watchOS 10 Now Available With Smart Stack and Better Apps

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It's nan biggest update for nan Apple Watch successful a agelong time.

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Earlier this twelvemonth astatine WWDC, Apple announced nan watchOS 10 update for nan Apple Watch lineup, which looked for illustration nan astir important package overhaul for nan smartwatches successful years. Today, watchOS 10 is starting to rotation retired to Apple Watch devices, astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 get connected iPhones and iPads, respectively.

The first awesome upgrade successful watchOS 10 is nan "Smart Stack," which functions a spot for illustration nan aged Siri watch face, but pinch immoderate inspiration from widgets and unrecorded activities connected nan iPhone. It's a database of widgets that are sorted based connected what nan watch thinks mightiness beryllium astir helpful. For example, nan Wallet widget pinch your boarding passes mightiness beryllium nan first widget while you're travelling, aliases nan Calendar and Reminders widget mightiness look nan apical erstwhile you person an arena coming up. The Smart Stack appears erstwhile you commencement turning nan Digital Crown (the watch's dial) connected immoderate watch face, truthful dissimilar pinch nan aged Siri-based feature, you tin support utilizing your favourite watch faces.

Snoopy watch look and Compass app connected watchOS 10Apple

Apple has besides introduced a caller layout for galore apps connected nan Apple Watch, pinch an accent connected packing much accusation onto nan screen. The Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, World Clock, and immoderate different included apps now show much buttons and information without scrolling. This is apt to return afloat advantage of nan Apple Watch Ultra and its larger screen, but nan apps should besides activity good connected smaller Apple Watch devices.

The watchOS 10 update besides adds a caller Snoopy watch look based connected nan Peanuts comics, arsenic good arsenic Palette, Solar Analog, and a Nike Globe. There's besides a "Modular Ultra" look exclusive to nan Apple Watch Ultra, which uses nan larger surface abstraction to show moreover much accusation than nan regular Modular watch face. There are a fewer different changes arsenic well, including offline support successful Apple Maps (when you are wrong scope of nan paired iPhone pinch nan representation area downloaded), Now Playing controls erstwhile you are adjacent a HomePod speaker, and nan expertise to unfastened a FaceTime video message.

Apple is rolling retired watchOS 10 starting coming for nan Apple Watch Series 4 aliases later. It requires an iPhone Xs aliases newer moving iOS 17, truthful if you haven't updated your phone already, you'll person to do that first.

Source: Apple Newsroom

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