'd like, you tin bargain much SWEAT utilizing nan Sweat Wallet app.

You cannot usage nan Sweat Wallet app if you are from nan USA, China, aliases Russia. This is owed to ineligible restrictions.

Download: Sweat Wallet for Android | iOS (Free)

Sweatcoin Is Legitimate, but It's Not for Everyone

In short, Sweatcoin is not a scam, and you tin get products for free aliases astatine a discount by search your steps. However, Sweatcoin still has its limitations successful position of what you tin bargain and where, and nan rewards don't travel arsenic easy arsenic you'd want.

If you're an avid walker aliases runner aliases want to promote yourself to get moving, Sweatcoin is simply a awesome action for you. But return statement of its existent shortcomings to debar being fto down.

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