What Is Intel Stream Assist and How Does It Make Game Streaming Better?

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You'll nary longer person to take betwixt in-game graphics and streaming.

Key Takeaways

  • Intel Stream Assist diverts streaming-related tasks from your GPU to your integrated GPU, allowing for amended in-game capacity while streaming, moreover connected lower-spec computers.
  • It is supported connected awesome streaming apps for illustration Intel Arc Control, providing amended capacity for AI features without straining your GPU.
  • To tally Intel Stream Assist, you request an Intel 11th Gen CPU aliases higher paired pinch an Intel Arc GPU, and it is presently supported by only 4 streaming apps.

Live streaming your games takes a important chunk of your CPU and GPU resources, perchance causing capacity drops erstwhile it comes to gaming. Unless you person a top-of-the-line machine pinch a powerful capable CPU, GPU, and capable representation to grip a crippled and streaming tasks, you'll apt person to take betwixt streaming aliases gaming.

However, Intel's Stream Assist intends to alteration that by reducing nan load connected your GPU, allowing group without top-of-the-line computers to watercourse arsenic good arsenic game.

What Is Intel Stream Assist & What Does It Do?

Intel's Stream Assist is simply a Deep Link exertion that diverts streaming-related tasks from your dedicated GPU to different graphics engine—your processor's integrated GPU. Simply put, Intel Stream Assist divides crippled rendering and streaming tasks into 2 abstracted GPU processes truthful that you tin get amended in-game capacity while streaming astatine nan aforesaid quality, if not better.

This gives your GPU other overhead to render your crippled properly. At nan aforesaid time, nan integrated GPU takes attraction of encoding and different streaming-related tasks, providing amended capacity than what you would get if your dedicated GPU were pulling double duty. At least, successful theory.

intel-stream-assist-graphicImage Credit: Intel

Stream Assist is supported connected respective awesome streaming apps, including Intel's Arc Control. For example, if you're utilizing Intel Arc Control's inheritance replacement feature, nan task of inference—during which nan neural web calculates really to trim retired nan taxable from nan inheritance properly—is performed connected nan integrated GPU.

This intends that your in-game FPS is virtually unaffected, while nan Arc Control programme runs its AI features without struggling pinch your GPU for resources, providing amended capacity connected some ends.

This tin beryllium really adjuvant for gamers pinch comparatively weaker CPUs and GPUs. Generally speaking, streaming while playing a crippled tin beryllium taxing connected your system. While top-of-the-line desktop hardware will grip these loads without a problem, they're besides alternatively expensive, making good-quality streaming a hassle if you're connected a lower-spec PC.

What Hardware Do You Need to Run Intel Stream Assist?

As awesome arsenic Intel's Stream Assist is, it has barriers to entry. For starters, you request an Intel 11th Gen CPU aliases higher paired pinch an Intel Arc GPU, giving you another logic to move to an Arc GPU if you're considering one. That said, Intel has immoderate alternatively confusing hardware requirements for moving Stream Assist.

At nan clip of writing, you tin tally Intel Stream Assist connected nan pursuing hardware:

  • Laptops pinch Intel Arc GPUs
  • Laptops pinch Intel Iris X MAX GPUs
  • Desktops pinch Intel Arc GPUs (when paired pinch an Intel 12th Gen aliases higher processor pinch integrated graphics)

In summation to nan alternatively constricted hardware capability, only 4 streaming apps support Intel Stream Assist astatine nan moment:

  • Intel Arc Control
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  • Xsplit
  • AVerMedia CamEngine

The only metallic lining present is that if you're utilizing Stream Assist, nan setup should beryllium hassle-free, arsenic it's automatically enabled connected each systems pinch Intel Arc Graphics. This intends you conscionable request to instal 1 of nan aforementioned streaming software, and you're disconnected to nan races.

Intel Arc GPU imageImage Credit: Intel/YouTube

So, if you're looking for a logic to upgrade to an Intel GPU, Stream Assist (and different Deep Link technologies Intel offers) should beryllium connected that list. Intel's Arc GPUs support ray tracing, and while they don't clasp up to Nvidia aliases AMD's latest GPUs, nan price-to-performance ratio isn't bad.

Last but not least, Intel Stream Assist besides offers auto-game highlights for nan pursuing games:

  • CrossFire
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS2 support yet to arrive)
  • DOTA 2
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Naraka Bladepoint
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • World of Tanks

Intel Stream Assist will observe and grounds those clutch moments—no much cursing arsenic you recognize you weren't signaling for that 360 noscope aliases ceiling triple flip reset.

Intel Stream Assist Is Great for Streamers—If You've Got nan Right Hardware

Sans nan constricted hardware and package support, if you've sewage nan correct gear, Stream Assist does person nan imaginable to move your streaming crippled around. Not only will you beryllium capable to get amended in-game capacity while streaming, but you'll besides beryllium extracting nan astir from your hardware—regardless of whether it's apical of nan statement aliases not.

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