We just tested the Sony A95L OLED TV — here’s how it stacks up to Samsung's and LG's best

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Sony Bravia XR A95L QD-OLED TV successful surviving room
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How do you make 1 of nan best TVs moreover better? Well, if you’re Sony and you want to amended nan Sony A95K OLED, you tweak colour accuracy and saturation to never-before-seen levels. To that end, if you’re a cinephile aliases personification who wants to get nan absolute astir retired of your caller TV, nan caller Sony A95L OLED is simply a cleanable fit. 

We’ve precocious put Sony’s latest OLED flagship done our rigorous testing protocols and nan results are impressive. There’s immoderate anemic spots successful nan A95L’s capacity — particularly erstwhile stacked against immoderate of nan different apical OLED TVs specified arsenic nan Samsung S95C OLED and LG G3 OLED — but it’s a flip up which of nan 3 is nan best OLED TV successful 2023.

Thinking astir buying nan Sony A95L but want immoderate difficult numbers to support your decision? Here’s really Sony’s flagship OLED performed successful our tests.

Sony A95L OLED trial results 

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Sony Bravia XR A95LLG OLED evo G3Samsung S95CSony Bravia XR A95K
SDR Brightness (10%, successful nits)112326249297
Delta-E (lower is better)2.8561.86111.45423.3223
Rec. 709 Gamut Coverage99.976399.763198.7273110.8434
HDR Brightness (10%, successful nits)121513611369994
UHDA-P3 Gamut Coverage99.9596.7399.0999.95
Rec. 2020 Gamut Coverage89.4172.4974.4789.44
Input Lag (ms)16.112.9/

This OLED is each astir colour saturation 

While each OLED TVs typically person amended colour saturation than their QLED counterparts, nan A95L takes things to a caller level, moreover outperforming nan LG G3 OLED. That makes a batch of consciousness erstwhile you see that nan Sony A95L uses a QD-OLED sheet that offers amended colour saturation than a modular OLED sheet does. 

The biggest triumph successful colour capacity that I spot is pinch nan BT2020 colour gamut wherever nan A95L covers a record-setting 89.41%. That’s going to efficaciously future-proof nan A95L arsenic nan mastering process for movies and shows continues to advance.

But awesome colour saturation needs to beryllium meticulous — different oversaturation takes complete and colors statesman to return an unnatural hue. The A95L’s Delta-E score, which measures really meticulous nan colors are to targets group by Portrait Displays’ Calman TV calibration software, shows that it’s conscionable not rather arsenic bully retired of nan container arsenic nan Samsung S95C aliases LG G3 OLED. 

The bully news is that Delta E tin beryllium corrected by a calibrator who tin spell into nan settings to tweak nan RBG settings. It’s a costly add-on expense, but 1 that’s worthy it if you scheme connected shelling retired nan large bucks for nan Sony A95L. 

But brightness is going to beryllium a problem 

Sony Bravia XR A95L QD-OLED TV successful surviving room

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

One of nan biggest advantages astir QD-OLED complete modular OLED is that it offers amended brightness — or, well, astatine slightest successful mentation it’s expected to. 

As you tin spot by nan brightness information we collected, nan Sony A95L puts retired a respectable 1,361 nits successful HDR, putting it connected par pinch astir QLED TVs and making it suitable for daytime use. However, successful SDR, nan mean brightness we saw was astir 112 nits. That's decidedly little than nan title that averages betwixt 200 and 300 nits pinch SDR content, and it could mean that immoderate contented will beryllium difficult to watch connected nan Sony A95L.

To that end, you mightiness want to see nan Sony A95L OLED if you person a light-controlled surviving room (one wherever you tin rotation down nan shades if you can't spot very well) aliases a dedicated location theater. If that's not you — aliases not successful your plans for nan early — past you're astir apt amended disconnected pinch nan Samsung S95C that offers amended brightness pinch SDR and comparable HDR brightness. 

So which OLED TV is nan best?

The Samsung, Sony and LG OLEDs each bring thing large to nan table. For nan LG G3, it's SDR brightness and a sleek on-wall design. The LG G3 tin beryllium a hassle to instal correctly and whitethorn moreover require an extracurricular installer to get it setup without immoderate cables showing, but it's a beardown action for folks who mostly watch cablegram TV. 

The Samsung S95C and Sony A95L some connection awesome HDR brightness, but nan Samsung is going to person much meticulous colors retired of nan container while nan Sony S95L needs immoderate calibration to get there. The bully news is that, pinch a calibrator's help, that's wholly achievable and erstwhile it's done, colors are going to look much vibrant. 

Based connected our trial results, I deliberation nan Samsung S95C is still nan champion of nan bunch. It offers a awesome equilibrium of capacity for nan price, and it doesn't require immoderate extracurricular thief to get setup. It has nan lowest input lag, which is simply a immense boon for gamers, and while I don't emotion Samsung's Tizen OS, it's not acold down LG's WebOS aliases nan Google TV level that Sony uses. 

Each of these TVs are great, though, and each of them are going to beryllium a immense upgrade to your location theatre experience.

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