We Can’t Reset Your PC While It’s Running on Battery Power [Solved]

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By Amy | Follow | Last Updated September 14, 2023

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Before you reset nan computer, you’d amended backmost up important information aliases straight clone nan full difficult drive to debar information loss. As a portion of master HDD/SSD cloning software, MiniTool Partition Wizard is an perfect choice. Both its Migrate OS to SSD/HDD and Copy Disk features let you to clone nan difficult drive.

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Way 1: Change nan PC’s Power Plan

A elemental measurement to get free of “we can’t reset your PC while it’s moving connected artillery power” is to alteration nan powerfulness scheme of nan computer.

Step 1: Right-click connected nan Windows icon and past click nan Run option.

Step 2: Type control successful nan Run model and click OK to unfastened Control Panel.

Step 3: Find and click Power Options successful nan Control Panel window.

click Power Options

Step 4: In nan adjacent window, take a preferred scheme from nan fixed options.

choose a desired plan

Way 2: Drain Residual Power

As its sanction suggests, residual powerfulness refers to nan fixed energy that remains successful nan machine aft you move disconnected it. It sometimes tin origin issues for illustration “we can’t reset your PC while it’s moving connected artillery power”. Hence, draining residual powerfulness is an disposable measurement to hole nan issue. To do that, travel these steps.

Step 1: Turn disconnected your computer.

Step 2: Unplug nan charger and different peripherals from nan PC.

Step 3: Remove nan battery.

Step 4: Press and clasp nan Power fastener for astir 30 seconds.

Step 5: Insert nan artillery and link nan charger. After that, move connected nan machine and reset your PC to spot if you tin do that smoothly.

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Way 3: Check nan Battery Health

Due to artillery issues, you tin besides person nan correction connection “we can’t reset your PC while it’s moving connected artillery power”. Though nan artillery sometimes shows nan position arsenic charging, its percent doesn’t increase. Therefore, you’d amended execute a laptop artillery test erstwhile this rumor occurs.

If your artillery is defective, switch it pinch a caller one. Then cheque if you tin reset nan machine successfully.

Way 4: Reset nan PC successful nan Windows Recovery Environment

Step 1: Boot your machine into Windows Recovery Environment.

Step 2: After that, pat Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Keep my record or Remove everything based connected your needs. In this scenario, we take Keep my files.

Step 3: Select your relationship and participate nan password. Then click Continue to move on.

Step 4: According to your situation, prime Cloud download aliases Local reinstall.


If you can’t reinstall Windows via Local reinstall aliases immoderate prompted errors, prime Cloud download to reinstall nan disposable Internet situation instead.

Step 5: Click nan Reset fastener to commencement reinstalling Windows.

Way 5: Clean Install Windows

If you still neglect to reset Windows, straight execute a cleanable install. This cognition besides helps you get a wholly caller system.

Step 1: Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s charismatic website.

Step 2: Run this instrumentality and click nan Accept button.

click Accept

Step 3: Choose nan Upgrade this PC now action and click Next.

select Upgrade this PC now

Step 4: Click connected nan Accept fastener again.

Step 5: Click nan Change what to keep link.

Step 6: Choose Nothing and pat Next.

Step 7: Click Install and past travel nan on-screen instructions to complete nan installation.

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