What Is Bluetooth Auracast and How Does It Work?

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Auracast is here, and it makes streaming to aggregate devices easier than ever.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bluetooth Auracast revolutionizes audio streaming by allowing a azygous root to transmit to an unlimited number of listeners simultaneously, creating shared and immersive wireless audio experiences.
  • Auracast enables nationalist audio broadcasts successful nationalist spaces for illustration bars, airports, and gyms, allowing listeners to tune into silent TVs aliases person multi-language broadcasts successful theaters and convention centers.
  • With CD-quality audio, encrypted broadcasts, low-latency, and longer artillery life, Auracast takes Bluetooth audio to a caller level, providing high-fidelity and versatile audio streaming capabilities.

Bluetooth exertion has travel a agelong measurement since its humble beginnings successful nan 90s. It was chiefly utilized for wireless headsets and transferring files betwixt devices backmost then. But Bluetooth has evolved into overmuch much complete nan past fewer decades.

These days, it powers everything from wireless speakers and keyboards to wearables and beacons. And now, there's a caller kid connected nan block—Bluetooth Auracast.

What Is Bluetooth Auracast?

Bluetooth Auracast is an breathtaking audio broadcasting capacity portion of nan Bluetooth LE Audio standard. With Auracast, a azygous audio root tin transmit to unlimited listeners simultaneously. This opens up each kinds of thrilling wireless audio experiences.

Some of nan cardinal features and capabilities of Bluetooth Auracast include:

  1. Audio Sharing: You tin stock audio from your smartphone, tablet, PC, aliases different instrumentality to aggregate listeners simultaneously. Everyone tin perceive connected their headphones aliases earbuds, letting you bask music, videos, aliases different audio together. No much having to huddle astir a azygous speaker.
  2. Public Broadcasts: Auracast enables nationalist audio broadcasts to anyone successful scope pinch a compatible receiver. For example, utilizing your headphones, you could tune successful to nan audio from silent TVs successful nationalist spaces for illustration bars, airports, and gyms.
  3. Assistive Listening: Auracast tin thief those pinch proceeding impairments flooded inheritance sound successful nationalist areas by transmitting straight to their proceeding immunodeficiency aliases receivers. It tin besides supply multi-language broadcasts successful venues for illustration theaters and convention centers.
  4. Unlimited Listeners: There's nary limit to nan number of devices that tin person an Auracast audio stream, dissimilar accepted Bluetooth pairing, which is one-to-one. The only limit is nan scope of nan transmitter.
  5. CD-Quality Audio: Auracast tin broadcast audio successful uncompressed CD value alternatively than relying connected lossy Bluetooth audio compression for illustration SBC aliases AAC. This allows for high-fidelity wireless audio.
  6. Encrypted Broadcasts: Auracast streams tin beryllium encrypted pinch a password for backstage listening, truthful only intended listeners tin tune in. Public broadcasts whitethorn beryllium unfastened to anyone nearby.
  7. Low Latency: Bluetooth LE Audio reduces latency considerably compared to classical Bluetooth, making it overmuch amended for gaming, watching video, aliases unrecorded euphony monitoring.
  8. Longer Battery Life: LE Audio is overmuch much power efficient, reducing powerfulness depletion for transmitter and receiver devices.
  9. Get Translations: Some places whitethorn broadcast aggregate connection tracks pinch Auracast. So you tin perceive to real-time translations of announcements, videos, and much successful your headphones, which is ace useful erstwhile walking abroad.

Auracast brings Bluetooth audio into a caller era and opens up breathtaking caller usage cases.

How Does Bluetooth Auracast Work?

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At nan halfway of Auracast is nan expertise for a azygous transmitter instrumentality to broadcast audio to an unlimited number of receiver devices simultaneously. This is accomplished utilizing Bluetooth LE Audio, portion of nan Bluetooth 5.2 specification.

With classical Bluetooth, audio transmission useful connected a one-to-one basis. A telephone pairs pinch a speaker, headset pairs pinch a phone, etc. But Auracast creates an audio "bubble" wherever compatible receivers wrong scope tin tune successful to nan broadcast.

The transmitter streams nan audio complete Bluetooth LE successful an uncompressed format, providing CD-quality wireless audio. It uses an precocious audio encoding strategy called LC3plus, which offers precocious fidelity while minimizing latency and powerfulness consumption.

Receivers past scan for disposable Auracast streams. The streams tin beryllium opened for anyone to entree aliases encrypted pinch a password for backstage listening. When nan receiver detects and locks onto nan stream, it decodes nan audio successful real-time and plays it done nan headphones aliases speakers.

This each happens seamlessly, pinch nary request to manually brace each listener. From nan user's perspective, it's arsenic elemental arsenic pressing play connected nan transmitter and putting connected their headphones. The headset automatically syncs and starts receiving nan broadcast.

Multiple Auracast streams tin beryllium successful nan aforesaid area connected different "channels" without interfering. Listeners simply tune to whichever watercourse they want. The transmitter's scope is mostly limited connected its broadcasting powerfulness class. Lower powerfulness gives a shorter scope of up to 30 feet, while higher powerfulness classes tin transmit up to ~900 feet.

A cardinal advantage of Auracast is that it's bidirectional. Information flows some ways betwixt nan transmitter and receivers. This allows for useful features:

  • Volume control: Receivers tin power measurement independent of nan source.
  • Track info: Song titles and different information look connected receiver devices.
  • Group mute: The transmitter tin remotely shut up each receivers astatine once.

For backstage listening, Auracast streams tin beryllium encrypted pinch 128-bit keys utilizing AES encryption, nan aforesaid arsenic what Bluetooth Classic uses. This prevents unauthorized listening. Public streams are unencrypted.

In a nutshell, nan 2 main components that alteration Auracast are nan LC3plus audio codec and broadcast audio profiles successful nan Bluetooth LE protocol stack. These let nan high-quality, low-latency, multi-listener streaming.

Which Devices Run Bluetooth Auracast?

Any instrumentality equipped pinch a Bluetooth LE Audio power and nan due package integration tin transmit aliases person Auracast broadcasts. As of nan clip of writing, Auracast instrumentality support is still constricted but increasing rapidly.


  • Select Samsung TVs: Neo QLED 8K, 2023 microLED TVs—enabled via package update.
  • Tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
  • Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S23, Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, OnePlus 10T
  • Laptops: Dell XPS 13 Plus


  • Earfun Air Pro 3
  • OnePlus Buds Pro 2
  • Technics EAH-AZ60
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro
  • 1More ComfoBuds Mini
  • Select proceeding immunodeficiency (VOCE by Nexum)
  • Bluetooth 5.2 speakers aliases earphones pinch Auracast support

While pickings are still slim, we're connected nan cusp of seeing a large detonation successful Auracast-compatible devices. Any merchandise pinch Bluetooth 5.2 tin support it pinch nan due package update. All upcoming devices pinch Bluetooth 5.3 aliases later will see LE Audio/Auracast by default.

So, if you're looking to acquisition Auracast-ready products now, attraction connected these cardinal features:


  • Bluetooth 5.2/5.3
  • Support for LE Audio


  • Bluetooth 5.2/5.3
  • LE Audio support
  • Specifically mentions Auracast support

We expect much devices to support Auracast successful nan very adjacent future.

Auracast Opens New Possibilities for Bluetooth Audio

As much and much devices adopt nan Bluetooth 5.2 modular and alteration Auracast support, we'll commencement to spot these caller usage cases go a reality. It's still early, but nan early looks promising for shared, immersive wireless audio.

Auracast helps region nan limitations of classical Bluetooth and paves nan measurement for much seamless, high-quality audio streaming to unlimited listeners.

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