What Is CMOS Battery? Can a PC Run Without It?

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By Linda | Follow | Last Updated September 7, 2023

Can a PC tally without a CMOS battery? This station from MiniTool Partition Wizard explains this mobility to you successful detail. In addition, it besides shows you really to region nan CMOS battery.

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What Is CMOS Battery?

#1. What Is CMOS?

CMOS stands for “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.” It is simply a mini magnitude of representation connected a machine motherboard that stores nan Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) settings.

The BIOS is nan package stored connected nan representation spot connected nan motherboard. It instructs nan machine connected really to execute a number of basal functions specified arsenic booting and keyboard control. The BIOS is besides utilized to place and configure hardware successful nan computer.

#2. What Is nan Purpose of nan CMOS Battery?

The CMOS artillery is simply a fastener compartment attached straight to nan motherboard to powerfulness nan BIOS firmware successful your computer. BIOS needs to stay operational moreover erstwhile your machine isn’t plugged into a powerfulness root because it needs to support way of nan day and clip successful existent time.

CMOS battery

With nan CMOS artillery installed, nan BIOS tin activity usually moreover if your machine gets unplugged. In addition, astir CMOS batteries will past for astir 2-10 years moreover if you don’t plug successful your machine astatine all. If your machine is plugged in, nan CMOS artillery whitethorn besides complaint itself.

Can a PC Run Without a CMOS Battery?

As mentioned above, nan CMOS spot stores accusation specified arsenic nan time, date, and nan hardware configuration of nan system. If nan CMOS artillery runs out, your machine loses each this accusation and nan BIOS reverts to its default settings.

Can a PC tally without a CMOS battery? It depends connected nan PC configuration. After reference galore posts connected various forums, I recovered this answer. Some group study that nan PC tin tally usually pinch a dormant CMOS artillery aliases without a CMOS battery.

However, immoderate group besides study that they cannot tally a PC without a CMOS battery. If they do so, they will brushwood immoderate issues. After reference their examples, I find that:

  1. If your machine has only 1 difficult thrust installed and this 1 is nan strategy disk, you whitethorn beryllium capable to tally a PC without a CMOS battery, but you request to group nan timepiece each clip you commencement your PC.
  2. If you person aggregate difficult drives installed connected your computer, you whitethorn brushwood issues erstwhile you tally a PC without a CMOS battery.
  3. If you person a dedicated GPU installed, you whitethorn besides brushwood issues erstwhile you tally a PC without a CMOS battery, because nan BIOS is group to usage nan onboard GPU by default.

How to Remove nan CMOS Battery

Sometimes, you whitethorn request to clear CMOS to hole nary footwear aliases nary show issues. Removing nan CMOS artillery is 1 of nan methods. Here is really to do that:

  1. Turn disconnected each peripheral devices connected to nan computer.
  2. Disconnect nan powerfulness cord from nan AC powerfulness source.
  3. Remove nan machine cover.
  4. Find nan artillery connected nan board. The artillery whitethorn beryllium successful a horizontal aliases vertical artillery holder, aliases connected to an onboard header pinch a wire.
  5. Remove nan battery.
  6. Wait 1–5 minutes, past reconnect nan battery.
  7. Put nan machine screen backmost on.
  8. Plug nan machine and each devices backmost in.

Bottom Line

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