What Is Forefront AI and Is It Better Than ChatGPT?

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Key Takeaways

  • Forefront AI is an online level that offers entree to 5 different LLMs and allows users to modify existing AI models to fresh their needs.
  • Forefront AI offers Personas, including versions of LLMs trained to respond for illustration circumstantial individuals aliases fictional characters.
  • While Forefront AI is versatile, it tin person drawbacks specified arsenic slow responses and little accuracy pinch Personas compared to utilizing LLMs straight done ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has go thing of a family sanction since its motorboat successful precocious 2022, but nan AI manufacture itself is besides gaining traction. ChatGPT is acold from nan only AI chatbot successful existence, pinch immoderate platforms moreover offering a fistful of AI chatbots and LLMs to take from.

Take Forefront AI, for example. This level hosts a number of LLMs and moreover has its ain type to effort out. So, really precisely does Forefront AI work, and is it amended than ChatGPT?

What Is Forefront AI?

Forefront AI is an online level that offers businesses and individuals entree to 5 different LLMs (large connection models): GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude Instant 1.2, Claude 2, and Forefront. While GPT-3.5, Forefront's chat, and Claude Instant are wholly free to use, you'll request to upgrade to nan premium type of Forefront to entree GPT-4 and Claude 2 (which we'll talk successful much item a small later).

screenshot of forefront AI chat starting screen

You tin either usage these LLMs arsenic they are connected Forefront via its chatbot work aliases modify a pre-existing AI exemplary to amended fresh your manner aliases institution needs. Forefront is besides designed to thief you merge LLMs pinch different package programs, including operating systems, unreality services, and coding environments. It tin service arsenic a one-stop shop for those who want to harvester earthy connection processors pinch nan package they desire.

For instance, you whitethorn want to merge a modified type of GPT-3.5 pinch an app you're developing. Maybe it's a AI-powered grammar-checking hold aliases a financial news app. If there's a logic why you deliberation GPT-3.5 would beryllium useful, you tin usage Forefront AI to modify nan package to fresh your app's needs.

Forefront besides offers Personas for users to interact with.

Forefront's Personas are specifically trained versions of nan disposable LLMs. For instance, you tin entree a financial analyst, ineligible translator, merchandise manager, aliases moreover a package technologist Persona utilizing this feature.

forefront ai personas action screenshot

If you want to study astir nan world aliases conscionable person a small fun, you tin besides talk to humanities figures done Forefront. The level has LLM versions trained to respond for illustration definite well-known individuals and fictional characters, specified arsenic Joan of Arc, John Lennon, Socrates, R2D2, Voldemort, and Superman.

Forefront's Plan Tiers

You tin usage Forefront AI wholly for free, but location are definite features that are only accessible to paying customers. There are a number of tiers that you tin access, pinch varying monthly fees.

Forefront AI Free Plan


Access to GPT-3.5, Claude Instant 1.2, and Forefront (100 messages per 3 hours).

Forefront AI Pro Plan


Access to each LLMs, including 30 messages for GPT-4 and Claude 2 per 3 hours.

Forefront AI Ultra Plan


Access to each LLMs, including 70 messages for GPT-4 and Claude 2 per 3 hours.

As antecedently mentioned, you tin usage GPT-3.5, Claude Instant 1.2, and Forefront's ain LLM astatine nary charge. You tin nonstop 100 messages each 3 hours pinch nan free plan, pinch a token input limit of 4,096, arsenic good arsenic 5 net searches and 3 record uploads each 3 hours.

To nonstop infinite messages utilizing these 3 LLMs, you'll request to upgrade to nan Pro plan, which costs $29 monthly. The Pro scheme besides lets you nonstop 30 GPT-4 messages and 30 Claude 2 messages each 3 hours. What's more, you've sewage infinite record uploads, infinite image searches, and a 100,000 token input limit.

If you want to entree each Forefront AI tin offer, you'll request to motion up for nan Ultra plan, which will costs you $69 monthly. With this plan, you tin nonstop 70 GPT-4 and 70 Claude 2 messages each 3 hours and usage nan 3 different LLMs arsenic overmuch arsenic you want. Along pinch a 250,000 token input limit, you'll besides bask infinite record uploads and net searches.

The Downsides of Forefront AI

Forefront AI is simply a versatile level pinch a decent array of options, but it has drawbacks.

Firstly, nan chat interface tin sometimes beryllium slow to respond to prompts, particularly if you activate nan net hunt feature. After all, nan LLM needs to cod browser hunt information and appropriately connection it earlier responding, which tin return longer than a consequence that wouldn't require a browser search.

It's besides worthy noting that nan Personas offered by Forefront aren't ever bang-on accurate. This is often owed to aged information that nan LLM you're utilizing was trained on. For instance, if you're utilizing GPT-3.5 pinch a Persona, each news and updates associated pinch nan fig aliases characteristic occurring post-September 2021 won't beryllium included, arsenic GPT-3.5 is only trained pinch information up to September 2021.

When utilizing nan Forefront AI LLM, you whitethorn besides beryllium fed responses that look a small jarring. When utilizing an LLM, you want natural, human-like responses, truthful abrupt aliases robotic responses tin beryllium off-putting. We'll talk Forefront's ain LLM a small much soon.

Is Forefront AI Better Than ChatGPT?

Forefront AI is simply a small much versatile than ChatGPT. While nan second only offers 2 LLMs from OpenAI, nan erstwhile offers 5 LLMs from 3 abstracted developers, giving nan personification nan prime of nan bunch.

However, to usage GPT-4 to its afloat grade via Forefront AI, you'll request to salary $69 monthly, whereas ChatGPT Plus lets you usage GPT-4 arsenic overmuch arsenic you want for conscionable $20 monthly. If GPT-4 is nan only LLM you're really willing successful using, you're amended disconnected pinch ChatGPT Plus.

Another facet to statement is compatibility. You tin usage ChatGPT via OpenAI's app connected your iOS- aliases Android-based smartphone, making it easy to entree GPT-3.5 aliases GPT-4 connected nan go. Forefront AI, connected nan different hand, does not connection a smartphone app, truthful you tin only usage it via your desktop aliases smartphone browser.

Download: ChatGPT for Android | iOS (Free, premium type available)

When utilizing GPT-3.5 via Forefront and past utilizing it via OpenAI, we noticed immoderate cardinal differences. For instance, GPT-3.5 mostly gave much in-depth answers erstwhile utilized connected its autochthonal website, whereas nan answers were a small little elaborate connected Forefront AI.

chatgpt explaining nan conception of comedy

For instance, we asked GPT-3.5 to explicate nan conception of drama connected nan Forefront AI and OpenAI websites. While Forefront gave a 200-word response, OpenAI provided a 500-word response, on pinch slug points highlighting nan various elements that constitution drama arsenic a whole.

gpt connected forefront ai explaining nan conception of comedy

We besides asked GPT-3.5 to explicate nan American Congress connected nan 2 different platforms. ChatGPT's GPT-3.5 provided a 600-word response, breaking down nan different factors of Congress successful slug points for a much digestible read. On Forefront AI, GPT-3.5 provided a 300-word response, leaving retired immoderate cardinal pointers that were included erstwhile asked connected nan OpenAI website.

Evidently, utilizing GPT-3.5 via OpenAI allowed for much elaborate answers.

Forefront and ChatGPT's LLMs Training and Data Cut-Off

A telephone against a greenish inheritance pinch ChatGPT unfastened connected nan screen.

Though Forefront AI gives you entree to 5 different LLMs, only 1 of these is developed by Forefront AI. Forefront's LLM chat is presently successful its alpha phase, meaning it's still being worked connected and tested. You tin usage it for free, but it's important to statement that it hasn't been perfected, truthful you whitethorn travel crossed immoderate kinks and frustrations.

GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, connected nan different hand, person already been rigorously tested, truthful you'll apt tally into less issues. However, Forefront's training information leads up to 2023, whereas GPT-3.5's information ends successful September 2021, and GPT-4's information ends successful January 2022. So, if it's nan latest information you're looking for, Forefront whitethorn service you better.

GPT-4 will besides beryllium getting an absorbing upgrade successful Autumn 2023, which allows users to hunt nan net via OpenAI's latest LLM.

OpenAI announced its net hunt characteristic successful September 2023, pinch nan first rollout taking spot for ChatGPT Plus users connected nan 27th. This allows GPT-4 to entree information past September 2021, making it moreover much useful and giving it nan separator complete immoderate different LLMs.

However, this characteristic still has immoderate limitations. When we tried GPT-4's net search, nan LLM told america that it couldn't entree definite web pages, peculiarly those pinch "robot.txt" files, which are responsible for initiating nan Robots Exclusion Protocol. Many websites are choosing to artifact OpenAI's GPT Bot to protect their content, particularly arsenic blocking GPT Bot is an easy process.

screenshot of gpt4 speech

This makes it intolerable for GPT-4 to return accusation from web pages pinch stricter robot.txt parameters successful place.

Forefront Lets You Bounce Between LLMs

Though Forefront AI's LLM is still being worked on, there's nary denying that this level offers a versatile LLM acquisition for some paying and non-paying users. However, if it's purely ChatGPT you're after, you whitethorn beryllium amended disconnected utilizing nan instrumentality connected its autochthonal website to trim retired nan middleman.

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